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207091 tn?1337713093 Oh yeah - I was floored with the blood test cost. They are doing a panel of a bunch of things, and its $143 just for the blood tests. When I got upset about that (I'm on unemployment now - another casualty of this lovely economy), they said there were some tests included in there they didn't need, so they broke it down, and to do just the most pertinent ones, and do it in house, I would save $13. Big whoop. But yes, diabetes is in there, or is supposed to be.
Avatar n tn They finally ended up adopting a family of 5 that had been in foster care b/c they had abusive, alcoholic parents. Two years after they adopted the last child she found out she was pg. There is always hope.
Avatar n tn 6 months after living here I noticed a dent in the top of my head on the right side. I have always wore my hair in a pony tail and would have noticed before. I started having headaches about 3 months before this showed up. I went to the dr scared like all of you. The 1st neuro asked if I was from Third Rock from the Sun, great joke but made me a little upset. I eventually saw another and they took 2 years to get my headaches under control. I have since noticed my head sinking continuously.
Avatar f tn From 2009, i don't get seizures, but my epilepsy's symptoms have completely changed, now the seizures are in form of a kind of hallucination. I am sitting in my vroad daylight, but in front of my eyes...i am in some other evening time,...with some different family/ doing something completely different (it keeps changing)..if its a family also...i am so much there that i feel i have always been a part of it...
Avatar n tn I cant give you a link (dont know how too) but perhaps you could type it in google and read a few articles too see if it matches up to your babies symptoms. Hope this helps a little .
Avatar n tn My theory (and I read something along these lines somewhere but don't quote me) is that the increase in volume of blood in pregnancy changes the heart a bit. Then when the blood volumes return to normal the heart is a bit more sensitive to electrical disturbances. Combine that with any PPD which magnifies focus on health issues and you have the recipe right. Not to mention blood sugar variations while breast feeding and hormones plus your thyroid goes a bit wacky after childbirth.
Avatar n tn If you need anything come here for all the support. A lot of great people here with a LOT of experience in all phases of dependence, addiction and recovery. Magick & Power 2u, Gods light & peace on you always, Wizard Hi Cindi & Francoise! Thanks for getting to G-kar...I read it on the run early and he's been on my mind all day...couldn't post back till now! Love to you ALL!
875426 tn?1325532016 Post-hysterectomy now for over 3 years, I get them about 5 times a month. I have been on drugs in every class of preventative, taken a number of abortive agents and spent more time in the ER than I would have cared to, as well as went for stints of acupuncture, including blowing thousands of dollars on a trip to the Ontario Migraine Clinic out of desperation because of recommendation and what they touted.
Avatar n tn I did see some incorrect medical information provided in this forum (I'm no doctor) but have read enough about opiate WD, have been in rehab when younger a couple of times, and I have a friend who is a pain management specialist (very responsible and is not my doc) who does not know of my use but we've had many conversations on the topic, and I know these so called facts to be incorrect. Go to your doctor for proper medical advice. Wish me look, I'll try to check in if I don't get too busy.
1535595 tn?1317993633 Oxycodone 30mg every 4 hours for the first 6 months, then 15mg every 4 hours until i was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, then went down to percocet 10/325 for about a month then started cutting them in half. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy my doctor put me on Norcos 10/325 which i would cut in half. I would take them about 4-5 times daily.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor, but I do know that a temp of 99 is not considered a fever in a toddler. The start of a fever is considered 100.4 The following is information from an online medical encylopedia: Your body temperature is usually highest in the evening. It can be raised by physical activity, strong emotion, eating, heavy clothing, medications, high room temperature, and high humidity. This is especially true in children. A rectal temperature up to 100.4°F (38°C) may be entirely normal.
Avatar m tn These can happen before birth, during delivery or after delivery. It can be because of a chromosomal or genetic abnormality ( i-e problem in her DNA), a metabolic problem , can be related to oxygen or blood supply to the brain before or after birth and numerous other causes. It is unlikely that something happened recently to cause brain atrophy. This has been a long standing problem. Seizures are very commonly seen in cases where the brain is affected in any way.
Avatar n tn gave her a shot of roseffin for pnemmonia (she was a preemie by 5wks with a pnuemothorax (hole in left lung) and underdeveloped lungs. She did not have a seizure, the shot controlled her fever. Turns out she developed pnemmonia from the flu. Just last week, she spiked a fever of 104.
Avatar m tn She recently lost her hearing, Vet says to leave that alone, she will get used to it. Then all of a sudden last week she fell off couch, lost feeling in body and in a few seconds came back. Thought she just slept on her leg. (Hoped that was all). Next day this occurrence happened again when jumping off table. Next morning before calling Vet to ask what I should do and make appt, she fell down the stairs.
534785 tn?1329595808 The visit with the UPenn neurologist was a waste of time. He didn't even take a patient history, just had me fill out a "headache" questionnaire that he glanced at upon walking in the room and saying hi. He already read the other other neurologist's diagnosis that I have migraines, and told me that this seemed to be the case--all within the first minute of meeting him!
