Severe heartburn during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Haven't had it during pregnancy, but before I got pregnant. Try eating fresh strawberries. It seemed to calm down my heart burn. Good luck hon.
4250731 tn?1359157923 Zofran is mostly used for nausea but if its not helping you can try a liquid antacid like maalox, mylanta o rpepcid ac (liquid works better than tablets) hope something helps
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and suffer with heart burn terrible some times its so bad it feels like it's a coming out of my ears! Doc offered me tablets that weren't known to cause any harm during pregnancy but also were not cleared by the board so I refused and rely on super milk I drink almost a litre a day!
Avatar f tn I found that panting like i was having a conraction helped with the pain of it! I lived on antacids during my pregnancy and they are safe to take.
Avatar n tn The worst heartburn I've ever had in my life was in my first 4-7 weeks of pregnancy. It would wake me up at night and I would have to sit and wait for it to calm down. Sometimes eating helped, sometimes drinking a lot of water helped. Once, using a thumper-type massager on my back helped! I took liquid Mylanta (original formula) once, -- even though it is not highly recommended during pregnancy, it is not absolutely forbidden -- and it did help.
Avatar f tn sorry this is kinda OT, but does anyone know what to use for extremely horrible heartburn/indesgestion during pregnancy? The other day. for lunch i had barbeque chicken sandwhich ( chicken patty with barbeque sauce on it lol) and ever since then ive been having this heartbearn reallly bad and we have nothing at my house, and i have a man teacher. enuff said. you know how men dont think anything is wrong with u until your practically on ur death bed.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever been given the okay to take Pepto Bismol during pregnancy or Nexium or Pepcid? I know I can take TUMS. I have severe heartburn and need some relief. TUMS is just not working. Please help. Thanks.
4658567 tn?1364145723 42am here just been woken with severe heartburn. Already know they showed us on the scan. I.take rennies the work so quick or if i run out a glass of milk does the trick.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone i am 20 weeks pregnant and have been up all night with severe heartburn and headaches.. after I ate my breakfast I vomited out of nowhere .. didnt even have enough time to make it too the bathroom . I just want to know if this is common cause im a bit concerned as ive never had it be4 ..
Avatar n tn So that may well be it. It is nothing like pre-pregnancy heartburn. I thought that Mylanta was not OK during pregnancy, but asked my doctor two weeks ago and she okayed it. I get the liquid kind, "original formula" and keep it in the fridge. Two or three huge swigs helps a really lot. Tums was not strong enough to touch the heartburn. If something like this doesn't help you, then you might want to explore other possibilities with your doc.
2030273 tn?1329712250 I usually take some tums with a little bit of milk and make sure I sit up afterwards. I have severe nausea too and the heartburn always makes me get sick again. It's common in pregnancy... but I know how bad it *****!
7280472 tn?1395276314 I had the same problem. I got Zantac over the counter. It is safe during pregnancy and has helped me so much!
4835896 tn?1369373021 I think that is an old wives tale. I don't think it is true. I have two boys and during their pregnancy I had heartburn really bad and they were both bald when they were born.
562884 tn?1279635934 Sometimes I had to sleep with several pellows almost sitting down just to avoid the pain. drinking alot of water helps a little during a heartburn attack. With this pregnancy I had only few mild indigestion eppisodes (but not as severe as the ones I remember with my previous pregnancy) but I'm affraid things might worsen later.
Avatar n tn One correlation I found was consuming chocolate and heartburn. If I drink hot chocolate anytime during the day then my heartburn is more severe in the evening than usual.
169867 tn?1327602254 That Ultrasound is at 19w6d last Monday!! She looked so darn cute and so much like a real baby - it really got me excited!! They are so much fun - I wish I could have an u/s every week!!! I also read that about the ribcage moving up two inches - seems impossible doesn't it??? All these crazy things that happen to us during pregnancy!! And to think my DH thinks it's "just in my head" that I am having constipation issues!!!! What a door knob!!!
Avatar f tn Yep for me too- and the hard part is that my partner is in the music industry and I need to help him sometimes- ouch the BASS! I have been wanting to get myself off of coffee- but being it is winter and COOOOLD HERE- very hard- plus it just ads to my headaches. I DID however go once to the Grocery store to check my blood pressure- to make sure itw asnt high and that wasnt why I was having the headaches ... but fine...
