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401370 tn?1233328282 First of all, any officer of the law, in order to treat any inmate, has to be certified in CPR, First Aid, and alot of other procedures, and this is especially ONE of them! It's common in inmates who are detoxing cold turkey off of strong meds like morphine, and even worse on heroine!
Avatar m tn I carried him to the middle of the road and waited for the first vehicle to approch and said to call 911, still not breathing i carried him to side of road and went down to start first aid when he finally took a deep breath. Definatly lasted more than 1 minute, closer to 2. THE BIGGEST SCARE OF MY LIFE. Still crying thinking about what happened. Can anyone tell me what happened????
Avatar n tn Tom, our group's first aid guy, thought i might be going hyper, so got me to walk around the camp for a while and i felt better. i fell asleep without warning at about 6 pm and didn't wake up until 6 am - and then i woke up to my friend holding my hand and feeling my forehead. she said i had been shaking violently and she couldn't rouse me. i had no memory of what was going on and asked where i was, assuming i had fainted in a field or something.
Avatar f tn Be aware of the length of the seizure If possible, note the time that the seizure began, and how long it lasts. If it is the child’s first convulsive seizure, or if it lasts more than five minutes, call 911 or emergency services. Pay attention to the nature and the length of the seizure so you can give an accurate report. Step 4: Make your child as comfortable as possible Remove glasses so they do not break.
Avatar f tn I was motivated to post this question because I have just recently completed my Standard First Aid and CPR training. There, we learned about seizures, and I had never really thought about having one until now. My problem is that this happened about eight or nine years ago. I was about nine years old, and I had stayed up late on New Years. I was perfectly fine one minute, but the next, I had blacked out, lost my vision, and felt really, really hot.
Avatar m tn I was jogging with my dog, came back to have a shower and prepare the food, as soon as I shoved the spoon into my mouth for the second round, I go into euphoria. I get my first out of body experience, feeling light headed, unable to talk, unable to walk, weak, and a very very fast beating of a heart. I was rushed to the emergency dep by the local clinic, from there I recovered and walked out. I was never, ever the same ever again. I had a phobia of jogging.
1524811 tn?1333244901 asked for a band aid. My husband was standing beside her while I turned my back to open our first aid kit to get the band aid she had requested. 5 seconds later I turned around to her & saw that her face was extremely pale. She suddenly went limp, eyes rolled back in her head & she fell to the floor. THANK GOD my husband was there & caught her before she hit the ground. She suddenly started seizing!
Avatar n tn With help I walked to my car and was sitting in the passenger seat before the intense pain hit me. I knew what it was immediately. Sharp, Cutting pain, first day of my menstrual cycle. My color was completely drained by the time we got to the hospital. My temperature had dipped to 92 degrees and I was convulsing trying to keep warm. I teetered in and out of consciousness until, with the aid of heated blankets, my temperature began to rise.
393986 tn?1303829575 A variant of the experience, common to many people who do not have epilepsy, is the sudden jerk of a foot during sleep. First aid is usually not needed, however, a person having a myoclonic seizure for the first time should receive a thorough medical evaluation. I don't jerk around with them, I tremble from the pain of them, sometimes I feel like I have a bobble head, a tremor but I don't lose consciousness with these. I dont understand where they come up with these at all!
Avatar n tn I QUIT C/T AND I AM OCVER 4 MONTHS CLEAN. WONT LIE TO YOU THAT FIRST WEEK WAS HELL. i could nothave worked..i did have a job but i took of. after a week it was not all roses for sure, but i felt like i might live. and i did. the thomas recipe will hlp you alot.. its in the health pages on this site. also epson salt in a hot hot bath saved me.. eat lots of bananas for potassium and immodium ad. good luck if i can help you in anyway let me know.
Avatar n tn Challenge me anytime though with caring and humility and I will try to do the same. I went to my first meeting. Relay enjoyed it...Now got some reading to my "big book". See my question above plz..thank you! Peace to you all1!
Avatar n tn I had Epilepsy diagnosed and my first seizure at age 30 - my social life improved. I cared more about what my life and work was doing to me. My guess is that any beer or alcohol is hirting your son. An average seizure is over in within 5", though mine are longer. There is info on first aid for epilepsy. Definitely if he falls protect his head against anything hard or sharp. During or after a seizure he may have mucus which can be relieved by turning him to the side.
Avatar m tn Hi my recently 9 year old Border Terrier had his first seizures 2 days ago. He was completely fine before hand and then on the night of the 3rd he had 4 seizures about an hour apart from each. I took him to the vet first thing in the morning and he put him on diazepam 10mg twice a day, and a 5 mg dose of a digestion aid, (I think for him to not experience too much stomach upset on the meds).
Avatar m tn Initially researched and marketed as an antidepressant, bupropion was subsequently found to be effective as a smoking cessation aid. In 2007 it was the fourth-most prescribed antidepressant in the United States retail market, with 20.184 million retail prescriptions. Bupropion lowers seizure threshold and its potential to cause seizures was widely publicized. However, at the recommended dose the risk of seizures is comparable to that observed for other antidepressants.
Avatar n tn I sympathise with you. My son was allergic to milk and woke up lots and lots of times too. He would shake and would have night terrors. No one ever found out why though. You must be exhausted. Check yourself out at the docs so you don't become ill too. Lack of sleep will cause you problems. Has your daughter been checked out for neurological disorders?
