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Avatar n tn I did read that gingers, like green onion, garlic, Sichuan pepper, pepper and chili, are considered hot ingredients and harmful to people with diseases hot in nature, of which hepatitis is one. Other "hot" diseases include common cold, dysentery, psychosis, diabetes, cancer, nephritis, rheumatism, wintercough, high blood pressure, etc. As for vitamins, they need to come from vegetables/fruits, not from labs.
Avatar f tn Noodle Salads, Veggies and Dip, Seasoned pretzels.. I have an amazing recipe you can try, They are addicted. Not the best on the health scale, but a heck of a lot better than fast food, and they have the fulfillment after eating a couple of them. If you or anyone wants the recipe just message me. They are delish lol. Um def. cheese and crackers are good. fruits and dip.. chips and dip. I would even pintrest simple healthy snacks..
Avatar f tn What can I take for a cold? I have loads of fisherman friends cold sweets in I have asked my midwife and got no reply. Also can you have a flu jab when you have a cold? I'm 16+6 and still haven't heard the heartbeat anyone else had this? Had midwife yesterday and she refused I have a home Doppler and still can't hear anything on there. I'm not sure if there is any drop in clinics to go to..
1339332 tn?1329854366 In the fall & winter, I like to make a couple big kettles of soup: 1 beef stew and 1 chicken & rice or noodle soup. I freeze a bunch of single servings and have a "grab & go" meal when I'm too rushed or tired to cook. I hesitate to do so this year because I wouldn't know the calorie/nutrient values without doing a lot of laborious searching for each individual ingredients. My Dad wanted some, though, so I made it and guess what I then found online?
7826987 tn?1401691041 The list of medication my doctor gave me says I can take Tylenol cold and flu. but I would call your doctor just to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn i have a troath infection n cold or so i belive... any natural home remedys that wont harm my baby or that may cause komplications during birth if she decides to be born in these days....
Avatar f tn An awful cold virus was going through my house last week, and this weekend was my turn. Fever, headache, congestion and cough. I've been taking Tylenol every 4 hours since Saturday to try and keep my fever down. Fortunately, I had my checkup this morning and my doctor said everything seems fine, keep taking the Tylenol for fever and add Robitussin DM at night to help me get at least some sleep.
Avatar f tn Pls help me I am 30weeks pregnant and from Friday night 25June I have been feeling like I am getting flue like symptons, sneezing feeling cold right inside your bones, but buy Saturday I was feeling worse I cold not even lift my head from the pillows without feeling the blinding pain that is coming from the headache that I was having, and it was causing me to close my eyes as it felt like I was going to black out if I stand up fast.
9924471 tn?1419954420 i woke up with a cold and sore throat, my doctors office is closed, was wondering if there are any otc cold medication that i can take?
Avatar f tn Runny nose cough I've puked a few times this morning. I've a ten chicken noodle soup and so far its staying down. But what else can I take to make myself feel better?? I know with being pregnant I'm limited but I need to kick this before tomorrow!! I already missed 5 out of 8 hours of work today and that's not good!!!!
5426152 tn?1382129604 I woke up with a cold. I am due on Sunday but my OB did a strech and sweep yesterday and said I'll likely go into labor this week. I've been having my bloody show/ loosing my plug all day so I know the clock is ticking and labor is soon. I am allergic to cold medicines so that is not an option. Any suggestions for natural remedies to help me shake this? So far I've done a sinus rinse twice, drank lemon and honey and gargled with salt water. I do not want to labor with a cold!
Avatar f tn I have had a cold for a few days now and have not taken anything for it it's worse today so I called my Dr. and they are closed until Monday :/ I am 12 wks and just wondering if anyone has any advice on what I can do or safely take??
628981 tn?1260555203 I'm a veteran with a severly broken back who has been on Hydo and morphine for over 6 years. I told the VA Doc that I was tired of taking all these meds..instead of slowly getting me off these he stopped my precrip. Now I'm in day one of cold turkey and at work...This will be the hardest thing I will ever do..harder than Ranger School.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with "noodle leg" today. Have had MS since 2006 on Neurontin & Mobic not really working, by my PCP, any suggestions please. I'm dragging my left leg now, its turning inward, pain, numbness & tingling, weakness. I'm falling more as well. Pain in shoulders, arms & hands as well. Terrible insomnia.
5787494 tn?1387148684 I caught this damn cold from my roommate and I was wondering if it will hurt the baby? I've been making sure I drink a ton of water and rest.
Avatar f tn So I went and got everything I need to start the Thomas recipe tomorrow, those of you that are familiar with this, can you tell me how long you stay on the regimen, or do you just take the supplements forever? I am super psyched about it helping me feel better , would just like some advice from someone that is more familiar with it. Thanks for the help in advance! Yall are all awesome.
Avatar m tn So, it started 2 days ago with clearly my throat, slight cough. Then it turned consistent cough and sinus pressure. Thankfully it was fall break from school so I had two days off. The first day I slept till 6 o'clock at night from falling asleep at 8 o'clock the night before. I woke up with a painful headache and sinus pressure in my face. I was congested with a mild fever, so I went on the attack.
Avatar f tn Sorry I just need to vent I have had this really bad cold for 2 weeks now. I am so frustrated to the point of crying!! I am so worried that it's effecting my little boy inside of me :'(. I want to get in enough nutrients but having a hard time eating. Anyone have suggestions?? I have seen my regular doctor and my obgyn and ask they say is it's viral and to let it run it's course.
Avatar f tn i lived off of crackers pretzels ginger snaps and genger ale my first five mnths w a cold soup here and there everyone says cold soup but really cold or room temp that helped settle my tummy sum and they have ths wonderful stuff called baby bliss it is all natural i got mine frm a health food stre it helps keep the food down and calm the nausea
Avatar f tn I can honestly says after 1 week I was able to function but got tired very quickly. I followed the Thomas recipe and it helped me. You will get great advice from the people on this site and I can tell you with out them I would not be 33 days clean today! Make sure you get enough water, Gatorade. protein shakes, etc..Eat that's very important and take short walks when you can. Baths with Epsom salts also help a lot. Good luck with which ever way is best for you.
Avatar m tn take um in to see if they have an infection or cold, bed rest bathes jello chicken noodle soup vicks vapor rub lots of tlc tea theraflu liuquid
Avatar f tn So all day sickness decided to kick in today. On top of that i have a bad cold. Any coughing makes me puke :( any suggestions on what to eat? Or do?
Avatar f tn I am interested in trying the Thomas recipe. I am getting ready to take a week off school and work in 2 weeks. I am really scared to do this, it is something that has been on my mind for a five years now and I always have some excuse to not do it. I play a rough sport and we are in the middle of the season right now-another reason I am scared to stop. I take up to 3 lortab 10mg/day, broken in half and taken 6 times/day.