Avatar n tn Everyone feels better when they know the reason why. The sight of blood is very unnerving during a pregnancy, and I think they should be more accomadating in figuring out the reasons WHY it happened.
Avatar n tn Having a period means you are shedding the lining of your uterus. So I would say, it's not normal nor possible. Some bleeding can be considered within normal limits and so can some types of cramps. If you feel like this is a REAL period, and the bleeding and cramping are plentiful, I would suggest contacting your OB for a check. How far along are you?
Avatar n tn Anybody else experiencing horrible constipation. I know I can take milk of magnesia during pregnancy, but is it alright to take a dose every night before bedtime? It seems to help me a good bit, but I don't want to be doing anything to harm the babies. Yes, we are having TWINS. We lost our 4 1/2 month old baby girl on January 2, 2003, so I guess the Lord is double blessing us at this point. I hope everything continues to go well. I have very nervous about every little thing that happens.
7226011 tn?1389334133 Anyone hear the myth where if you have really bad heartburn, your baby comes out with a lot of hair? What do you think about it? I had super bad heartburn throughout my pregnancy and I just had my son Saturday night, he has a full head of hair!
Avatar n tn my grandaughter is 5 1/2 mo. and has a severe problem with spitting up/vomiting her bottle, she also has hiccups off and on daily, especially if laid down to change diaper, etc. She has now started a cough that is causing me concern becuase it seems to be associated with the vomiting somehow. When my daughter was pregnant the baby had the hiccups in the womb every day during the last 3 or 4 months of pregnancy also.
Avatar n tn I lost my child during the 5th month of my pregnancy. During that time I had really bad heart burn that I felt like it was the end of the world. Then it subsided for a year and a half. Then it came back with this time with nauesa & dirrahea. I did a pregnancy home test one test came back negative and the other one failed. I had several tests ran on me from heart to gastro but nothing.
189192 tn?1261345228 But I was just reading in one of those baby/pregnancy magazines about one of the myths regarding pregnancy-the one that says that if mom is suffering severe heartburn, baby will have lots of hair. Seems some researchers somewhere (I forget the details) set out to disprove the myth and actually ended up proving it to be true. Maybe no bald baby for you??
Avatar n tn Every pregnant woman experiences different symptoms so it's not a definite that you'll get it and even if you get it this time doesn't mean you'll get it next time. With heartburn in pregnancy it's not so much the things you eat, your body has to get ready to give birth therefore produces hormones which relax certain joints/ligaments and part of that is the 'little flap' that keeps your stomach acids from rising back up.
Avatar f tn It worked wonders and I highly recommend it. Zantac is considered to be the safest during pregnancy. My prescription was for 150mg twice a day, but I only took it once a day (around 4:30pm) just because I was paranoid about taking meds while pregnant. Tums was like chewing air, it did nothing for me either. Sorry you're experiencing the reflux too - it is miserable, but it DOES go away after delivery. Hang in there!
676912 tn?1332816151 I've had severe acid reflux this whole pregnancy. If I let my stomach get empty it gets worse. I make sure I eat every few hours. I take 150mg Zantac every 12 hours. Sometimes I take it early because I'm in so much pain. Certain foods do make it worse. You just have to learn which ones trigger it for you more than others. Try not to eat greasy food they make it worse.
296076 tn?1371338074 I downed more Tums during the last 6 months than I had my whole life before pregnancy! My heartburn was terrible at night. The only thing that worked great for me was delivering my gorgeous baby girl!! And, THANK GOD, the heartburn went away INSTANTLY!!!! One more perk for you to look forward to!!! Best of luck!
Avatar f tn Tums worked for me. They're safe during pregnancy so I'd pop em every time I got heartburn. And my doctor told me that eating less amounts in one sitting and more often throughout the day-6 times or so rather than 3-helps. It was hard for me to follow that guideline bc let's face it, I was pregnant and I'd just splurge lol... hope this helps. I'm sorry... heartburn *****:( my little guy is 4 wks old and has acid reflux and is just miserable:( I feel sooo bad!