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Avatar f tn Hi, age is no barrier for seizures; there are plenty of causes related with fits. Usually in adults or young people seizures are related with epilepsy or non epileptic like psychogenic seizures. “It can manifest as an alteration in mental state, tonic or clonic movements, convulsions, and various other psychic symptoms. It is caused by a temporary abnormal electrical activity of a group of brain cells.
Avatar f tn Believe me, I know what they are. I had an MRI for radiculopathy in my left leg, recently. I have a bulging disk in my back (and mild cervical spondylosis in my neck, last MRI , maybe 3 years ago) My Doctor had told me before that my reflexes were brisk, but no ankle reflexes. I have to see him every 3 months. That's a bit much don't you think? I don't know. All I know is that I get my reflexes tested every time I go in. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I was told that it was a hormonal imbalance and was given Dialantin and changed to Tegretol which has had me seizure free for 15 years. Last November I had a short episode and was fine afterward. This September I started having absence epilepsy. My doctor increased my Tegretol dose and they have stopped. I have read that it is very rare to start absence epilepsy in adulthood.
Avatar m tn She just had another seizure about a month ago when she was in the hospital due to a migrane. The neurologist said that he thought that was due to all of her medications that she is on. He put her on Depacot for seizures, we go back to the doctor in a week. He is only going to put her on the medication short term. I would suggest that she go to a neurologist and see what they say. I hope she feels better soon. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I too believe that there is a link between childhood Ritalin use and neurological disorders in adults such as epilepsy.
Avatar n tn Hello and welcome! In adults the choice of an antiepileptic drug depends on several factors like type of seizure, associated medical disorders and use of any medications etc.Dilantin,carbamezapine,valproate can be used in temporal lobe seizures.Topamax,keppra,lamotrigine can be used as add on drugs with medications mentioned above.Dilantin doesn’t cause depression but can cause decrease in renal function,headache,dizziness,confusion,double vision etc.
Avatar n tn Hello - I've just been diagnosed with Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy confirmed through MRI, CT Scan and presence of Hoffmann's sign. My symptoms began after a seizure in late 2004 (my first and only) while recovering from my second shunt revision within 1 year. Symptoms at first were very gradual but now progressing. Is there a possible cause/effect between the siezure and the myelopathy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn Every so ofton his head would tuck in and shake or jitter and he would make a sound like adults make when you have a chill up your back, his eyes go kinda kooky and this causes him to startle and do the Moro reflex, he dosent cry after but if he was playing before he will not go back to playing he just gets quiet and sucks his thumb.
Avatar f tn If the episodes occur fairly often, there is a good chance that an EEG can be done during one of his attacks to determine if, indeed, a seizure has occurred. How is he, learning-wise, in your class? Does he exhibit lags in his developmental parameters? Or does he exhibit normal intelligence? If there are signs or symptoms of learning difficulties, it could point to a neurodevelopmental disorder as well. His tingling sensations may be related to a peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar n tn i was also diagnosed with chiari in 2000 i had brain decompression surgery in 2001, since then i have not had any problems when it comes to balance control loss of vision severe lack of energy, up until the past year or so.
Avatar n tn Since being off the Adderall he's been in so much trouble in school and hasn't completed any school work in the past 3 days. He had another seizure this morning and I'm very worried. His Neurologist put him on a medication Zonisamide not reccommended for children under 12? He also ordered a 48 hr. Video EEG. This is all new and would like to hear if anyone has experienced anything like this?
Avatar f tn Sleep paralysis affects people of all ages though most common in teenagers and young adults, but they say it's not uncommon to experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in your life time.
911669 tn?1294102788 I told my MS Specialist because my PCP wanted me to and they did a sleep deprived EEG which cost me $700 dollars in coinsurance. If a Doctor thinks you may have seizure disorder they have to find out so they can tell the DMV who then can pull your license. It found nothing. I am not saying to not tell your MS Specialist in my case it was a waste of time except I am glad I did not lose my license. I bite my tongue and cheek and break teeth as part of the wrong signals of the MS.
1570846 tn?1295833227 we went to the er and said it was a seizure and to get in with pediatrician. im gonna call the ped and tell em i want her to go to the ns i just got done with.. what the heck is going on can anyone help. I am so scared i have passed this on to her.. she has been complaining that the back of her neck hurt. and she told me after what they said was a seizure that she fell on the playground on friday and hit her head on a hard pile of snow. so im really worried.
