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401370 tn?1233328282 If you have very few symptoms of a seizure, but didn't endure the full blown effects (silent seizure perhaps?), can an EMG still detect it? Just wondering, because I have Lupus, and sometimes I will notice SEVERE dizzy spells for like 5 seconds,along with numbness or tingling feeling of my teeth WHILE the dizzy spells are taking place, then a weird jolt down my left arm.. (I had tests performed by my doc and they stated it wasn't heart related). Very strange..
207091 tn?1337713093 Hi, I'm not really sure what the symptoms could be, but I honestly don't think it's seizures or a stroke. Seizures you would've noticed twitching and loss of bowel or urinary control. A stroke would've affected one side of the body only, and she wouldn't have recovered so quickly. This could be a thyroid problem, or diabetes. You can try taking her food away for 6-8 hrs so she'll be ready to get tested for diabetes as soon as you get to the vet's office.
393986 tn?1303829575 Hello. A seizure is defined as an episode of central nervous system dysfunction. A seizure may or may not be accompanied by convulsions. Your seizures are unusual. Do you lose consciousness when you have the episode? usually convulsions are tonic (only spasms) or tonic - clonic (spasms followed by repeated contractions). An EEG confirms a seizure. Has it been done?
Avatar f tn I have bad headaches and have no appetite. Sometimes I will be talking and it feels like I'm not talking I feel like I went unconscious but I'm not because I'm not at the emergency room or no one is freaking out. Basically it's not visible. I feel like I'm having a seizure or mini ones. I don't have epilepsy and I've never had a seizure before this but think I'm going crazy. The only time I'm not feeling this way is when I'm asleep. Nothing around me seems real. I feel like I'm in a dream.
594907 tn?1227312764 Well per my own research, per, an aura is a simple partial seizure. I can't believe how long my question has been posted on this site without a response, Over two months. I do enjoy reading this forum though. I find it interesting and can relate to some of the other symptoms that others go through. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
Avatar n tn I am at home now the DR. wrote me a script for Ativan to take every 8 hours 1mg. I am talking i had 2 serious seizure i don't remember nothing when i fall to the pavement or when i had one laying on my couch. Another thing that is similar to other people on here. I had a EEG that came back Abnormal and i had an MRI with Contrast that came back Normal and the CT scans of my head and chest. was normal.
Avatar n tn So endos now believe it takes at least a couple hours of lows before a seizure is induced. Based upon that knowledge, it's unlikely she was on her way to a seizure, particularly since she wasn't even low. But your question is valid, if it's not that, what is it? It's possible that it is a problem with the thyroid.
Avatar f tn I looked at the people that were in front of me and they were just talking and I was wondering why they were not moving to safety because the rocking was getting so severe I felt like I could not hold on to the jamb any longer. I looked at my hands ad saw I was not holding on to the jamb and the severe shaking was me, in my arms. and legs,all over. I then fell over backwards like a tree that was going timber. I slammed my head and my back and hips.
Avatar m tn So I'm just not sure if she had a mini-stroke or another seizure. So that's my question - Did she have a mini-stroke or a seizure (today)? Any relevant info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn *My face feels numb or just feels strange *I'll bite the inside of my lips till they'll raw or bleeding because they have a "numb" feeling *My eyes feel really tight *My muscles and/or joints feel stiff. I feel like I have to always stretch or crack my knuckles/back/ankles/etc *I don't want to say I stare but there are times where I'll daze off *I'm real lethargic. I just want to lay around. *When I'm talking sometimes the words don't want to come out.
94007 tn?1224766336 Thats not good. As some of you may remember, he is disabled and on seizure meds which can CAUSE liver damage. How much of that damage comes from the meds its hard to say. He is going to treat in the fall but is switching to another med - Keppra. Is anyone familiar with it? We cant see how he does off the meds because treatment lowers the seizure threshhold. Lots of complications and unanswered questions. That can only be answered by experience - doc is concerned.
Avatar f tn yes depakote is an anti seizure med. there are many anti-seizure meds. could be that one isnt working for her. was one of the charges for selling xanax? jane tell her it is very important that she be honest with you at this point. tell her that nothing will suprise you. going forward you need to know so you will also know how to proceed. she will be calling soon. it is after dinner.
Avatar f tn The other morning I was getting ready for work and talking to my husband when I zoned out. It took a few seconds for me to negin talking again. This has happened several times, sitting and standing - just a few seconds of "zoning", I would say that this happens a few times a month. My husband says it is like I get distracted and stare a hole through things. I don't think there are any involuntary movements or sounds, I just freeze. Is there a chance that this is some sort of seizure?
1029105 tn?1252166147 So lately I have been becoming more & more unable to do normal things b/c of bizzare symptoms? Esp when I'm at rest late at night, very tired, in a car, t.v in the dark & loud noises. I get completely dizzy & feel like my brain is freaking out. I can't control anything in my mind when this happens. My heart beats out of my chest & I loose muscle strength almost completely in my right side.
Avatar f tn At this point I will pass out, and have what observers describe as a seizure, however I am not 100% sure what it is. It is definitely a convulsion or spasm, and usually only happens in my hands, or arms and legs, and lasts about 3 min or less. When that stops and I am responsive again, I am completely out of it, and I will start to heave and eventually vomit although there have been times when I never vomit, just heave. I feel sweaty, and I am extremely pale.
