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620923 tn?1452919248 // Link for Tethered cord symptoms- Link for Syringomyelia symptoms-
Avatar n tn Is it common that an Alcholic also has mental disorders such as BiPolor, Anger issues, or Schitzo...........? What are the symptoms of Bi Polor?
Avatar n tn -How old is she now? -is there any history of seizure disorders or congenital anomalies in the family? -are there any remarkable circumstances surrounding her birth i.e. premature rupture of membrane -any recent infections,head injuries ? -how is your niece's level of development? Are her motor and social skills at par with others of her age? -any muscular spasms or loss of consciousness associated with the episodes?
Avatar f tn I began having episodes of what the doctors are now calling "Seizure Like Activity" on September 14th 2008. I have had an MRI both with and without contrast along with an EEG, all were negative. They have tried me on ativan, and several other medications; including neurontin. The medications lessen the severity of the "SLA's" but so far nothing has stopped them. They range from very mild to very severe with both tonic and clonic movements.
Avatar f tn Hi - I'm sorry about your daughter's fall! I hope she's feeling better! Because you may be dealing with a medical emergency here, we urge you to please call 911 or go to take your daughter to your nearest emergency room. Although we have many knowledgeable members here, she needs to be thoroughly evaluated by a physician to determine the cause of her reaction to the fall. Please let us know how she's doing!
1653487 tn?1303527762 I have not made an appointment as of yet to see an epileptologist because so far my neurologist has been really great and very informative. He doesn't specialize in epilepsy but he does see a ton of patients with seizure disorders. I am so far confident in his abilities but am not totally closed off to seeing a specialist. I will keep my head high and stay strong... Again, thank you!!!
Avatar n tn We try to stick to a schedule everyday but as you know sometimes schedules change and she does not like that. We have tried almost every seizure med and SSRI with no decent results. It has been trial and error this whole time leaving us with a laundry list of meds that did not work.
Avatar f tn However there is potential connection as both can be the result of underlying autoimmune disorders. My family has a long list of autoimmune disorders.
Avatar n tn She has no memory of anything from the time we told her to shut her alarm off and the time the paramedics were here. Her Doctor said it was possibley a seizure, That makes me ask how ? He told me it could be a possible delayed birth defect from her being born a premature infant? but 15 yrs delayed? hmmm makes me wonder she's been healthy 0 defects all of her 15 yrs and suddenly a seizure? Any ideas out there?
7948950 tn?1421656329 Its weird because I feel like it shouldn't be so serious, but if I move my head in the wrong direction, I'll pass out and start having seizures and my bones will dislocate which isn't very pleasant, and I won't be able to breathe... the list goes on. I can't even bowl or ice skate, or walk or do anything anymore without something happening it seems. Even eating is a hassle because my throat might start convulsing or I'll have problems swallowing etc.
Avatar m tn Could this be an infection which cause me to have this seizure or whatever it was or could it be epilepsy? The other thing is I have a bruise/rash on my abdomen (lower right) which has been there for 2 months and has not gone. My doctor referred to this as purpura and seemed concerned when I showed her but I've not got my blood tests back yet.
1223598 tn?1289972059 My allergy made me twitch and seizure every time I took a swig. Back in the day, (I’ve been in sobriety for two months, and hell yess I celebrated, the sober way!) I was capable of getting completely smashed off of only two sips of seven percent cider. I used it as a bragging right of course, because I only drank to get drunk, which means completely immobile and walking like a retard and performing embarrassing stunts in which I am surprised I am still alive to this day.
Avatar f tn The large-scale Nurses' Health Study done by Harvard Medical School researchers discovered that women who ate at least two portions of low-fat dairy foods were 85% more likely to experience ovulatory disorders Numerous studies have indicated that seminal oxidative stress has a very significant negative effect on male fertility.
Avatar f tn Seizure disorders don't usually cause retina problems. Some anti-seizure medications can affect the eye including difficulty focusing, blurring, difficulty with reading. Ask the retina surgeon when you go in about that and take a current list of medications for the Eye MD to see.
1384518 tn?1279468520 have long list of symptoms including swollen lymph glands (previous biopsy no lymphoma), no infection of any sort. symptoms come and go but come and stay now. also have seizure history, several mental disorders diagnosed in early twenties, am now 41. findings on mri (by the way I have not seen the dr yet re findings) I went directly to imaging center and picked up my tests.
