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192918 tn?1199454779 Hi, i'm 33 weeks, over the last week i've become more constipated than before which has caused my bloating. Not sure about the sharp pains though. Maybe trying to eat more fruit and veg might help.
Avatar f tn Hey mommies so i got a sharp pain on my left side of my stomach it lasted about 4-5 min. I walked back and fourth a lil bit and rubbed my tummy do you guys kno what it could be???
Avatar n tn Have you taken a lot of Ibupropin lately? It can cause stomach pain or pain near the stomach. Also, acid reflux can show up as pain or even just coughing in the morning. If not is it near the intestinal area or liver area? Any particular area? Is it sharp or a bloating like feeling? I get severe stabbing pains which for me is gas and it really hurts badly like a sharp needle. If you can see your doctor.
Avatar n tn Today, in the middle of my run, I felt a very sharp pain in my lower right stomach about three inches in from the top of my hipbone and then not long after I started to feel the same pain on my left side. The pain was very intense and it felt like something was about to explode. The pain slowly reduced after my run and was completely gone after about 10 to 15 minutes.
Avatar m tn Its difficult to eat anything at the moment because I get lots of cramping, gas, bloating, and sharp pains on my left breast bone. The pain in my left breast bone scares me because I automatically feel its heart related.. But the pain only occurs after meals.. Does anyone know what I can take to get relief from the symptoms..
Avatar m tn I have not read nor heard from anyone that the pain is sharp or a surface pain. I had severe liver disease which necessitated a liver transplant and I never had a surface pain. I had only a dull ache. I agree with wq2 - see a gastroenterologist regardless of whether you have a liver disease. Your problem is likely some type of digestive disorder (bloating and yellow stools) and that is a gastroenterologist's territory.
Avatar n tn if you do not take suppiments,,id say possible flares of gasteritis,are you experiencing diahrea with this?? throwing up?..back pain?..the cramping and sharp pains could be up on that and see what you think as far as similar symptoms. just remember docs are doing nothing besides giving educated guesses just like the rest of us,,,getting all the tests you need is crutial forproper diagnosis!!
Avatar n tn For the last few days I have been in pain. It is a sharp pain on the left side of my stomach close to waist line. If I press it it hurts worst. I have no symtoms of any kind everything is normal except my pain. I have not been to the hospital yet.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in my stomach. When I am having a bowl movement I get this pain in my stomach. It feels like it is going thru a tub and gets stuck. Once it moves down the pain goes away. It makes me bend over until it passes because it hurts so much. I also getting bloating and gas. I am tired of this pain but it is something weird as I feel it moving down my stomach.
Avatar f tn I didn't work for a while just after having my daughter, so I knew I wasn't going to lose weight that way, but 2 years ago, I started a job at Walmart as a cashier, and I lost about 15lbs(was about 170 at the time), but my stomach didn't get much smaller. And in the past 6-8 months, I had also been having sharp pains on the left pelvic area, and was so totally exhausted every day, it was all I could do to get out of bed for work, much less play with my 3 yr old very active daughter.
Avatar f tn In addition I have been having sharp pains in the middle of my chest that are getting worse and my stomach is so bloated my cloths don’t fit and I look pregnant.. I have scoliosis and thought that perhaps the chest and stomach issues were because of my back, being crooked and irritated and leaning on my organs. So I have focused on trying to make my back better. I have been to a chiropractor several times as well as had numerous massages. I stretch and soak in the tub daily.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what the pain of stomach cancer feels, dull, location, constant or intermittant? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Where are your stomach pains? Is it a dull pain? Sharp? Left ro right? Upper or lower? Does it accompany gas or belching or nausea?
Avatar m tn No just a pain in lower stomach and my stomach growls alot, I know its gas, but why doesn't it move. Once in awhile I will have sharp pains in my stomach and have to rush to the bathroom. I know thats part of the IBS. But why I get these pains in my stomach only in the morning is strange. My GI doctor just passed it off, like it was nothing. I also noticed that I don't belch that much. Even if I do drink a soda or beer once in a great while, maybe once a year or so.
