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Avatar f tn Other than that it can be due to pinched cervical spinal nerves, clot in a blood vessel, localized dermatitis or even dandruff. Peripheral neuropathy as in diabetes too could be a cause. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
587778 tn?1261397118 3 weeks ago my 16 year old daughter had a bad reaction to the fumes that her art supplies produced. She was treated for asthma in the ER and sent home with an albuterol inhaler and prednisone. Within a few days, she was hospitalized due to a severe reaction to the prednisone and albuterol. She will never be able to take any medication with a steroid. Since then, she has had exercise and cold induced attacks.
435139 tn?1255460391 even walking from one room to another is a huge toll on me...I read that albuterol is a class C drug and has not been studied in pregnancy in animals is is linked to cleft palate defects and other defects too! Since I am in the 2ww I am not sure if I took my albuterol in my nebulizer if I'd be risking my potential babies health. I'll call my pharmacist or dr. in a couple hours but it is only 5 a.m. and I won't be able to call until 9...when they open.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the response. I was tested for thyroid disease and it came out normal. I'm only 24, I'm not overweight, no one else has this issue in my family. I've just noticed it in the last year, I looked back at my pictures, even from 2 yrs ago and I didn't have this problem. As for steroids, I've used albuterol on and off when I get an asthma attack. Maybe that's causing it.
Avatar m tn Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 15 to 30 minutes twice a day. Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.
Avatar f tn Sandi: I just watched it again, and heard amiodorone, St John' Wort and one other, which I did not catch, so unless that 2nd one is in Albuterol, then that didn't specify Albuterol. It did say, separately for those three to tell the Dr about all supplements, and all medications (by which I believe they mean all prescribed medications).
Avatar n tn My optometrist recently informed me I have early cataracts in both eyes. I was shocked due to my age (55) and excellent health (other than my asthma). I read of links between these drugs and cataracts. If I reduce the usage of my inhaled meds would this slow down the cataract progression? Do eye vitamins like Alcon's I-Caps help to slow the progression of cataracts? I can't find any other risk factors and this is really bothering me.
Avatar n tn With a mask, it gets the albuterol in better than an inhaler. Now, my son says those story times are favorite memories. Its not fun to do so young, but has he had allergy testing? The good news, as the little ones grow, so do their airways & breathing is improved.
Avatar n tn Albuterol is a bronchodilator used to treat many of the same issues as Flovent, but it can also be used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Albuterol comes in a syrup, tablet, or as a suspension in an inhaler. Albuterol works by causing the passages to the lung to relax and open, which makes breathing easier.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with an exercise induced asthma and prescribed a 90 mcg albuterol inhaler. I didn't use it much as I was fine most of the time. But just recently I have been having to use my inhaler every few hours or so because if I don't I get really short breathed. I don't know what's going on and it's worrying me.
Avatar f tn My dr had me on albuterol in the 1st tri of my last preg...I couldn't breathe and used it for a week. No harm to baby.
677938 tn?1226344160 Hi. I Have Asthma && I Use An Albuterol Inhalation.And Everytime I Have An Asthma Attack I Use It And It Feels Like I Cant Catch My Breath..Whats Going On? Its Had Me In The Hospital Many Of Time ??
Avatar f tn I have asthma and have been having a hard time breathing these past two days but really bad tonight.. I just used my albuterol and I'm so scared its going to hurt my baby. My Dr told me its better to breathe lol but I'm just being paranoid n worried.. anyone have asthma and used albuterol during pregnancy?
1754037 tn?1327886811 So far ultrasounds say my little man is still healthy. I was never advised by my ob/gyn to not take the albuterol. In my opinion even if there is a risk using albuterol it wouldn't be a big one or OB's would not allow so many pregnant women to use them. Also the risk of not using it could be so much worse. It is important that you are able to breathe so your baby develops properly. You should ask your Ob about the steriod for sure. hope this helped.
Avatar n tn Thus, when an asthmatic attack is precipatated after the albuterol, you are in a 911 situation and the time between an attack and death from respiratory arrest and death can sometimes be measured in minutes. "More albuterol" won't work. Your son will need intravenous medications and likly endotracheal intubation. There are alternative medications that still alow for the albuterol to be "held in reserve".
Avatar n tn I was told by my doc that Combivent just has an additional allergy medicine in it, in addition to the albuterol. It shouldn't hurt you, I wouldn't think. I have allergies also and this inhaler worked great for me.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone here uses an albuterol inhaler and are they safe to use during pregnancy? I use one every now and then but not on a daily basis. I'm only 5 weeks along. I used mine tonight because I felt like I absolutely had to.
Avatar f tn s eye-rolling tics always increased about a week after a bad asthma episode, which resulted in having several albuterol treatments. It seems as though the brain is damaged by the albuterol treatments. Has anyone experienced this, as I have? My son is almost 7 now and started seeing a homeopath last year, who has been very sucessful of treating my son's asthma.
1754037 tn?1327886811 Has anyone taken their albuterol inhaler thru out ur pregnancy??? I'm a bit worried if it is safe for my baby! I been taking it since it's the only thing I can take when I can't breath. I just need some re assurance that it is safe & wondering if any1 else pregnant & taking albuterol inhaler.
Avatar f tn Hi, Asthma cannot worsen angina but over use of inhaler albuterol can lead to low potassium levels in the blood, which in turn can cause palpitations, arrhythmias, irregular beats etc. So if you are experiencing frequent attacks of asthma, you should try to prevent triggering agents which cause asthma and also get evaluated by a pulmonologist for correction of dose of polemicist for preventing further attacks of asthma. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar n tn albuterol inhalers ARE prescribed to be used before exercising in exercise induced asthma.
Avatar m tn I use Albuterol, SPIRIVA and ADVAIR to control Asthma & COPD. I also take CRESTOR for cholesterol and ADVIL for arthritis. In the last month (after starting SPIRIVA), when I first wake up in the morning, my eyes "roll" from right to left in an arcing motion when I attempt to focus on something. After a few attempts to focus on an object (the clock on the clock radio), the movement stops and I'm fine. Any thoughts?
1987536 tn?1337916244 Albuterol doesn't bother me as much as advair after reading bunches of articles :(
Avatar m tn Hi guys got peunmonia in November , now have developed chronic cough everyday , when I breath in deep I want to cough has anyone experienced such a thing ,??
Avatar f tn does albuterol increase the heart rate in children, because after i gave it to my son i noticed that his heart was beating really hard a fast
454286 tn?1205883067 Have your child sweat tested...In the meantime be generous with bronchodilatators(Albuterol or Xopenex- if your insurance covers).You need a nebulizer machine(no 4 year old can do "puffer" effectively).If that doesn't control the asthma add Pulmicort(also through nebul.machine)...and put your kid on a diet(decrease sugar and fat...stop buying things they snack in between meals....that is where most of the calories are from) is not just what you eat but how you eat.
Avatar m tn these may cause elevation in blood pressure, heart rate and result in CNS stimulation/excitation. Albuterol may also increase risk of arrhythmias. Such effects are quiet negligible when given by inhalational route. Drug should be taken when necessary and should not be repeated in short interval. Fluticasone mainly acts as anti inflammatory drug and has no action on heart. Hence, these drugs can be safely given in patients with Atrial fibrillation.