Avatar f tn The next morning she went to another ER and was given anti-seizure medications, which cleared it up immediately. She has been kept on the medicines for two years, though she is working with her doctor to decrease the amounts and eventually wean off of them. She understandably still wonders why this happens. She did not experience anything like a seizure prior to this experience.
Avatar m tn If you go to see all in the ask the doctor forum there is a section for Children's Neurology and if you click that it will take you to Seizure Disorders. Just select what you have already typed here and Copy and Paste it to the Seizure Disorder area. I hope that you are able to get some help for your child...I have had seizure myself and they can be very scary but they can also be controlled with medication as a rule.
Avatar n tn // U have to do research to find a pediatric dr as well as a chiari specialist...this list may not have what or whom u need as it is not a referral, but a list of the members drs they have been to and liked, and this should aid in ur research. I know u r afraid, but keep asking questions, as that is how u will learn and how we can offer the info to help.
Avatar n tn I agree with the workup thus far, including the neurology referral and seizure specialists. It seems that the majority of organic disorders have been ruled out, and I cannot think of further tests that can be done. Another neurology referral can be sought at an academic medical center. If the tests continue to be negative, I continue to recommend a psychiatric referral. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn A complete neurological examiantion and further diagnostics such as EEG will help rule out seizure disorders. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Apart for fibromyalgia, the symptoms can be due to a mini stroke or transient ischemic attack, compression of spinal nerves, Vit B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, anemia, vaso-vagal attack, anemia, lupus and other autoimmune disorders, heavy metal poisoning, multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism, diabetes and panic attack. It can also be a type of seizure. If there is a headache then it can be benign intracranial hypertension too. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari Community :) I find that all my symptoms cycle and can last for days or weeks, weather seems to influence this as well. Most here have been told our HA are migraine or tension headaches, even after a DX of Chiari.
Avatar n tn Have you been any drugs before which you have recently stopped? (Drug induced movement disorder). It can also be tic disorder or TIA. Epilepsy or seizure disorders can present with similar symptoms. You should be seeing Neurologist at earliest to rule out pathological state. Bye.
Avatar f tn His Dr has him on Dilatin, not sure if I spelled that right. It does come with a very long list off possible side effects and drug interactions. He still has occasional seizures even though he's on this med. They seem to happen if he has'nt had enough sleep or is very stressed. I'm going to the Dr with him on Monday for his regular checkup and med refill and I'm going to let his Dr know that he does still have seizures sometimes. I'm wondering if he may be on the wrong med.
612876 tn?1355518095 If it still doesn't meet your needs after we launch, please write back and let us know what is missing. 2. We do have a seizure tracker on the list of to-do's. We'll let you know when it's available. 3. Allowing members to add different medications to various trackers is definitely a little more difficult to add. In the future, we'd like to aggregate the information across trackers, so our members can see what medications and treatments worked and what didn't.
Avatar f tn Differential considerations include demyelinating disorders including multiple sclerosis. Recommend further evaluation with MRI with contrast if demyelinating process is unknown for further characterization and exclude additional etiologies." Any help would be so greatly appreciated. I'm so confused. I know and fully accept that only my doctor can tell me exactly what this means for me, but in the meantime I could really use at least some vague direction if someone could be so kind.
277174 tn?1189851979 Medical conditions, seizure disorder, herniated disc repai, nausea vomiting, unexplained pain beh, behind eyes, would like to get be, get better A little about me:I am a 42 yr old female with lots of health problems that have been hard to diagnose and some are unusual for my life consists of taking pills, undergoing medical tests and procedures trying to find the root of the problems, recently its been nausea and vomiting for 18 months.
Avatar n tn I have been on Keppra and Lamotrigene for many months for seizures. No problem with seizure meds but began having terrible oder issues ,everything smells horrible - skin, food , lotions, shampoos etc. Could this be interaction with these meds . ?
Avatar m tn There are several metabolic disorders that can present with carnitine deficiency including mitochondrial disorders, disorders of amino acid metabolism, disorders in the urea cycle, and other errors of inborn metabolism. Problems in the liver can also affect carnitine metabolism Dietary deficiencies in carntine can also lead to carnitine deficiency. Certain vegetarian diets can lead to deficiency, but well-balanced vegetarian diets may not necessarily.