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412409 tn?1212108961 My mother had petit mals, and I work with a population of people where seizure disorders are quite prevelant. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I'm sure this is likely a fluke, but as I was teaching class last week, my eyes locked in a double vision format. I quietly slipped out of the classroom (we were analyzing a movie) and I noticed the double vision increasing. I kept feeling faint -- and certainly didn't wish to alarm anyone, so I managed to make it to a colleagues office and had him call 911. By the time security and the ambulance arrived, the episode past and I felt foolish.
Avatar m tn The teachers are ill-equiped to have these students in a regular classroom and yet they need to be around other kids and learn to mix, make friendships etc, which home schooling doesn't provide. Would appreciate hearing any comments you might havve.
Avatar n tn It broke my heart to see him get pulled out of his normal classroom and into a classroom that only has kids that have behavior problems, but I realize now that this was the best thing for Micah. His classroom is small only 4 other students, has the time out room located in the classroom, they have there own bathroom in the classroom, so he doesn’t have to be out in the hall ways much.
Avatar f tn A commonly overlooked cause of ADHD behavior is the absence seizure. During an absence seizure, the brain's normal activity shuts down. The child stares blankly, sometimes rotates his eyes upward, and occasionally blinks or jerks repetitively, he drops objects from his hand, and there may be some mild involuntary movements known as automatisms. The attack lasts for a few seconds and then it is over as rapidly as it begins.
Avatar f tn ADHD is neural disorder just as seizure disorders. Both affect the brain but in different ways. With ADHD there in not enough neural activity in the frontal cortex; but with seizures there is too much neural activiy all over the brain. I wish both you and Valetta the best of luck with your children.
Avatar f tn He suggested that we go to the head pediatric neurologist in the region who was dedicated to childhood seizure disorders. Between the pediatric neurologist and our GP, they formulated a great plan and my son got the treatment that he needed. (Actually, I think my wife and I got the treatment we needed...) We were informed of what the treatment was going to consist of, and any potential side affects. 10 years later, our son is seizure free.
Avatar f tn But there are plenty of reasons why babies can be born addicted to RX drugs and still be sent home with mom. Medications for seizure disorders, chronic pain etc can all cause problems in the newborn. In my experience communication is the key. Most social workers want children to stay with their parents and they'll work with you to find a way to make it happen.
15480 tn?1302533402 She never stopped breathing just labored breathing and her seizure was not a shaking seizure but a eyes rolling limp seizure.... We learned CPR right after that and it did happen again and you know what I did - I ran out of the house screaming for help from the mailman. CPR is uselss on your own child.
Avatar f tn The medicine really changed my boy and now he is on medicines for his seizures since 2006 and they have not worked and on June 26th this year he had the VNS put in and still waiting to see if that helps with hopes to get him of some of his seizure medicine witch also has side effects. I also added omega 3 and b6 to try and help him.
Avatar f tn Did they tell you what was the reason for your high blood pressure? High BP in people of your age group can be due to kidney problems, hormonal disorders, some medications like steroids and oral contraceptives, overconsumption of alcohol. You need to take regular medications to control your BP and do regular monitoring of BP.The underlying cause of your high BP at this age has to be identified. Please wait and see if something comes up in your ECG examination.
1548028 tn?1324616046 Some kids that have Other Health Impairment (OHI) need very few accommodations in the regular education classroom other than some tips that the neuropsychologist suggests. Some kids fall under even less services (504) with almost no stigma(many kids have this service but have some educational accommodations needed for their success. If you think your child may need these services, there are several routes you can take.
Avatar n tn She has settled down in the classroom, but when she out of the classroom with her old friend who is a bully she follows the crowd. She comes home and yells at us,is withdrawn, and tries to bully us. Just this week she is suspended for 3 days. Starting tomorrow she will be home with me. I plan on making her do chores she hates, no internet, tv,music ot anything important to her.
Avatar n tn An intense feeling of fear can sometimes be related to a seizure, although your story does not support this theory a lot, but an EEG might be a useful test to get, especially if you have this feeling during the EEG. Ask your doctor about these tests or a referral to a dizzy doctor, you will never look back!
Avatar n tn There are different types of learning disability, including academic skills disorders, developmental language and speech disorders, coordination disorders, etc. There is no apparent single cause of learning disabilities. We know that the general cause involves problems (sometimes quite subtle) in the structures and functions of the brain. Can these be inherited? Yes, it's possible. Can the problems occur during pregnancy or delivery? Again, it is possible.
