Febrile seizure first aid

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172023 tn?1334675884 It was a condition of his release from the hospital that no one watched our son that was not trained in CPR...so we all took a class at the hospital. I have since been trained in CPR and First Aid through a job I had....and my mom is a respitory therapist and an EMT and lives about 50 yards from me, so in a major emergency I could get to her so she could help with CPR or whatever I needed.
Avatar f tn 105? Are they waiting for him to have a febrile seizure? tired gave you good advice. Don't worry if he doesn't want to eat, but make sure he is getting plenty of fluids. Try some pedialyte and tepid baths. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I first experienced this weird sensation when i was a child and had a bad fever/illness in bed. Suddenly my entire surroundings in my bedroom became very intense and everything around me became fast and almost louder in my mind, although they weren't in reality. Ever since then i sometimes (about once every few months) experience this odd sensation and it can become a bit worrying and strange.
503727 tn?1210442710 I too have had all the various workups for my health and am otherwise fine. I took xanax, and the first pill worked fine then after that they didn't work anymore Now i've started prozac and I feel even worse, everytime I stand up I get the feeling im going to black out. Hopefully this will go away soon. I feel like my life is over, like I will never have it back and I am just destined to lie in a bed all the time worried about everything and be dizzy.