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Avatar f tn This will not last for more than maybe 5-10 seconds. No other symptoms. He has been doing this since he was about 10 months old. Could this be a seizure and should we take him to his doctor?
Avatar f tn Hello there, Infants may not present with the classical symptoms of seizures. They may manifest with gagging, lip smacking, running, screaming, cycling movements of limbs etc..A physical examination, comprehensive medical evaluation and diagnostic testing are essential for correct diagnosis and management. Diagnostic tests are blood tests, EEG, CT scan etc.Only a Pediatric neurologist ca n help in diagnosing your child’s problem. See an experienced neurologist and discuss your concerns.
Avatar n tn If you didn't have the spine imaged, you should talk to your doc as MS can show up there too. Hypothyroidism can certainly be a cause of your symptoms. Once treated adequately, your symptoms may improve. Another test that may be helpful is an EMG to see if this a problem of your peripheral nerves. Laboratory workup such as ANA, sed rate, blood count and electrolye profile can also help rule out other potential problems such as lupus and other rheumatological disorders.
Avatar n tn puzzled the pediatric neurologist who said it was not uncommon for an infant to have a seizure but he had not seen a baby seize and have all his other life functions altered so dramatically as well. He then ordered a 24 -36 hour EEG in hopes of capturing an event while being monitored. After 40 hours of EEG monitoring and no apnea event, the baby was released.
Avatar n tn puzzled the pediatric neurologist who said it was not uncommon for an infant to have a seizure but he had not seen a baby seize and have all his other life functions altered so dramatically as well. He then ordered a 24 -36 hour EEG in hopes of capturing an event while being monitored. After 40 hours of EEG monitoring and no apnea event, the baby was released.
Avatar f tn Also, he appears to be sticking his tongue in and out a lot, and drools excessively (he is not teething yet). I read these can be symptoms of seizures in infants? Is this something I should be concerned about? Do I need to make an appointment with his pediatrician? Is there any chance of long term seizure problems?
Avatar n tn my daughter is 3 year old, she seizure if fever but doctor pescribed valporin syrup, on the another eeg report , their is no epliptic form says, but doctor says valporin syrups to be continuie till the age of 6 years. my question is she is epilipcy or not.
Avatar n tn two weeks ago my 11 month old daugher was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection when she had a fever of 105 with no other symptoms. Luckily we caught it early and the antibiotics took care of it. The thing that is really scaring me is the doctor said she wanted my daughter to come in for some tests to look at her kidneys via ultrasound, and also do a test which involves putting dye into her through a catheter and taking x rays.
Avatar f tn One challenge diagnostically is to discern seizure-like states from actual seizures in infants. The situation with your daughter does invite additional study.
419158 tn?1316575204 It definitely has the symptoms of a seizure! Unfortunately I have never seen one so small have a seizure, but my step daughter who is 3 has them.... and that is definitely the symptoms..... they arch or jerk and all muscles tighten.... they cannot speak or cry normally.... and it does last only a minute sometimes up to 3 but it seems like a life time when they are happening.......They dr said she has febrail seizures (sp).....
Avatar f tn In people with coeliac disease this immune reaction is triggered by gluten, a collective name for a type of protein found in the cereals wheat, rye and barley.It can occur at any age.There is some difference in symptoms in infants and adults. In babies, gut symptoms may develop after weaning onto gluten cereals. Other symptoms include muscle wasting in the arms and legs, a bloated tummy and irritability.
Avatar f tn i took my 16 week old daughter to a pedatrician cause she was having spells where she would be fine then she would stiffen up her arms jerk and she would shake causing her to become pale and sleepy she would cry after these episodes they look like seizures but when i took her he was determined it is reflux, she is a little sicky after feeds like most babies but nothing out or ordianary, she is eating like a little piggy no probs with feeding like it hurting her, i can't seem to find any connecti
Avatar n tn to her Pediatricain when they started happening, and after discussion she concluded that it didn't sound like a seizure and to keep an eye on her. It seem to stop for short periods, and then return, occuring often, several times a day for a few weeks and then stops again. She is otherwise healthy, developmentally on target. Is it possible that these episodes are seizures even though there is not the usual symptoms along with them? Can an MRI detect that seizures have occured after the fact?
Avatar n tn This is from What is it like? Here's a typical story: "At first I thought Chris was just having the little body jerks when he was moved or startled, like my other children had when they were infants. But then I knew something was wrong. The jerks became more violent, and his tiny body was thrust forward and his arms flew apart. They only lasted a few seconds but started to occur in groups lasting a few minutes.
