Miscarriage bleeding for 4 weeks

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Avatar f tn i miscarried after 4 weeks. i had heavy bleeding on Day 1, but gradually it recided. Now after a week of spotted bleeding, and zero bleeding since last couple of days, today suddenly i had heavy bleeding. I did some heavy job in the morning today, is it because of that? I had a similar heavy bleeding 10 days ago when i pushed a v.heavy furniture for ironing purpose. It is now three weeks after my initial miscarriage and 2-3 days after zero bleeding.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago. I took 4 pregnancy tests in the last 3 tests and all are positive. The last time my levels were checked I was at 200 and that was 3 1/2 weeks ago. Four days before that they were at 6000. Could the positvie pregnancy tests be from that or could I be pregnant? The doctor scheduled an ultrasound. Could there still be tissue left and that is why it is positive? Would I have some kind of symptoms?
Avatar f tn How common is miscarriage at 11 weeks? I havehad 3 miscarriages since Nov 2011. #1 heart stopped beating around 8 weeks, #2 fetus stopped growing around 5-6 weeks, #3 hcg levels would not rise after 4weeks. I am now 11 weeks and have had 2 ultrasounds where the heart beat is strong and the baby is developing fine.
Avatar n tn That happened to me at 5 weeks. I was bleeding light, but no cramps. Went to er and my hcg levels were 380. Went back in 4 days and it was at 4. I miscarried. Stay positive. I wish u the best.
126454 tn?1328022622 I am so sad to be telling you all this but I started bleeding yesterday, went to the hospital and they confirmed a m/c. =( The baby grew to 8 weeks 4 days and then stopped. I can only assume it's because of my translocation but other things can happen too. Geez, this never gets any easier. I guess it's more tolerable because now I have my daughter to distract me but still, I really, really, wanted this baby. Say a little prayer for me ladies.
Avatar n tn How long do you bleed after a miscarriage? I have been bleeding for 4 days now, but not heavy. Its a light flow, and to top it off i have a UTI now.
Avatar f tn I've been bleeding/spotting for 2 weeks now. It has now turned brown for the last few days and I am so ready for it to be over. Any help would be appreciated. Is this normal???
Avatar n tn Will a hpt now still show I was pregnant (even if hcg is going down)? I think I was probably only 4 weeks max, probably 3. I'm moody nad headachey and yesterday my body ached and I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I slept a lot of the day... Has anyone had anything like this? The short period and then heavy bleeding over a week later? Does it sound like a miscarriage?
1356013 tn?1396490828 My question now is, how long will it be for me to start my period after I stop bleeding from the miscarriage. Also, will I ovulate in between the time I stop bleeding from the miscarriage and start my new period again? Thanks ladies. If you have had any experience with this, please comment!
1043191 tn?1253215469 I was in intense pain for a little over a week. My flow was heavy and dark red. They gave me some percocet for the pain, but nothing helped the pain I felt inside. I will never forgot the love I had for my first unborn child. It is now a month later and I am still trying to get over losing our baby.
Avatar m tn I started having a miscarriage on June 19th...it was my first pregnancy & I don't know how far along I was. I started to miscarry 2 days before my first doctor's appointment, I think I was about 5 weeks or so. I miscarried naturally no D&C necessary so we started ttc after the bleeding stopped. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on July 5th & had sex on the 4th and the again i think two days after I ovulated.
723209 tn?1231082547 30 but my body ahd other plans. I started mis carrying at 4 am and the bleding was ridiculous! I passed what I was SURE was the gestational sac, only to find out at the ER that it was only a clot. I was told I had excessive bleeding and it was a good thing that I came in. They stopped the bleeding and preformed the D&C. So, Its over, its official. I am no longer pregnant. It shard to believe, it had become my identity for 2 months!
Avatar n tn Yes bleeding for couple weeks is very normal unless you are bleeding super heavy that you have to change every hour & have constant cramps, then yes you need to go see the doctor. But if the bleeding is regular is normal... HAVE IN MIND, every woman is different... some bleed for 1 week others would bleed up to 4 weeks... nothing to worry as long you aren't bleeding super heavy and have no severe pains.
Avatar f tn I had some light bleeding for a couple days then I had really bad pain in my right lower stomach. I went to the ER & my hgc levels were only at 500 I was supposed to be like 4-6 weeks & thats too low. I woke up with heavy bleeding the next day & lost my little one.
Avatar n tn it normally takes arouind 4 to 6 weeks to get your period. mine came about 4 weeks after my m/c. there is a higher chance of having another m/c but not by much. aslong as your healthy there should be no other cause other than bad luck. when you try again just make sure your eating right exersising regulary and not smoking or drinking. and plan it well!
Avatar f tn PS dont despair,i didnt have the patience to wait for my period to return after my m/c and so i am 4 weeks pregnant all ready.
Avatar f tn Hey all. I had a miscarriage just over 4 weeks ago, i was bleeding for a week before this, so ive now been bleeding for just over 5 weeks! About 2 weeks after the miscarriage i was given strong antibiotics as they thought i had an infection. The bleeding got REALLY heavy just last week, where i started passing huge clots and the blood was literally pouring out me!
Avatar m tn I had a miscarriage which was 11 weeks and 5 days ago, as at friday when i did de evacuation, I bled for 1 day and stopped. when should i expect my period. .
Avatar n tn I have had three miscarriages, the latest one was a couple of days ago.. This last one was 4 weeks and 4 days.. And I just began bleeding heavily and cramping.. This was even sooner than the last one at 6 weeks...
Avatar f tn went to have my HCG drawn today and when i got home i started bleeding.. been bleeding for 4 hours... two clots, smaller than a penny, brownish/red blood, lots of pain in my back. BUT.. i do have a cyst on my right ovary... too scared to call about my HCG ... i know i can't ignore it... but i was wondering if anyone out there has bled this much and still made it with their pregnancy... the bleeding is off and on for the four hours, light then heavy, light then heavy... help! please!
Avatar n tn I am just thankful that it happened now and not 8 or so weeks from now. Again, thank you so much for your replies. This has not been an easy thing for my husband and I-with your first pregnancy who thinks about miscarriages? We sure didn't. A few months from now we will try again and hopefully it will be a better, more fun pregnancy. :) We just have to be positive.
Avatar n tn You could bleed for 2-4 weeks after a miscarriage. Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to attempt to get pregnant again. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Avatar n tn I also had a miscarraige in Ausust last year loosing twins at 7 weeks. It was 4 weeks after i got my period back. You are not alone honey the ladies on here are incredibly supportive and will always be here. Im here as well if you need to talk anytime. Im still hurting but trying to stay positive and strong.
Avatar n tn I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant and I have had some bad cramps and today I saw I was bleeding, I'm not sure if it's my period or I had a miscarrage. I am 15 days late for my period but I have taken many pregnancy tests and they are all positive. Are cramps and bleeding okay?
Avatar f tn The doctor thought it was better then letting the mc pass on its own... because i was bleeding a lot.. I was about 4 weeks.. He did not give me antibiotics just pain killers for the cramps. What should i expect for recovery... I'm a lil nervous ..