Sharp stomach pain while pregnant

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189019 tn?1195519853 Its the worst feeling. It not severe sharp pain, but my stomach feels like a heavy rock. I cant stop crying cause I hate feeling aching. And me being on bedrest doesnt help im sore everywhere.
349463 tn?1333575176 Did any of you have belly button pain while you were pregnant and if so how long did it last? I don't remember having it with my first and I just starting having it yesterday morning. It's driving me nuts it only hurts in the one spot and it comes and goes. I checked the books and can't figure out how long it should last for.
2008858 tn?1343847641 I'm 25 +5 pregnant and have been having stomach pain, spesh if I sleep on my back. But also when I turn over. Does any one else have this. I also find it uncomfortable to breath when in on my back.
Avatar f tn This may be your pain or you should follow up with your doctor. The place you are describing with the sharp pain sounds like stomach, gallbladder or liver. It is worth following up with your doctor but I really don't think it is ovarian cancer by those symtpoms. Your scan would have shown a mass in your pelvis with ovca. Good luck on finding answers.
989992 tn?1249189179 Lately it wasn't that bad, but just the last few minutes every time he moves it sends a sharp pain down there. I don't know if it's labor or what? This is my first baby and I'm 36 weeks pregnant. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I too am experiencing this excrutiating pain.. Like a sharp stabbing pain in the left inner thigh.. I would say it's at the centre of the fleshy area about 2 inches below the crotch area.. It's like someone has got a red hot poker and stabbed me in the thigh and twisted it.. It only lasts for a few seconds but it totally knocks me sick! If I am asleep it wakes me up and I almost scream out. I find it terrifying. I'm going to make an appointment to see my GP asap.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone I was just wondering if any of you have ever had a cyst on your ovary while pregnant... I am 9 weeks pregnant and they told me that i have a cyst on my right ovary. It was 3 cm at the time and she told me that as long as it does not grow to 6cm then they will not have to remove it. If any of you ladies have ever had this I would love to know what the out come was. I am a little worried and I have been having some sharp pains on and off in my right side!!
Avatar f tn Hey ladies! For the last couple of hours I've had a very sharp pain going from my lower right abdomen straight down to my vagina. I'm 32+2 weeks pregnant and just cleaned the entire house. Is this a sign to go to the er? Or did I just over do it with cleaning?
Avatar f tn It started as a strange feeling in my left side whenever my daughter would kick me while I was pregnant. Ever since she has been born the feeling has been more painful and has more symptoms with it but no diagnosis. My stomach gets very sore on my left, lower side and it sometimes feels like a pressure or also sometimes feels like something cold is leaking down my left side after I drink something cold.
Avatar f tn I am now 21 weeks into my pregnancy and have had lower pain in my right side for a few months. Its usually when I move is when i feel it. Like when I lean over or am sitting down and go to stand up and sometimes its so painful i feel it when i walk in right leg. it doesnt feel like regular cramps or anything. some people have said that it could just be my ligaments but Why would it be just in that one spot.
778044 tn?1299546534 So I'm about 4 weeks pregnant, and I've been having this pain in my lower right side of my abdomen. Not like a hunched over hurting type of pain, but like a sharp quick pain every once in a while.... Is this normal? I called my doctor's office as I was having some throbbing going on the other day, and they told me to take tylenol because they think I was a little over stimulated from all the meds I was on. Do you think that it could be from this, or something more serious?
692998 tn?1257153968 This morning on my way to work I suddenly had INTENSE mid-stomach pain. It was sharp but also ached too. It felt like it was radiating throughout my abdomen and my ribcage. I have pretty high pain tolerance but this nearly knocked the breath out of me. I almost had to pull over. When I got to work, I couldn't even move, I just sat in my car breathing deeply and trying to get a handle on the pain, and waves of nausea were coming too.
Avatar n tn There's been pain in my pelvic hip and back area but the sharp pain is in my vagina.
369941 tn?1218660374 Last night I had sudden sharp pain in my lower stomach during intercourse. My husband and I stopped but it just got worst and I couldn't move at all for an hour. The pain seemed to jump all over my stomach but most of it was in my very low abdomen. Very slowly the pain went away. I thought it might have been something with my bladder but today I could feel that my cervix and what feels to be my uterus was really swollen and still tender.
Avatar f tn i got fatter and my stomach been a little weird latley i cant sleep at might that good i toss and turn and im stomach has a little sharp pain on my sides once in a while i am always hungry and i was never like this before...and i never took a test yet... so my question is Am I Pregnant?