Avatar n tn There are different types of learning disability, including academic skills disorders, developmental language and speech disorders, coordination disorders, etc. There is no apparent single cause of learning disabilities. We know that the general cause involves problems (sometimes quite subtle) in the structures and functions of the brain. Can these be inherited? Yes, it's possible. Can the problems occur during pregnancy or delivery? Again, it is possible.
Avatar m tn //www.neuroophthalmology.
Avatar n tn He went through 4 different classes before he landed into his new classroom. Which is the behavior modification classroom. He got suspended 2 weeks ago for blacking his principal's eye while they restrained him. The school has had to restrain him, they have had me come pick him up and the list goes on. Seems nothing has clicked with him just yet. That's where we are this school year. Summer he is more controllable he is with me because the last few day cares kicked him out.
Avatar f tn This year she started school and her teacher rang me to say he doesnt think she is her usual self, falling asleep on the classroom floor and dazed and confused a lot. This then lead to seizure activity and the Epilepsy diagnosis and then of course on to my original post with the swollen node behind her ear, the blood work and the ultrasound girl comes home from school sleeps straight away, if she runs around for a bit she pays for it straight after and has to lie down and sleep.
Avatar f tn I teach medically fragile children. My classroom consists of children with all sorts of disabilities. My class is in between two autistic pre-k's, and also close to 2 ebd (emotionally and behaviorally disabled) classrooms. I can tell you the hardest thing is to be around so many different disabilities and behaviors and to also be a first time mom. The disability doesn't ruin the child, I'll be the first to tell you that.
Avatar n tn Not due to a physical disorder ( e.g Diabetes , urinary tract infections , seizure disorders .. etc ) It is a developmental/behavioral problem , and seeking professional help ( with a developmental-behavioral specialist ) is recommended . Your pediatrician will be responsible for the appropriate diagnosis and referals if there is any physical problem .
Avatar m tn If you want to see the diagnostic criteria for autistic spectrum disorders google DSM IV Autism (or Aspergers). He sounds okay to me. Sometimes it is hard when concerns have been raised, but you just have to wait and see how he develops. The main things to look for are difficulties with speech and communication. Is he at the same level as his peers, is he using language to interact or just to get what he wants/needs.
Avatar n tn Finally more and more articles began appearing linking Welbutrin to seizures and the DMV in a closed door meeting reinstated my driving license.By then they had had three other seizure cases indicating this drug. Sorry to go on and on but I want everyone to know what a serious problem this can be.
Avatar f tn It was the scariest moment of my life. Since he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, and then they recanted by saying that he is always sick when they happen so they must be febrile. IDK. I do know that since the first one I have always felt like they were missing something neurological. Here is my concerns about a spectrum diagnois. He talked early, his motor skills have always been okay (although he did walk on his tip-toes for a while...
190559 tn?1280615967 The treatment forces your body into a grand mal seizure and can affect memory, cognitive function, and learning in the short term. Our daughter has displayed symptoms of both mild hyperthyroid and extreme hypothyroid states over the past several months, sometimes even fluctuating over a few hours or days. This fluctuation has also shown up on thyroid blood tests both in Philadelphia and Milwaukee, but so far she has not had a full thyroid panel done.
Avatar n tn I really don't have a question here, but rather want to let some of the others who have posted here know that there are other disorders etc. which have similar symptoms that they have posted of. I also have been seeing a neurologist for approx. 2 1/2 years and being treated for MS, though I am undiagnosed with MS at this time. My MRI's have been clear of visual lesions.
Avatar f tn Hi all, This is a long post but I hope it's helpful. Do keep in mind that it's all based on my personal experience; I'm not a doctor or expert in this at all. I'm a 24 year old woman and I've had the hand-flapping habit my entire life. I'm otherwise normal-- I went to an Ivy League college, did very well, and I've just started a PhD in biology at another Ivy League college.
Avatar n tn I have been tested for Crohn's disease, Addisons, and a huge amount of other disorders and illnesses. My doctors guessed I had IBS and Fibromyalgia. I have since tried a variety of medications for Fibro and am now off everything and I am having no pain, but me food allergies keep getting worse, no matter how many pills I take or acupunctures I get. Does anyone know about studies done about sudden adult onset of allergies?
Avatar f tn She has been thrown out of every classroom she has been in and her parents get daily phone calls from teachers, school staff ect. They call to ask us what they should do and all I can tell them is to put a camera in her and the other childrens room, let her know that you can see and are recording everything she does and hope that works for awhile. Their strength is in their lies.