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Avatar n tn You would want to be very sure that this diagnosis is correct before you proceed to eliminate a whole variety of foods and medicines that contain sulfite preservatives. Also, albuterol is available in a preservative-free form – I suggest that you check with your pharmacist on this. Primatene mist is not a very effective medicine. Oximetry with a saturation of 86 to 87% is on the borderline of indications for the continuous oxygen.
Avatar f tn Albuterol created a vocal cord problem. Now been put on Flovent Diskus 100mgc and continue the Albuterol. Question, do the Flovent and Advair have the fluticasone propionate ingredient in common? Tonight will be my 1st use of the Flovent. Concerned that I may have a mitral valve problem plus the emphysema. My symptoms of attack are severe shortness of breath, high heart rate, and the immediate need to urinate. Does anyone have anything similar to this?
Avatar f tn Been diagnosed with non allergic rhinitis, feline dander, housedust etc allergies. Also diagnosed with excercise induced asthma in the 90's. About a month ago wheezing. Doctor has me on 50mcg fluticasone/salmeterol powder am and pm,plus albuterol every 4 hrs. I haven't been using rescue every 4 hrs. When I talk I start coughing and choking and have to spit. What is going on with treatment?
1425157 tn?1311651679 you have to weigh out the benefits and what is more acute and has to be dealt with and not getting enough air to me take priority over an occasional fast heart however you want to make sure that the doc has okayed you to take an aspirin if you are going thru this to ward off the threat of clotting....good know i after getting the okay from the doc threw my inhalers away....just don't do it until the doc tells you to or gives you something else in its place.....
Avatar f tn s recommendation that you discontinue the Advair™ Diskus® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Powder and substitute regular daily doses of albuterol was inappropriate and wrong. It is not consistent with the national guidelines for asthma treatment. The elevated residual volume is consistent with sub-optimally controlled asthma.
1679876 tn?1304743615 s the salmeterol that could trigger some quick heart beats since the other med is a steroid. I use albuterol for my asthma and it does cause my heart to beat more quickly for about 10 minutes. Then it eases off but it's quite normal for that particular medication. As for interactions, when you got your Advair, didn't the pharmacist go over the instructions and potential problems with you? And they usually ask what other meds you're taking.
Avatar f tn ve become hypersensitive to any and all drugs!! Everything from Prilosec to Tagament. From vitamins to digestive enzymes. From Albuterol Sulfate (in nebulizer) to Singulair. Everything that I ingest in pill form or inhale (chemically) results in a SEVERE allergic reaction or SEVERE adverse reactions!! I've learned to combat the GERD by controlling my diet and eating more raw foods seems to do the trick. BUT my asthma really concerns me.
Avatar n tn Thus, when an asthmatic attack is precipatated after the albuterol, you are in a 911 situation and the time between an attack and death from respiratory arrest and death can sometimes be measured in minutes. "More albuterol" won't work. Your son will need intravenous medications and likly endotracheal intubation. There are alternative medications that still alow for the albuterol to be "held in reserve".
Avatar m tn m 40 years old. In Autumn and Winter it increases and in Spring and Summer it tends to slow down or disappear for a while. Recently I had to go to the Hospital because the VENTILAN aerosol was not producing any effect. There they gave my a prescription for an asthma control medicine named here in Portugal MAIZAR (50µg Salmeterol/250µg Fluticasona Propionate) which I'm taking twice a day with excellent results. I believe this medicine is also known as ADVAIR in other countries.
Avatar f tn To my knowledge Advair® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) has not been linked to strokes. Have you heard anything about this in the lay press?
Avatar m tn I take Advair, (Fluticasone propionate / Salmeterol) once a daily inhaled. My asthma is not controlled without Advair, but is stable with one dose daily. I would like to take Harmine alkaloids (Harmine, Harmaline), but I'm not sure if Salmeterol is safe to take with Harmine alkaloids as they are MAOI (reversible MAOI however) are they safe to combine? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Advair™ Diskus® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Powder contains 2 medicines. The inhaled steroid Flovent® (fluticasone propionate) has a half life of around 5 hours, so it would be totally out of your system in a few days. The inhaled long-acting bronchodilator Serevent® (salmeterol) has a similar half life, so it would be totally out of your system after 5 days. When steroid side effects occur, they may linger for weeks or even months after the medicine has been stopped.
