Signs of miscarriage at six weeks

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Avatar n tn Hi this is my third pregnancy, my first ended in a missed miscarriage, then I had my son. After trying for six months I am now 7 weeks pregnant. For the first couple of weeks I was nauseous, waking up early to pee, and my breasts were slightly sore. I am still vomiting, but not getting up to pee in the morning (I also had a UTI that is now being treated), I my breasts are not sore at all to touch though I get an occasional twinge in them.
7249862 tn?1392256289 Yes it is possible this happened to me six months ago and had no signs at my first doctor appointment they told me I was 14 weeks but I had miscarried at 12 weeks with no signs it was devastating I'm now 9 weeks and praying for the best
Avatar f tn With my miscarriage experience, I had no signs or symptoms that anything had gone wrong. They called it a missed miscarriage also known as a silent miscarriage. I went in for my 12 week scan and the baby had no heartbeat. They said the baby had passed just shy of 10 weeks.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks with one mc and 9.5 with the second mc. I got pregnant six weeks after my second mc and am now 37 weeks.
Avatar n tn im 19 and 3 days ago i found out i lost my first child at 9 weeks its been 3 weeks now since the progression of my baby came to a hault i had my scan on wednesday and the baby is still highly visable and have chosen the option to try a natural miscarriage and is just wondering is there anything i could try to start of the process :(
Avatar f tn Perfect little bean in there, exactly the right size for gestational age, HR 151. No signs of subchorionic hemorrhage or anything else that would explain the acute pain - hoping it was just a passing moment and won't happen again. My husband couldn't get out of work to come with me but he's so relieved to know that we're doing okay. I sobbed on the exam table... I'm such a weenie. What a good day.
Avatar n tn Hi I was reading some of the signs of miscarriage, and im not to sure if I am in the early stages of one. I found out I am pregnant the first of this month and ever since their has been some bleeding off and on. At first pink and most of the time brownish. Sometimes red. Its always on the tissue. But there has been some clots at the bottom of the toilet little tiny ones. I just dont know if Im in the process of having one or not. I have had some cramping but nothing painful.
Avatar m tn Sorry for your loss;-/ First of all, did they test the fetus? To rule out genetic problems? This could be the reason the baby died. BUT, there could be 2 other reasons why; IK lot's of women would not agree w/me on this, but from PERSONAL experience I think this is possible; Flying in the first trimester, especially when our little eggies are a little older (I'm 40;) is not in my opinion, & in my RE's opinion a good thing.
Avatar n tn Or is it possible for your body to continue growing and carrying the dead fetus and your body show no signs of a miscarriage other than by u/s. Some of you may have seen my earlier post that I have supposedly miscarried but a part of me still doesn't believe them because my body is not showing any signs and it has supposedly been 6 weeks since I miscarried. I got back to the doc on Wednesday. I have researched this on the internet and cannot find the answer. thanks to all that respond.
Avatar f tn just wanted to get an idea on what some of your first signs of pregnancy was and how soon you noticed? I'm still in my first week after ovulation, so too soon to take a test. I've been experiencing slight cramps the last few days, then last night I was hit with a horrible migraine and vomiting, as well as urinating every half hour and diarrhea.
Avatar n tn The doctor said that was all very typical of a blighted ovum, and that if I had waited much longer, they would have not increased as much as time went by, and that I would eventually see more signs of the miscarriage. I chose a d and c because the dr. said it helps to finalize the pregnancy that is inevitably going to end and that it's good to have a d and c because he like to send off that placenta to be tested, which gave me comfort or closure knowing nothing came back seriously abnormal.
552389 tn?1280549808 I lost a lil boy b4 I had my son he just stopped growing at 17 weeks organs at 15 weeks and i was 22 weeks when the detected it, but 2 months later we tried again and he is now 4 months and have 3 others friends that had successful pg after m/c too best wishes ~d
Avatar n tn Even though I actually miscarried at different weeks (all under 12 weeks) they all had stopped growing around 6 weeks. Like you with my second and third miscarriage we were checking the HCG levels every 48 hours...they were barely rising...and towards the end would decline. So what my doctors thought was that I wasn't producing enough of the HCG hormones that help support a viable pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I am 10 weeks & 3 days pregnant and having my 4th ultrasound today. Unfortunately, doctor told me that my baby's heartbeat couldn't be found. He told me that this could have happened a week ago. I do not have any symtom of miscarriage at all, and good heartbeat was found when I was 7 weeks & 8 weeks pregnant. Do I still have chance that my baby is still alive?
Avatar n tn Sorry if this is a question you feel I should ask the doctor - just would love feedback. Called doc already. I am 5 weeks have been worried sick because of last miscarriage. Also no signs of pg - no morning sickness no big breasts no tender breasts??? Well my betas are perfect. Yesterday I looked on a web site eeven and it confirmed my doctors saying good betas.