Avatar n tn My 13 yr. old daughter has started experiencing lower stomach pains while running during PE and basketball practice. She has been unable to complete the required mile and says the pain is quite intense. She ran track last spring and was able to run more than that without any problems. She also played competive summer basketball without any problems with the running. She is 5' 7'' and weighs about 125 lbs. Also, she is not drinking cold liquids or eating a lot prior to practice/running.
Avatar n tn Every time I eat, i get a sharp pain in my stomach. This has been going on since as long as I can remember ( since I was little, i'm 23 now ). The pain is feels like a knife is going into my stomach, and is severe.
Avatar n tn Good day. Twice in about a month this has happened. I get what feels like an over abundance of gas just looming inside my stomach. My whole lower/mid abdomen is in severe discomfort to the point where walking, standing up straight, and getting up and down are very difficult. My stomach gets extremely bloated-out to the point where I have to unbutton my pants for comfort. Pressing on my stomach and crunching my legs up towards the stomach are very uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn One thing Im still suffering from is painful and extreme and chronic stomach bloating. My bloating is so painful it makes it difficult and painful to move, but what alarms me the most is the inability to breath normal.. I find it difficult to breath when I'm bloated, I just want to know if this is a common issue with bloating??? I automatically think I may have some type of heart issue due to the fact that I can not breath after I eat..
Avatar n tn Because my stomach does not contract normally it takes longer to empty. My symptoms are bloating, constipation, feeling full fast, stomach pain and acid reflux. A simple test will diagnose this problem. If you have this you DO NOT eat fiber which is the total opposite of someone with IBS. Most people are told to increase their intake of fiber if they are constipated but in this case it is the total opposite. Eat small meals over the course of the day also.
Avatar n tn I exercise regulary and eat fairly healthy most of the time. I have have sharp lower back pain on my left side, along with stomach cramping pain ( not mentraul cramps). My stomach also feels and looks bloated. I got my period the first of july and i still have discharge and some days its like a regular period day. It has not stopped. I dont know if the pains and period are associated, but I am a liitle worried since this is the first time my period is like this.
Avatar f tn He is taking fludrocortisone for the dizziness. Every day since February, he has had stomach pain and/or nausea in varying degrees. His cardiologist is telling me this is not part of the autonomic dysfunction, but I've read these symptoms can be caused by autonomic dysfunction. He has already been seen by a GI doctor, who couldn't find anything wrong. So he sent us to a psychologist, who told us, after having several sessions with him, that his symptoms were physical.
Avatar n tn I am in so much pain, my back hurts, lower stomach and sharp pains in my right side. I have had an ultra sound and they told me that I have a simple cyst on my ovary and a possible fibroid in my uterus but not sure couldn't see it really well. I have been to doctors on top of doctors for this I just don't know what else to do. BTW I have 2 children and one misscarrage. I have had an upper and lower gi in Feb. and it was suppose to have been normal.
Avatar f tn A few months ago, she was put on Omeprazole and after 2 weeks of bad upper stomach pain, she stopped taking it. The problems have resided a bit, but has had pain and nausea every since. After many tests, all coming out normal, she still has not found an answer. The doctors don't have a clue what is wrong, but she believes the omeprazole caused some sort of infection and will be going on antibiotics this week to see if it will help.
1738210 tn?1310718850 Then this morning while I was at my first job, I was folding jeans and a pair of them fell of a shelf and brushed just above my belly button and sent this shocking, sharp pain through that spot. I rubbed it a bit until it went away, but it still felt more soar than it had throughout the week leading up to today. That was at about 11am this morning.
Avatar n tn I would say it is usually on the left and when pressed above my belly button besides the cramping and sharp pains in the lower ab when the bloating begins. What is my next step. I am desperate and am contemplating on going to the emergency room the next time it is severe.