Avatar f tn He was also still lethargic and somewhat altered approximately 4 hrs post arrived to the ER. Since, He continued to question whether he had a GM Seizure or not and was still in a "Daze." He was sent for a catscan to rule out head injury and/or a possible brain tumor. Strangely, after so many hours had passed since arriving at the ER, he started throwing PVC clusters. They were occuring approximately every 15 minutes or so and he was oblivious to the alarm.
Avatar f tn my mom thinks it was an epileptic seizure that is triggered by pain but epilepsy usually occurs in infants and adults and I'm 16. also as i've been researching I haven't found anyone who has had seizures triggered by pain. the only time anything remotely close to this happened to me was when I was 4. my cat attacked my thumb and was bleeding so I passed out in my moms arms when she was trying to wash it out. My mom made an appointment at the doctors but it's not until march.
Avatar f tn If so, I would recommend that you see either a physiatrist (specializes in rehab medicine), a neurologist, or an orthopedist who treats adults with cp. If you have difficulty finding someone who specializes in cp, call a teaching hospital, talk with someone in a pediatric orthopedic office and ask if any of their doctors follow patients into adulthood. For example, our pedi ortho sees patients up to about age 30. If they don't, ask who in the community sees this group of patients.
Avatar f tn The question concerns a boy who shows seizure like ADHD symptoms which last a certain time and then completely resume. In good phases he can sit down and read a book for 30 minutes or work on school work, is nice to talk to, has behavior control. Once he is in the other stage he will make funny noises, talks like a maniac, can't sit still, loses all his manners, insults people, can't concentrate on anything, very sensitive to sounds, can't control himself.
Avatar f tn I am really nervous. Anyone else have a child with a seizure disorder or have a child who's had a seizure? Any advise?
Avatar n tn I was told by my son's mother that when she gets upset with me, that is a precipitating event to my son having a seizure. Furthermore she claims that they are emotionally connected so if she is angry with me then he naturally has a seizure.
Avatar n tn I have not been able to find any sources related to adults or in detail but have found this behavior to be reported in young children. Thx in advance for any information.
Avatar m tn My two week old is presently admitted at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. We came here after spending a night in the ER at a different hospital where we brought him in because he had a high-pitched cry, was lethargic and limp, pale and refusing to eat (he is exclusively breast fed), and then he gurgled up thick white curdled mucousy milk. (Lottie816- I noticed that his symptoms were the same as your daughters, which I found interesting.
Avatar n tn The Lyme disease spirochete...was detected in 12.9% of I. scapularis adults collected from domestic hosts with no history of out-of-province travel.... Moreover, our findings...reveal that people and domestic animals may be exposed to Lyme disease vector ticks, which have wide-ranging distribution in eastern and central Canada. For more information, see the Canadian Lyme Foundation, at www.canlyme.
Avatar m tn Our youngest daughter, who will be 8 in March, had a seizure induced by a fever in early November. The seizure lasted about a minute or less and she was convulsing and lost consciousness. I was shocked and scared because she had not had a febrile seizure since shortly before her third birthday. The only other seizure she had was at 15 months, and again, was a febrile seizure.
Avatar n tn She is now age 31 and seemed to be in excellent health until April 2008 when she had a grand mal seizure out of the blue. Since then, she's had approximately 10 more. Does anyone know of other adults diagnosed with seizure disorder that had Kawasaki as a child? Just seems like there might be some connection between the seizures and Kawasaki. My daughter went to the seizure clinic at Barnes hospital in St. Louis back in August for an extended EEG.
Avatar f tn SM - I keep reading this in different places. The rage doesn't look like a seizure - it looks like a temper tantrum, but somehow is related to seizure type activity within the brain. This isn't the case with normal temper tantrums that often seem to stem from a specific incident, these seizure-rages doesn't appear to have a very obvious cause.
Avatar n tn Cluster headache is a severe sharp pain that is more common in males, comes in episodes, often in the same time of the year, more commonly at night but also in the day, and is associated with eyelid droopiness, watery eye and runny nose. The pain is severe; treatment is with oxygen, calcium channel blockers, and other medications. Another cause of headaches that occur around the same time at night is hypnic headache. This typically occurs in older adults (60s).
1251152 tn?1269606444 The reason I want to share my story is I am prone to seizures and had no clue that w/d's would trigger one heck I didnt even think I had problem at such a low dose that is until my cousin's brother died of xanex overdose and he decided that he was going to a methadone clinic and he was the only one I was getting the pills from so I had to go cold turkey and that is when I realized I'm an addict plain and simple the withdrawls were hell on earth and thank god my seizure was mild but now I have