1469703 tn?1372045076 I dont know what in my line of symptoms even comes close to a seizure. I dont seize, or jerk, or move any parts of my body when I get lightheaded. I also dont "stare" into space, or collapse to the ground. I dont understand why she didnt believe me when I told her that I had a CT scan on 9/3/2010 and was never told I was missing a piece of my brain. I dont know if this is completely the wrong forum for me to post in, but im extremely worried and stressed out.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a question about infants and siezure. My son roughly about 4.5 months old has several (7)myoclonic siezures. They last at the very most about 20 seconds, most were only 10 seconds. His siezures consist of rapid flicking of his tounge. And sometimes (not every siezure) very minimal movement of his mouth. These siezures started on 9/22. The last siezure that he had was on 9/24 @ 12:00 pm. We immediatley visited our pediatrician and he recommended that we see a neurologist.
163305 tn?1333672171 Jason David, a 35year-old single father from Modesto,showed up at Harborside in June 2011, desperately looking for a new treatment for his son. Jayden, now 5 1/2 has Dravet Syndrome, a severe, rare epilepsy sub-diagnosis that affects infants and children. When he was 4months old, he started having seizures. Anything could set them off, including laughing and playing. "When he'd see a bounce house,he'd get so happy he'd have a seizure.
Avatar m tn I am interested in the prognosis of other infants or young children that have survived an aneurysm through surgery. Any history or information you could share would be appreciated. He was admitted in hospital due to fever where aneurysm may have potentially ruptured,seized for 3 hours, lot of blood in his brain, went through coiling surgery, had 2 angioplasty to control cerebral vasospasm.
Avatar n tn Mobiles and Land Line Phones ringing Door Bell Ringing Infants crying Ambulance Sirens Aeroplane Noise Construction Noise Fire Crackers etc etc The doctors have no suggestion as to what needs to be done- however each time some sound disturbs her she has, what the doctor calls a small siezure which lasts for about 5 - 10 mins As no relief has been forthcoming for the last 7-8 months I would like to know if anyone in this forum is aware of such a problem and possible remedies.
Avatar n tn The jerking itself seems to occur spontaneously, but I have noticed shortly after waking, when tired, and when stimulated, especially with Mommy doing extensive tickling and giggling. My question is what is the eventual likely prognosis of such an event in an infants life? Should I expect full recovery with no lasting effects? Learning Disabilities? Possible ASD/Austim? Metal Retardation? In addition, is this a rare occurance?
Avatar f tn com WHAT IS SANDIFER'S SYNDROME? Sandifer's Syndrome is described as spastic ¹torticollis and ²dystonic body movements found in infants and children and associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Sandifer's syndrome is commonly mistaken for seizures but thankfully, has no neurological basis whatsoever. Usually you can tell the difference between Sandifer's and seizures as Sandifer's syndrome symptoms will generally appear after feeding time.
Avatar n tn Within the first month we noticed times when it appeared she was having a seizure--she would look to be asleep and then both arms would bend and go up and down. This happened a few times in her car seat in the car--once I couldn't get her to stop, although it didn't seem to be harming her any. Then we noticed that when she was going to sleep and I would pat her back she would do the same thing (her body would jerk alot)--occasionaly this would happen without me patting her.
1180882 tn?1264024298 This is all within a month time period, the first time they said it was viral and put her on amoxicillin for 7 days and we had to give her infants tylenol for her fever. We didn't think anything of it. Then she got another fever I took her to the doctor and her fever was gone but he saw an oncoming ear infection so again amoxicillin for 7 days then she went to another doctor around 4 days later because she was projectile puking and again amoxicillin.
Avatar m tn She had one very severe seizure a few months ago and has random eye twitiching were her eyes roll back in her head. which could be small seizures we have no idea whats wrong researching the internet is so hard there is so much information any suggestions or simularities would be appreciated please help us we just want her to be ok and are trying to care for her but its hard when doctors have been unable to diagnose!
Avatar m tn Still has the squinting/eyes rolling at times. And his upper body will tense, which may be a sign of seizure - that's what his therapist recently told us (he is followed by a developmental therapist because he is a little bit behind in speech). We are thinking about going to see an other neurologist, but not very worried. He tends to have these symptoms when tired at the end of the day, so may be normal. He is otherwise full of energy and making progress every day.
Avatar f tn I have a VERY hard time with this b/c my gut says it isn't a seizure. I mean I have had about ten doctors see him do these spells and when I would say "seizure" they said NO. Anyone dealt with this?????? I am worried sick. I did happen to get the last one on video if anyone thinks they could help me?!?
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250155 tn?1485299539 i've always figured that was what my problem was w/ google! :) i pretty much just google exactly how i would word a question i'm thinking of! i'm trying to find information on cases of siblings both with hyperinsulinism. and a few other questions about it, too. our youngest was born w/ it but it was cured by a partial pancreatectomy when she was 4 1/2 months old. at that time they told us (at CHOP) that they had never seen a case of siblings of the same family w/ it.
Avatar f tn Does your daughter show any kind of reflux symptoms? even mild? Does she show any kind of allergy symptoms sneezing, itchy nose, or nasal stuffiness? How about any kind of apnea that you can notice? Please keep in touch. Perhaps between the two of us we can figure this out!