Avatar f tn While it is known that high doses, much higher than Advair™ Diskus® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Powder 500/50, of long-acting bronchodilator medicines, such as the Serevent® (salmeterol) in Advair™ Diskus® (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Powder, can cause abnormal heart rhythms, this is rare.
Avatar n tn It is also possible that some of the symptoms you describe, such as headache, shakes, racing heart, were caused by the other ingredient in Advair® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) called Serevent® (salmeterol). Many of the symptoms you describe occur with panic attacks and are relieved by leading a healthy life style. If that alone doesn't control the panic attacks, there is good, effective medicine for treatment of panic and you should request it from your doctor.
Avatar m tn I take Spiriva Respimat (tiotropium bromide) 2.5 mcg/actuation, and Wixela (fluticasone propionate salmeterol inhalation powder) for my COPD. Is there a sequence I should be taking these meds in? Is there a time frame I should use between the two meds?
Avatar f tn I have arrhythmias and do use albuterol for my asthma. Albuterol is an adrenergic medication. It acts similarly to adrenalin on the body. When using an inhaler, you'll probably have a slightly accelerated heart rate and feel your heart beating (palpitations) for about 10-15 minutes. You mentioned a machine. Are you using a nebulizer at home? Again, albuterol is usually used in the nebulizer and it takes about 15 minutes to finish the breathing treatment.
Avatar m tn Gotcha. I was told salmeterol is in the same class of drug as albuterol, but hadn't realised the long acting forms are not used as relievers. A pharmacist recommended I have albuterol on hand in the first place, whether or not I'd been diagnosed with asthma. I'll ask him, and also my doctor, about using it if symptoms flare despite advair/seretide (which is working great in general).
Avatar n tn Spiriva® HandiHaler® (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is one and Serevent® Inhalation Aerosol (salmeterol xinafoate) another. Each is a bronchodilator and capable of giving good relief of shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn My husband who is 61 has AFIB. He takes albuterol and advair when needed. Are any of these drugs dangers with his AFIB?
Avatar n tn hi, my question is can we mix albuterol, ipratropium, pulmacort together and the order is give these medication together by nebulizer.
Avatar n tn Yes, but your comments said that the warning was on the ICS component. It isn't. It is on the LABA component only. To quote you, "I am wary of inhaled steroids because I have had serious side effect that were worse than the ailment it was supposed to treat. So if you are prescribed something like that, ask if there are alternatives. The FDA sent out warning a year ago about inhaled steroids.
Avatar n tn I have moderate COPD and am doing well on Duoneb (an nebulizing combination that contains albuterol) and an antihistamine. As for anything else I depend on natural supplements - vitamin B5, mullein extract, and MSM. I breathe more easily now than I have in two years. (Also Advair resulted in adrenal fatigue which I am now recovering from.
Avatar n tn You and he/she will have to resort to other preparations, to include a different inhaled steroid, such as Flovent® HFA Inhalation Aerosol (fluticasone propionate), either alone or in combination with a long-acting bronchodilator, like Serevent® Inhalation Aerosol (salmeterol xinafoate) or Foradil® Aerolizer™ (formoterol fumarate inhalation powder), such a combination being either Advair® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol or Symbicort® (budesonide/formoterol fumarat
Avatar m tn There are reliever inhalers which work for up to 12 hours after taking each dose. They include salmeterol (brand name Serevent) and formoterol (brand name Atimos). Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
Avatar f tn A careful nasal examination, Allergen-specific testing includes Skin testing, Serum tests for allergy, Allergen challenge and as well as Evaluation for concurrent conditions like Sinusitis and Asthma (pulmonary function tests) is necessary and it directs further steps for management. You need to avoid the exposure by covering nose with a cloth, whenever you are exposed to inhalants.
Avatar n tn Seretide contains salmeterol and a corticosteroid. It is also known as Advair. This is a very nasty medication which almost killed me. I still use an albuterol nebulizer and antihistamines. I have added natural anti-inflammatories. These are vitamin B5, mullein extract and MSM. My breathing has actually improved since I am off that junk, and my sinus headaches are a thing of the past. (Vitamin B5 is also a mucolytic, or mucus thinner.