Avatar f tn i am now 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I have mentioned this pain to my midwife when i saw her and she just said it was preparation for the birth. Does anyone know exactly what it is? Why have i never heard of it? Even my mum who has worked as a maternity care assistant for 10 yrs seems a little baffled by my symptoms!! The pain over the past 3 weeks has got worse & more frequent and i seem to get it no matter what activities im doing.
Avatar f tn My stomach stopped hurting as consistently but now every once and a while a get a shooting pain in my stomach. The location of the pain is inconsistent. Sometimes it's higher in my stomach, other times it is lower. Anyone else experience something like this.
Avatar f tn So i did my check up when they asked and I told doc he said I was fine, but I'm pretty sure I'm not cause sometimes the buldge hurts then other times I can't feel or see it. If I stretch wrong, feels like something tore sharp pain. When i breathe in deep feels like whatever it is, is trying to overlap or come out. I'm not sure what it is... and sometimes its just annoying. Does anyone know what I might have did or what happened? Since my doc was helpful.
736293 tn?1316521442 When they first started i thought it was heartburn b/c it is at the top of my stomach. I have never had severe heartburn so i am not sure how much pain it can really cause. I have taken tums but it isn't helping. I tried to lay down to take a nap but the pain is too bad for me to fall asleep. Anytime there is any pressure on my stomach i get sharp pains starting at the top of my stomach and works its way throughout.
Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks pregnant and I am having sharp pains in my stomach area with some swelling and the pain is making me sick. My doctor prescribed some anti nausea medication that said it can cause constipation is this what is happening? What can you take while pregnant to help?
935242 tn?1244759045 Then I started getting terrible pain about three weeks ago to this day. It is in the lower right quadrant of my stomach.. and for three months now.. my stomach has been so distended and bloated nonstop that it's starting to affect the clothes I wear, I can no longer work out because of the pain that I get moments after, walking causes me to double over at times because of the sharp pain, I can no longer comfortably wear jeans, and even laying down i feel as if something is going to burst.
Avatar n tn Now im having worse symtoms and i cant figure out what it could be they dont fit together my symptoms are daily bloating, i was diagnosed lactosr intolerant so i stay away from that food, but my jeans fit well in the moring and as soon as i get out my stomach swells out like im pregnant and its awful pain. I know its gas because as soon as i get to a place i can release its quite evident but i have no idea what is causing this.
Avatar f tn I don't have a clue what it when I lay on my stomach and stretch out while I'm sleeping it'll wake me from a dead sleep cause it hurts so bad. Throws my breath out and everything...does anyone have any ideas what this might be?
Avatar n tn Every now and then when I am laying on my side or sitting in a weird way, I get a real sharp pain there and I don't know what causes it. It usually only lasts a few seconds and then I don't experience it for a few days. Anyway, I asked my doctor and he said that it is normal, but I still can't shake the feeling that its not. I also get some not-so-sharp pains in my uterus from time to time which I have been told is the uterus stretching.
Avatar m tn Sugar intake seems to correlate to stomach pain in my particular case. I cut out most refined sugars during college while I was running cross-country and it seemed to help immensely.
Avatar f tn I had a lot of pain in my stomach when I was about 35 weeks. I really thought I was going into labor (if I only knew how much worse the labor pains were going to be!) The only thing that helped me was taking some Tums, or something warm (warm bath, heating pad, etc.) I also timed mine since I thought it was labor. To this day, I still don't know what caused it.
Avatar n tn I am 7.5 months pregnant and I am having really sharp pains in the top of stomach. It is so painful it wakes me while I am sleeping. I try laying, sitting, walking everything and it gets no better. The pain last for 20 or more mins and sometimes it is so bad I feel sick to my stomach from the pain. This is my fourth pregnacy and I never had this pain with the other three. What could it be and should I be concerned? How can I make myself more confortable when having these pains?
Avatar f tn I am almost 6 weeks now (first time) and it seems that every time my partner goes 'too deep' (although it didn't hurt like this before) I feel a sharp, cramping pain. The pain is in my lower abdomen, its a shooting pain that comes and goes very quickly -- almost like it only occurs when he hits a certain spot. The pain causes me to have stomach pain, but it does not last long. We often times have to stop having sex when the pain occurs, because the pain turns me off.
Avatar n tn When the doc was pushing on my abdomen it hurt at my belly button and just above and on the upper right but not where the sharp pain was happening. The sharp pain is gone now on the left but I still feel sick all of the time. They said that depending on the results of the upper GI tomorrow they may do a ERCP. They said they will tell me more about it tomorrow.