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684983 tn?1226893999 the only pelvic pain i had in my pregnancies was a really sharp, stabbing ache type of pain. i don't know if that's what your'e feeling or not... but if it is then that would probably be your pubic bone separating. my doc said your pubic bone is in 2 peices and it needs to separate to make room for baby!
170935 tn?1225374676 I had severe pelvic and hip pain toward the end of my first pregnancy and it was normal, though it did make it difficult to walk and sleep. With this one, the pain has started earlier, but still normal. tarajanes is right, though. Any pain should be discussed with your doctor just to be on the safe side.
Avatar f tn What are the signs of early labor?
3541656 tn?1348194861 I feel like crap today! Some of my symptoms are... Lower back spasms,nipple soreness,pelvic pressure, hemorroisa out of nowhere... What do you guys think? I have 27 days left..
Avatar f tn Last week for two to three days I had pain, not considered severe but pain none the less, in the pelvic area. The first day I thought probably just an ovarian cyst because it was localized to one side. The next day, it changed sides. I dealt with it and went on with my week and it went away. This week, I'm lactating. Any ideas? I thought it was too soon to see possible pregnancy symptoms. Could this be it or could there be something really going on with me? It's okay if I'm pregnant...
Avatar f tn But when ever I call my doctor he says to just stay home. I am also having a lot of pressure and horrible pelvic pain to where I can't get up on my own.. I wouldn't hesitate to call your Dr if you have questions. Hopefully he answers yours better than my doctor answered mine.
Avatar f tn So I never posted an update after I went to the doctors and we found out that my baby is on the left side sitting on my uterus which is causing a lot of my pain and she said some of it is probably also everything stretching, getting bigger and stuff to make room for baby.
Avatar f tn Anytime there is bleeding in pregnancy it needs to be checked out. Of course no one is going to be able to tell you if you're miscarrying or not. When I miscarried, I just woke up and I was spotting, and the next day it was like a full blown period, and lasted about 8-10 days. I did have pretty bad cramps, and I was 6 weeks. I believe at 10 weeks, it would hurt much worse. But you should go get your hcg levels testes to see if they're rising. And also an ultrasound if they will do one.
508203 tn?1233238404 Hi Helen, I am also 39 weeks 4 days, and no signs of labor, i have doctors appointmnet today, we will see what he will see, but this wait is just killing me in a way, i just want to meet my little boy. I dont even know how contractions would feel- i am assuming super painful? Question for you- does your baby move a lot still? Mine is out of control...
Avatar n tn IT SOUNDS LIKE U HAVE BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS!! I just started getting them about a week or so ago and I will be 22 weeks this Thursday. It feels like a hard ball twisting in your gets all hard and it feels very weird. They are totally normal at your stage of pregnancy. Look them up on the web. there's lots of material to read. Some people get them when they are 15 weeks.....the more pregnancies you have the earlier you get them.
382218 tn?1341185087 My symptoms are pelvic pain just like when I had menstruation cramps with the pain travelling down my legs just as it did back when I had a period. It is very uncomfortable during waking hours but as of yet it hasn't disturbed my sleep. I also have a lot of gas, difficulty emptying my bladder, lack of appetite, bloating, back ache, nausea, change of bowel habits but unfortunately my symptoms don't include weight loss... hehe Still could be something in our Alberta air too I guess.
5682695 tn?1372416822 Hi dont worry I had no symptoms at all until I turned approx 28 weeks when I started with pelvic pain.
Avatar f tn thanks for those sites michele! i checked them out and i have a few of the signs but not all of them. the pelvic pressure has been getting worse. this morning it hurt so bad i couldn't even roll over to get out of bed and the cramping has been coming and going in waves. it doesn't really stop but it's not constant. now it's just like menstrual cramps. if i wasn't pregnant i'd be running to the bathroom to see if af i haven't had a huge change in discharge...
Avatar f tn my lower pelvic area just feels like it wants to fall out with this dull pain its so annoying not to mention the headaches and cramps at this point in my last pregnancy i didnt have the slightest signs of being pregnant i cant wait for my little man to arrive so i can have my body back and him to love on
Avatar f tn Af started last night after gradual spotting Sunday am. negative pg test. Severe sharp belly and pelvic pain out of nowhere. I've had my share of cramps, but these are making me sick. I'm a little worried about ectopic pg, but don't wanna run off to the er. The pg test was neg. What signs do I need to watch for?
Avatar n tn i had really bad pelvic pains on my right signs of cysts, or ne thing...and i skipped my period....could be a possiblity....hope that helps.
Avatar n tn I know this isn't normal, the only pain I get with my period is severe back pain which pain relievers can take care of. Could it have anything to do with sex? I can't think of anything else, I've never had infections of any kind or any other problems like TSS or anything... Pain relievers do nothing. Should I go on birth control? I've heard so many different things--ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adenomyosis.....
5601615 tn?1383454216 GENERAL PREGNANCY WARNING SIGNS • Problems with your vision • Recurring headaches • Fever over 100 °F (37.7 °C) • Sudden swelling in your face or hands • Vomiting or diarrhea lasting 24 hours or more • Vaginal bleeding • Major change in your baby’s movement • Sudden pain in your abdominal area • Pain or burning during urination (This could be a sign of a urinary tract infection, which poses more risk during pregnancy than at other times. Don’t try to self-treat it.
Avatar f tn Its been 2 weeks since and I got my first period since my pregnancy and the pain in my right pelvic area stopped but I now have a little pain in my left pelvic area. I dont even know where to start and can not deal with the questions and possibilities I have going on in my head. My OB GYN has made mention that it could be endometriosis, or pelvic adhesions. She also me mentioned that I can wait to have my next period and then determine whether I should have a laproscopy.
1839773 tn?1330047553 I am missing my second day of classes today because of this pain and we're only allowed 4 absenses before being dropped from the class (each class costs about $4000/semester). The pain in my back seems to be the worst when I'm lying on my side, or walking and radiates straight through my hip joints (which are frequently in pain anyway due to unrelated issues) and feels like nothing else I've ever felt!
1278093 tn?1294323984 I have no contractions, no dilation, no pelvic pressure/pain, mucuous plug is still intact. I'm actually wondering if I may go past my due date, after spending 8 1/2 months worrying about preterm labor. So I cannot offer any advice. From what I've read, you can lose your mucuous plug and not go into labor for weeks. But coupled with the nausea, stronger contractions, pelvic pressure and cramping...well, perhaps Lillian Faye will be arriving soon! Be sure to keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Brown blood is normally a indicator of placenta previa.. Not always but that is jus where your placenta is covering your birth canal. And most of the time your body will correct it naturally.
Avatar n tn I have never had these pains before and I am wondering if it is all in my head or could this possibly be the early signs of preg? It is TOO early for HPT and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. Please help anxious one!!!
Avatar f tn I sometimes feel pregnant and other times I don' say to myself, it's not symptoms of pregnancy but the drugs etc from ivf.... Nurse just told me I have ohss and it's a good sign...I still cannot understand how feeling like this is a good sign but she the it means my ovaries are producing good amounts of hormones.. All I can say is come on Monday....Good luck to all sticky bub dust going your ways...
Avatar n tn heyy all-so i am like 38 weeks or so-my babys due date is march 1-last night and today i've been have like pelvic pain-is that a sign of the baby coming?? also there was like a sensation in my vagina( sorry tmi)-lady i work with said she thinks i am going to go this week because there is a full moon-ha i have a hockey game on the 16th i was just wondering do u think these are signs of early labor??