746775 tn?1232985543 It was a long wait but I never showed any signs of infection. Six weeks after the miscarriage my hcg level returned to 0 and my period came. The period was a lot longer and darker/more brown than usual with a few very tiny clots. I read that this was a normal experience and didn't worry too much about it. I've just started my period again; there are more clots present during this cycle than the one that immediately followed the miscarriage.
Avatar n tn Six and half weeks ago I had a D&C after they couldn't find a heartbeat. I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time. After the D&C I bleed for about 1 week. I have yet to have a menstral cycle and I am trying figure out why. I took a pregnancy test just to make sure, but it came back negative. Any ideas? We are trying to conceive again but can't figure out when I'm ovulating because I havn't had a period yet. Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn I had no bleeding and was told I suffered a missed miscarriage and had lost the baby somewhere around the 10 week mark. I had an evac procedure on the 10th October. I bled for two weeks and then had all the signs of a period, tummy ache etc, but no actually period. After six weeks I went to the Dr and had a positive pregnancy test, nobody warned me it could still be from my previous pregnancy.
Avatar n tn At about five to six weeks of pregnancy, an embryo should be present. At about this time, the gestational sac -- where the fetus develops -- is about 18 millimeters wide. With a blighted ovum, though, the pregnancy sac forms and grows, but the embryo does not develop. That's why a blighted ovum is also called an anembryonic pregnancy. What Causes a Blighted Ovum? Miscarriages from a blighted ovum are often due to problems with chromosomes, the structures that carry genes.
Avatar n tn First miscarriage today at 11 weeks 6 days. No symptoms of cramping or bleeding. True shock to see there is no heartbeat. I want to do anything to makesure this does not happen again.
Avatar n tn i have to say that i had a m/c in Aug.04 and i had no signs of anything going wrong and then i started bleeding and within 10-15 min i passed a very large blood clot and that was it had had some bleeding after that but nothing heavy. as far a m/cs go i was lucky to not be in any pain physically. When i was preg with my son i had what they called a subcronic bleed behind the baby in my uterus and that i may have some bleeding with that but i never did.
Avatar n tn We'd seen the heartbeat at 7 weeks so when I hit 12 weeks I thought I was out of the woods. Dr. said I had a "missed miscarriage" meaning the baby died at 9 weeks but my body still thought it was pregnant. Friday morning I had started spotting and Saturday I started heavy cramping and bleeding and have miscarried. I am completely devistated. It took 3 years to achieve this pregnancy and I'm terrified I won't be able to get pregnant again.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks was 3000, but only 14000 at 9.5 weeks, and then it went to 4700 the day I miscarried at 10.5 weeks. I'm hoping some info will help put my mind at ease as I try to decide whether I want to try again. Thanks for your help - sorry this is so long!
Avatar f tn I had a stillbirth in May of 2010 and then had a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks in August of 2010 and on Tuesday we went to for a regular OB appt. and there was no heartbeat. He thought that we should be 10 weeks but the baby was measuring at 9 weeks 4 days. We went in the next day and confirmed that there was no heartbeat. The baby "looked perfect" but just didn't have a heartbeat. I was supposed to start taking Cytotec today but just couldn't do it yet.
Avatar f tn No normal period since July 26... With the miscarriage I had half day of bleeding then jut spotted off n on for a week or so... Now I am just waiting... All symptoms disappeared as u would expect after the miscarriage but now ita different and Many are back but different.... Nausea, pain to breasts at times, quivering in lower abdomen at times, and at times my nipples feel like they are going to bleed... Is this normal? I took a preg test and could see the faintest of a second line but...
Avatar n tn I found out I was pregnant at the end of February. I miscarried at 11 weeks, only 7 week development of fetus. I did not have a D&C and opted to pass the baby at home and did. It was devastating. I too am very nervous/anxious to get pregnant again. I will be 36 next month. I have a 1 yr old daughter also that I adore. I had a cycle last month and now am up to 30 days and think I may be pregnant again but nervous to get a test done.
Avatar n tn think its prob a bit of both.hormonal and been depreste.took two weeks of work and all i do at home is snack and think about getting pregnant again.
Avatar n tn [12] At up to six weeks only small blood clots may be present, possibly accompanied by mild cramping or period pain. At 6 to 13 weeks a clot will form around the embryo or fetus, and the placenta, with many clots up to 5 cm in size being expelled prior to a completed miscarriage. The process may take a few hours or be on and off for a few days. Symptoms vary widely and can include vomiting and loose bowels, possibly due to physical discomfort.
Avatar n tn I had a D&C done 5 weeks ago at 9 weeks of pregnancy with no heartbeat. My doc said that it is perfectly fine to try and concieve after the procedure. That is wait at least 2 weeks after you have miscarried. This is the time it takes for you cervix to contract closed and your uterus to shrink back to normal size. He said it is very rare to get pregnant before you get your first period after a miscarriage.