Avatar n tn My fiance has had four seizures in the past 7 weeks, after having NO medical problems whatsoever in her life time. The first two were within one day of completing her period--exactly four weeks. The third happened exactly two weeks later on Christmas Eve, and the fourth exactly one week later on New Years Eve. After the second seizure, and while taking Keppra (just increased from a 250 to 500 mg dose on NYE), she has been complaining of extremely frequent hypnic twitches in her feet.
Avatar n tn I once had to do that at midnight, and the on-call vet for that night met me at the regular surgery at a specified time. I do not know the first-aid for this. But I would keep him as calm as you can, and reassured while you are waiting for the vet. Hopefully someone else will post who really knows about this...
Avatar m tn I probably averaged about one of these every three weeks until 2 weeks ago I had a full on seizure while taking a first aid course of all things. I was told I didn't breathe for a period of time and convulsed violently for about a minute of so. I was brought to hospital where I was given a cat scan, am mri, and an eeg. I was told that the eeg showed irregular activity and that the mri showed no sign of tumor.
Avatar f tn I may have had a few mild strokes since my attack. Are there any first aid things I can do, like take asprin, if I'm afraid I'm having a stroke? Also, I've had two brain MRIs, will a TBI specialist be more apt to find the cause of my symptoms than an MS Neurologist (we thought at the time it was MS because of the numbness issues.) Also, if I'm having seizures, is this possibly epilepsy? I've been referred from a Neurologist to a TBI specialist and Epileptologist. Thank you for any insight!
Avatar f tn This is my second attempt to post. The first attempt is nowhere to be found. Two weeks after double mastectomy and reconstruction with expanders, I have developed terrible hyper sensitive skin under arms and chest. Clothes are unbearable. The doctors make light of it, saying it "shound go away." When? I was never warned about this. It is debillating. Is this a normal reaction to cut nerves, and how long will it take to subside? Someone recommened Gabapentin.
Avatar f tn ok...the other night i have having sexual intercourse when this happened, my partner said "all your muscles tensed at first, then you had violent convulsions for about 3 minutes, you rolled on your side and just twitched now and then until i fell asleep" ... now for the last few years i have had these fits of deja vu that happen about once a month where when i have the deja vu it makes me physically sick to my stomache...
Avatar m tn Do you have copies of any of the reports from the MRIs or CTs? Or the EEGs? There are first aid protocols for the seizures - you should learn them - ask the nurses about what to do (don't put anything in his mouth) but basically you can leave him alone unless he vomits and then you should turn him on the side so he does not choke. Epilepsy has many medications to control it but it really depends on the type and location of the brain tumor for treatment of that.
Avatar n tn If not please do call your neuro they need to know when you have experienced a certain type of seizure. It can help aid them in your diagnosis and make treatment start sooner. Alcohol CAN make this situation worse stop drinking and call your doc! Good Luck.
Avatar f tn She was born with Congenital Heart Disease and underwent several surgeries her first year of life. By age 4 her tantrums were monumental. We pulled her out of preschool (she would cry the ENTIRE time) and started seeing a child psychologist. By kindergarten she had such sever separation anxiety that we would have to drop her off at the principals office, and the school would have an aid stay with her until she calmed down. This went on almost the entire year.
Avatar n tn I am searching for answers for my husband. He recently had a seizure in his sleep and his MRI shows lesions suggestive of MS. He had some vertigo this past summer but other than that all neurological functions are normal. He has no headaches, vision problems, fatique or anything else along those lines. His blood work is negative for lyme, cbc is normal etc. His ANA was elevated at 1:160 but no one thinks he has lupus based on this.
Avatar n tn he a half hour late and only saw me fifteen min. this was my second appointment with him ever. 2 weeks ago, on our first appointment he prescribed 100mg of WELLBUTRIN. he said take 1 a day for one week, then 2 in morn. then 1 in evening. as soon as i started the 2 in the morn, i started to get dizzy, upset stomach, headache, jittery. sunday, i only took one due to i couldnt contact him, and didnt wanna just stop.
Avatar n tn - that one of the steps of providing first aid for someone who's having a 'tonic clonic seizure' (old name 'grand mal seizure') is to NOT put anything in the person's mouth; …then you are not up-to-date about the medical conditions pertaining to seizure and epilepsy.
Avatar n tn My son who is 8 1/2 months old was diagnosed with Sandifer's in January 2001. In September of 2000 he had his first "seizure". After going through a complete neurological workup (everything was normal) it was suggested that he see a ped gastro Doc. He was never placed on any seizure meds. Looking back on everything I wonder why the Docs never picked up on the fact that these "seizures" only happened when he was drinking his bottle.
5100711 tn?1363617525 Epilepsy is probably THE most common genetically-passed-on problem in the dog world. Normally, the first seizure will occur between the ages of 18 and 24 months. As Ellen has already said, stress is a HUGE trigger, and being put under anesthesia and undergoing a spay is considered a major stress, so it's not surprising that she had a seizure when she did.
Avatar n tn I did not taper my dosage because I simply ran out 4 days ago.I took 2 sominex pills the first night and got some sleep,felt aweful the next day so tried herbal sleeping next night,no sleep at all,1 sominex the next night,a little sleep,nyquil the next,a little sleep,did not sleep at all last night.