Avatar n tn RE: Beta-Thalassemis Minor and Healing Some of the solutions to the Beta-thalassemia issue are based on diet. Eating rare red meat will provide the water soluble iron most needed in the high functioning systems of people with this condition. Consuming rare cooked red meat, especially beef liver and other organ meat, will begin to heal a body that is non-alkaline. The alkaline blood system has a blood tested pH of 7.2 or higher for the most energy possible.
178590 tn?1294180367 It can occur without the signs of preeclampsia (which are usually a large increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine). Symptoms of HELLP syndrome include: Headache. Vision problems. Pain in the upper right abdomen (liver). Shoulder, neck, and other upper body pain (this pain also originates in the liver). Fatigue. Nausea and vomiting. Seizure. HELLP syndrome can be life-threatening for both the mother and her fetus.
Avatar n tn Within the first month we noticed times when it appeared she was having a seizure--she would look to be asleep and then both arms would bend and go up and down. This happened a few times in her car seat in the car--once I couldn't get her to stop, although it didn't seem to be harming her any. Then we noticed that when she was going to sleep and I would pat her back she would do the same thing (her body would jerk alot)--occasionaly this would happen without me patting her.
1968463 tn?1374761413 We do have a list of Drs, however it may not have a Dr listed in an area close to u, many of us do have to travel...use the list to research Drs as it is not a referral nor an endorsement..... See the health Pages -
Avatar n tn About two and a half months ago all of a sudden I started experiencing high pressure in the front lobe part of the head, the feeling is best described as if the insides are trying to expand, but are contained by the scull (does not feel like a headache, quite different, more emphasis on innards wanting to expand, rather than pain/ache).
Avatar n tn I'll give it a bit of time, but part of me wonders if I might not have a bit of CFS blockage again that is released (with fizz) when I change head positon, or if the dural patch that was put in has a bit of a feel like the back of my throat is being sprayed but from the behind my throat. A very weird sensation, no? Please email me directly if I can be of help, as I might not moniter this site much, okay?
Avatar n tn We bounced off it, spun around on I35 a few times, landed in a ditch, unhurt. Was it a seizure? Was it the buprenex? Am I just a total flake? Or should I not read into it so much? Sorry to go on like this. By the way, I'm not a cop, I was a civilian but went to all major crimes, fatalities, to do the media stuff. I would go to drug busts and see the poor guys jonesing while we searched their house. One guy's skin was rotting off, literally, from all the needles; I don't know if he even lived.
1737603 tn?1310671904 On day 4 something changed, she seemed uncomfortable, restless and refused to eat. We noticed a jerking movement of her arms (a little like a hiccup). This is when my worst nightmare began. We rushed to the emergency room and were admitted to NICU. Amelie was having Seizures. The doctors frantically searched for what could be wrong, they started testing her for a wide variety of possible causes including IP; but it all remained a mystery.
Avatar m tn Everyone's symptoms are different, and some of us have a lot of symptoms and others just a few. That's part of why the docs don't catch on to Lyme -- it's a tricky little beggar. No one here that I know of is medically trained, but we're happy to share with you what we have learned ourselves. I suggest you get copies of the actual test results when they are back, not just your doc saying 'It was negative/positive', and that you keep your own set of copies of all such tests.
Avatar n tn i have been having all the symptoms of being pregnant even to the point where i feel the baby kicking in my ribs. i took a blood test and it came out negative, my doc said we will try in two more weeks. i made an appointment for an ultrasound to be safe. i wonder why we have to go through all this with the iud the reason i got it was so i wont have to worry about getting the depo, but i guess that worked for five years next time im sticking with it.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your comments. Actually, no, I'm not doing very well with this to be honest. Lucy was long ago by a trainer determined to be a "prodigy dog", meaning, one that leans certain things almost instantly by observation. The slang many use would be a "Lassie dog" type of dog.
233405 tn?1190472197 it's been hard and i know there are a lot of women here who suffer loss everyday this is a good place to share your feelings and get thankful for that!!
Avatar f tn Do you know what his BUN and creatinine levels are (the vet should have given you a report)? The excessive drinking is typical of a dog in renal failure, as his body is full of toxins that would ordinarily be removed by the kidneys - but the kidneys are not doing their job, so due to the toxin build up and the electrolyte imbalance, your best friend will be very thirsty. Urinating won't rid the toxins, because they are in the blood instead of going through the kidneys.
6246858 tn?1382272876 I was looking at the Ohio chihuahua rescue and noted a pair of brothers,Felipe and Pedro,in desperate need of a loving home They wll be going to a pound soon and will probably be euthanized. I cannot consider taking them until I am more stable.. I just cannot even think of adopting in the state I m in at the present, but thought I would pass the information along. The foster mom they are with has 5 other fur babies of her own and cannot keep them.
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