Avatar n tn The results of MRI are completely ok , EEG is ok when she was having a seizure after the seizure the EEG was not ok. But the doctors don't know what is it. During the seizure she is avare of all the things that are happening around her but she can't control herself. The seizures don't have any patterns , the all occur in a diferent part of the day and they last from few minutes to few hours.
Avatar n tn The results of MRI are completely ok , EEG is ok when she was having a seizure after the seizure the EEG was not ok. But the doctors don't know what is it. During the seizure she is avare of all the things that are happening around her but she can't control herself. The seizures don't have any patterns , the all occur in a diferent part of the day and they last from few minutes to few hours.
Avatar n tn I want to thank You for Your answer, The results of MRI are completely ok , EEG is ok when she was having a seizure , after the seizure the EEG was not ok. But the doctors don't know what is it. During the seizure she is avare of all the things that are happening around her but she can't control herself. She get's cold and her body get's cold, her skin turns yellow ( slightly). When she starts choking her parents have to performe a Heimlich manouver to get her to breed normaly.
Avatar f tn then I started feeling like everyone was talking faster and at the same time! All of a sudden I felt a cold pain rush over me starting in my face and chest....went down to my arms....I thought if I stand up and walk around it will lessen the thing I knew my brother was standing over me dialing 911. He said I fell TWICE and started convulsing and wasn't breathing.
Avatar n tn If you have never noticed anything with her then this is a seizure. If she has no other unsusual symptoms other than this event there is no necessary to visit a Psychiatrist. If she has other abnormal symtoms, Psychiatrist is a good idea. Continue near a neurologist and see that she does not get another seizure. Good that her all tests are clear and give her a stress less life, proper sleep and balanced diet. Take care!
439601 tn?1357864486 of the Avonex before starting.) I have experienced some very strange symptoms. (I know-I have an appt with Dr. Magic-neuro upcoming). This "episode" I'll call a seizure because it literally shook my entire body for over 10 minutes-per my hubby. Altho my symptoms have progressed rapidly since June 2010, this was a differnt animal. I started feeling weak and sat down, then the occular migrane jumped in along with some jerking in my eyes. The rest is blurred.
Avatar f tn What you can do for yourself is keep a small diary and wrtie down every time you experience Anxiety and/or seizure like symptoms. Then, collect all those notes and show your Neurologist these notes. Taking Anti-Seizure medications when you do not have a seizure disorders is very bad for the body. Work with your doctor and neurologist and get to the root cause. Oh yes, do some investigation on your own as well. Getting better involves not only the doctors but your help as well.
486038 tn?1300066967 I think a lot of people don't report the simple partial seizure (which is what Elizabeth is having) because it feels so weird. We have so many weird symptoms that the SPS is just another one on the pile. Basically, a simple partial seizure starts with an awareness that something is wrong. The light might look weird, or everything looks too bright. Sometimes the light feels like it's leaking into my brain! Then this weird, tight feeling starts in the abdomen.
Avatar n tn I am trying to find answers to the symptoms my 23 yr old daughter is having. The symptoms are not all the time, but come on without warning, without trauma and without physical activity. The problem starts with a tightening in her throat. Then she gets tingling in her fingers and numbness which travels up her arm. Sometimes the numbness goes into her back and chest.
7948950 tn?1421656329 My experience is, people don't understand how serious this is, and how much it affects me because I've become very used to hiding how I'm feeling or staying home when it is really bad. Lately though many of my symptoms have become much more prevalent and harder to hide. (I started drooling on a date, and went paralyzed. It was kind of a wake up call.
Avatar f tn I see 16 in your nickname so I assume you are 16 and given that you are 16 you definitely are at the age when bipolar can start working on you. I would start by talking to the school counselor and seeing if you can get her to meet with your parents. Then I would bring to your parents attention the symptoms you have been showing and if they need to know how serious bipolar is there are many videos and tons of information out there.
Avatar f tn Had some crazy symptoms starting as left ear pain and pressure, severe pain behind my left eye, left part of face became numb and tingly and vertigo. I had a difficulty comprehending when spoken to. A week later my gait is unstable but my vertigo is mostly gone, my muscles twitch, my right arm and hand is stiff and my left arm and head shakes. An MRI was normal. I have a history of hypothyroidism but 2 months ago it was in normal range.
Avatar f tn Slurred speech? Seizure disorder? hyperreflexia? Really horrible pain in the stomach if you hadn't eaten in a while??? Excruciating hunger pains? Don't know exactly how to explain it, I have been doubled over in pain if I do not eat when I am hungry. Spastic muscles, twitching thumb and other areas on my body along with buzzing feeling. This is all so crazy to me. I need to get some info. on Igenex?
Avatar f tn Many of the early symptoms of methanol poisoning are non-specific eg. headache, dizziness, malaise, generalized weakness, altered sensorium, acute mania, and paresthesias.
Avatar f tn Upon opening my eyes, I was short of breath and felt as though there was a lapse in my breathing. I was talking to my mom before the episode but afterwards, when I became alert again, she kept asking me to respond to her question. I wanted to, but I couldn't speak for a few seconds. It's like I wanted to, but I couldn't. After that incident, I felt very strange and sort of in a dream-like mood..the same feeling I get immediately before experiencing the episode.