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170935 tn?1225371076 I had severe pelvic and hip pain toward the end of my first pregnancy and it was normal, though it did make it difficult to walk and sleep. With this one, the pain has started earlier, but still normal. tarajanes is right, though. Any pain should be discussed with your doctor just to be on the safe side.
3541656 tn?1348191261 I feel like crap today! Some of my symptoms are... Lower back spasms,nipple soreness,pelvic pressure, hemorroisa out of nowhere... What do you guys think? I have 27 days left..
Avatar f tn What are the signs of early labor?
Avatar f tn Last week for two to three days I had pain, not considered severe but pain none the less, in the pelvic area. The first day I thought probably just an ovarian cyst because it was localized to one side. The next day, it changed sides. I dealt with it and went on with my week and it went away. This week, I'm lactating. Any ideas? I thought it was too soon to see possible pregnancy symptoms. Could this be it or could there be something really going on with me?
684983 tn?1226890399 the only pelvic pain i had in my pregnancies was a really sharp, stabbing ache type of pain. i don't know if that's what your'e feeling or not... but if it is then that would probably be your pubic bone separating. my doc said your pubic bone is in 2 peices and it needs to separate to make room for baby!
Avatar n tn if all my husband and mine fertility tests,i.e sperm analysis,blood tests,tvs of pelvic region and ovulation study. all are normal then what can be the probable reasons for not getting pregnant yet even getting trying for 1 year?
Avatar f tn I am having the same problem. My stomach keeps getting hard and tightening but I'm not feeling any pain. I can time the hardening and they are about 15 minutes apart. But when ever I call my doctor he says to just stay home. I am also having a lot of pressure and horrible pelvic pain to where I can't get up on my own.. I wouldn't hesitate to call your Dr if you have questions. Hopefully he answers yours better than my doctor answered mine.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I got this bloating feeling in my stomach and a little pelvic pain, I then came on my period so felt this must of been symptoms from that. However now finished my period I am still experiencing pelvic pain and bloating but now followed by frequent urination. I often feel  like something is pressing down on my bladder. Any ideas of what this can be? I was treated for chlamydia 4 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn I have a list in my journals of 25 signs that you might be in labor. Diarreha is one of them. Feel free to read it. I also have a list of 40+ ways to naturally induce from my OB.
Avatar f tn Its either uti or your very dehydrated. Which can turn into a uti.
1278093 tn?1294320384 I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that she holds out for the water birth!! I have no contractions, no dilation, no pelvic pressure/pain, mucuous plug is still intact. I'm actually wondering if I may go past my due date, after spending 8 1/2 months worrying about preterm labor. So I cannot offer any advice. From what I've read, you can lose your mucuous plug and not go into labor for weeks. But coupled with the nausea, stronger contractions, pelvic pressure and cramping...
Avatar f tn I don't know for sure that it's not an ectopic pregnancy but I do know that it's normal in early pregnancy to feel a slight stabbing pain on one side of your lower abdomen; which is early ligament stretching. It feels almost like someone taking the end of a pen and jabbing you with it. It sounds like that's all you're feeling.
8550901 tn?1400740690 35 weeks pregnant and was wondering what are some signs that labor is almost there . I been feeling alot of pain in my ribs and lower part of the belly like the baby is pushing down. When I told my friend she said oh your almost there that she started getting those pain and was in labor the next week. I can't even sit up no more . So I was wondering of some sign that your almost in labor?
Avatar f tn now i have been to the dentist and they told me i could take the hydrocodone 5 500mg tablets to help with the pain....does anyone know if this would be an ok thing to do? pregnancy has been normal and all my signs have been good. i have not had any problems with my pregnancy to date.
Avatar f tn Just wanna hear from some of you mommies... I have 8 days left but I feel fine, other then pelvic pain and back pain!!
Avatar n tn Hello ladies. For the past 3 days, I've been having pelvic pain, abdominal cramps, feeling extremely hot and tingling sensation in my feet. The pelvic pain is worse when walking or when I'm turning to the other side on my bed. At times when walking I feel like the baby will fall. Im currently 36 weeks and i don't know whether its normal or early signs of labour.
5682695 tn?1372413222 Hi dont worry I had no symptoms at all until I turned approx 28 weeks when I started with pelvic pain.
Avatar f tn my lower pelvic area just feels like it wants to fall out with this dull pain its so annoying not to mention the headaches and cramps at this point in my last pregnancy i didnt have the slightest signs of being pregnant i cant wait for my little man to arrive so i can have my body back and him to love on
Avatar f tn This is my first IVF cycle, today was my transfer day I had 2- 8 cell embryos implanted, 3 are frozen. What will be my first signs of pregnancy... waiting two weeks is going to kill me!
Avatar f tn s and the abdominal x ray shows feacal over loading- but i have no signs of constipation at all (i have regular bowel habits) Can all of these be connected to explain the pain? I just dont know where to turn any more.