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Avatar f tn Can I eat korean kimchi with cooked rice with sesame oil or coked egg like scrambled egg with cooked rice with carrots and korean cucumber or eat korean cucumber for lunch with chicken noodle soup with the green beans and snow peas and carrots in the soup or could I eat grilled chicken cooked with olive oil with salt and pepper with vegetables like string beans carrots and snow peas and korean cucumbers and corn and red pepper or green pepper.
Avatar f tn Not sure if it would be the same in England, but unfortunately my doctor told me to stay away from any medications besides Tylenol. I would just try to orange juice, chicken noodle soup, and plenty of rest route. Hope you start feeling better!
Avatar f tn Tylenol cold and flu, rest when you can, orange juice, and lots of homemade chicken noodle soup. I know making it homemade is exhausting when you are sick, but it really will make you feel better.
Avatar n tn thanks ill try some
5787494 tn?1387148684 Ugh now I want chicken noodle soup. Maybe I'll have my boyfriend pick some up at work. Lol Thank you.
Avatar f tn so the only thing i can keep down and eat is chicken noodle soup or bread. is this bad? i cannot for the life of me eat any meat what so ever. i can't barely eat the chicken chunks in the soup. meat makes me throw up and gag. will chicken noodle soup not be enough for the baby? I'm taking vitamins and iron pills always on time everyday. but thats the only thing i can keep down and eat. should i try something else.
Avatar f tn i lived off of crackers pretzels ginger snaps and genger ale my first five mnths w a cold soup here and there everyone says cold soup but really cold or room temp that helped settle my tummy sum and they have ths wonderful stuff called baby bliss it is all natural i got mine frm a health food stre it helps keep the food down and calm the nausea
Avatar f tn Lost my appetite I thought I must just try to eat for the sake of the baby but I just did not feel hungry or if I force my self as my husband was getting worried about me not eating I will only eat small portions. But we finally got chicken noodle soup and that was easy for me to eat as it helped with clearing up my nose.
Avatar f tn Thank you! I have been drinking tea with honey and had some soup earlyer..
Avatar f tn m only 5 weeks pregnant and am scared to take anything for it. But chicken noodle soup sounds pretty good right now!
Avatar f tn Drink chicken noodle soup, put onions by windows and doors, putvin the humidifier with min vapor solution, take regular Tylenol, and get lots of rest. I get sick often and in pregnancy there is nothing that you can take. You can also drink hot lemon and hunny.
Avatar f tn Runny nose cough I've puked a few times this morning. I've a ten chicken noodle soup and so far its staying down. But what else can I take to make myself feel better?? I know with being pregnant I'm limited but I need to kick this before tomorrow!! I already missed 5 out of 8 hours of work today and that's not good!!!!
Avatar f tn Vitamine C. Lots of water...oj...chicken noodle soup...chicken and rice soup. Hot tea with lemon. No sugar. Rest.
Avatar f tn Chicken noodle soup or just broth with oyster crackers or saltines.
Avatar f tn Maruchaun soup (the Noodles) has been tasting soooooooooooooo damn good to me now that I'm pregnant. But I heard eating too much is bad for the baby. Is this true?
5426152 tn?1382129604 Chicken noodle soup! It's actually been proven to speed up the recovery from a cold. You can sit in the bathroom witg the door shut with super hot water and sit in the steam it shoulf help loosen the mucus up a bit. Get lots of sleep and rest a lot because your gonna need all the energy in the world to bring your baby into the world (: hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn White rice with beans and pork chops. Aka arroz blanco con abichulas y chulita. #spanishfood Dessert Fruit!!
Avatar m tn take um in to see if they have an infection or cold, bed rest bathes jello chicken noodle soup vicks vapor rub lots of tlc tea theraflu liuquid
Avatar f tn Rest as much as you can and push the fluids. Your baby will be ok. Chicken noodle soup is good. Add in some frozen fruit smoothies and it'll pass. Hang in there. Being sick is no fun. Try to get as comfy as poss.
Avatar f tn Saltine crackers and chicken noodle soup! That's basically what I lived on last week after having the flu. If you can't do the chicken noodle soup just start with chicken broth. Also Gatorade helps some people or flat 7up.
Avatar f tn Also warm honey lemon water is great and chicken noodle soup
Avatar f tn Some women get it so bad throughout there entire pregnancy hopefully yours will subside soon. 7up, sprite , gatorade and chicken noodle soup helped me. How far along are you?
Avatar f tn Besides that what helped me a lot (I had 3 boughts of the flu in my first trimester,) lots and lots of gaterade and chicken noodle soup!
Avatar f tn Try peppermint on a tissue or scented puffs? Chicken noodle soup, humidifier in your bedroom, rest, tea. I like the Starbucks passion tea with honey & lemon when I'm sick. U can buy at grocery. It really helps me.
Avatar f tn I dealt with the cold for 4 days I felt horrible and I'm over due, you can drink mint tea add lemon and honey, drink lots of fluids nothing cold , soup as we'll helps . If you do shower go straight to bed . Be covered up. Also I was taking Tylenol and made me feel better till the 4th day but it helps. I was takin it twice a day. Stay in and rest I took my third day and my bf made me teas , soups , he let me sleep all day and next day I was feeling so much better.