Signs of pregnancy presumptive probable positive

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Avatar n tn I am more tired more often, My nip____ are sore and every now and agian I am a little nauseous. Some of my more fitted clothes no longer fit. With my first pregnancy I didn't really start wearing or needing to wear maternoty clothes until around 4 months. I just feel bloated especially after I eat. I am also anxious to have the ultrasound since I won't have anymore BETAS. My doctor said I don't need anymore until I go back to the OBGYN. I want one every other day. I know that is silly.
Avatar n tn I have changed my diet, my exercise routine to no avail. I do have a bit of anxiety, but I truly believe it is as a result of the lack of sleep. My wife thinks that I'm making things worse by turning all the clocks in the house (the ones that chime) off in order to avoid knowing the time so I don't panic by learning that I have ONLY a few hours left before I have to get up and get ready for work. Again, she thinks I am creating a great deal of anxiety for myself.