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1670004 tn?1333864841 Today is my day to return to my doctor, but this morning used the bathroom saw blood on the tissue. The tears starting coming and coming. Very depressed right now. I feel like such a failure. Trying so long to get pregnant, hoping I would get good news today. I am heading to my appointment now. TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT OUR NEXT STEP WILL BE. I hate to see the disappointed look on my husband face. Its bothers me that I cant give him the one thing we wants most.
1913502 tn?1330388192 thanks for the positive words that makes me feel better. I'm a litlle afraid with all this. I hope that six months are enough ... see ya !!
Avatar f tn Thank you for all your kind words and support. This had just gotten so difficult. I'm just sitting here with tears streaming down my face and feeling so gyped and beaten down. Thank you so much. This would be so much harder without all of you.
4548024 tn?1590005019 I have been on Lupron for 8 days now, Mu Re said i should get my period after 7 days and now its been 8 days and im on cd 28 i always have my period by now, the Lupron is starting to really really effect how i feel,, i feel everything right now, sad, angry , mad , sick, , dizzy, vomiting, cramps, u say it i feel it.
331415 tn?1311459301 Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah When my cousin committed suicide and mentioned me in her note I played this song for her at her funeral (didn't do it justice!!!) and I remember how sad I was. WHile I sang I cried but I gave it my all and at the end I was exhausted and could barely move. I realize now though that I was trying to hide from RAW emotions and I've been numb for a while. I don't want to be numb and I am embracing the tears.
Avatar m tn I am tapering from 40mgs methadone in a two week period with a liquid pain cocktail from my doc. From what I understand in reading through other posts I am hitting the "energy crash" and I am on day 7. I know I was dropped from 40 to 20 on day 1 but I really don't know the schedule because it's all in liquid form and there are other meds mixed in with it as well. I know I can do this...
10206952 tn?1408930334 If he is smart he will listen to your words do whatever he needs to keep you in his life and treat you the way you deserve.
470885 tn?1326329037 ....but I just wanted to brag for a minute :-) I've got a lot going on right now (my 88 year old grandmother has kind of gone downhill fast lately and she's making the move to a retirement facility after living alone in her own home - I posted a journal about some of it) but, despite the unpleasantness, Baby G has made my week! At first I thought I'd misheard....but then he kept saying his FIRST WORD over and over and over again, starting late last week.......
Avatar n tn Well today, I can feel my anxiety starting to kick up and all the negatives that come with it. I am now afraid that i am starting to relapse after a few weeks of feeling rather good..."normal". I keep trying to tell myself that I am over thinking as usual, and that I am just sick and it will be ok. But I can feel it creeping up on me... HELPPPPP.... I hate being sick.
658287 tn?1318893057 I meant 41 year old woman. The words were not in order. I am not knocking her age at all. I'll soon be in my 40's. It just the situation . . .I found it hurtful in here. I have grown accustomed to being able to relate to everyone in here. Like a support group of some sort.
371980 tn?1276740809 My deepest prayers go out to the family!!
507875 tn?1423160261 Thank you for starting our new Thread. Soooo glad you are YOU... keep doing YOU Ma' & keep shaking what ya mom-ma gave ya. ;o) Enjoy date w/ya dh. ;o) Jena: Enjoy "girlfriend time" w/your dd this weekend...gone & work that diet plan...gonna be worth it when you are working the beach w/your "sex-kitten" look for ya MAN!! Hey... ALL kinda THANGS can take place in Jamaica. ;o) Eraka: Oooowe...get you some REST this weekend Girlfriend!
Avatar f tn O wow that's strange my Dr seemed a little bummed I didn't want to be. But I think he will come when he is ready no need to rush him! Good luck!
Avatar f tn A lot of times they make me so sad. All these Mommies on here who are going through so much and having to overcome so many hurdles during there pregnancy. A lot of us are all going through the same things and most of the time just really need someone to hold us tight and tell us everything will be okay. All the hormones are no joke!! I wish I could help and fix everyone's problems and then we could all have the best pregnancys ever but we all know that's not realistic.
Avatar f tn Hey guys I just need some words of encouragement and support from other moms
Avatar f tn Trust his actions not his words. Actions always speak louder than words. I was in same situation. Its okay to be upset. You should be getting the attention you deserve & not having to feel like you have to beg him to give you. Speak up & let him know how you feel.
Avatar f tn Starting my taper today and am scared to death! I am a 56 year old woman who has been taking Norco 10's for 4 years. I have spent $1000's of dollars and whine when i cant afford to pay phone bill! I know this wont be easy and I have done a good job of hiding my addiction. (Actually thats what i think. Talk to friends and family you may get a different answer) i hope i can find support here and answers to questions. HERE WE GO!!!!
654396 tn?1237508912 I too am so sorry for your situation. Hopefully the doctors will be able to take care of the tumor during surgery, and you will have a speedy recovery. I too will keep you in my prayers. I know this isn't a religious thread, but my mom has been struggling with cancer for 3 years and this gives me some strength during tough times. "The Lord is the stronghold of my life; whom shall I fear?" At least I know God will give me strength when I have none left. Keep us posted.
671251 tn?1236116671 Thank you so much for your words of kindness and comfort. It does mean a lot to me and it is wonderful how supportive you all are to those who are hurting. This passage has been a special comfort to me and to all Christians. Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. 19 For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.
787945 tn?1236586188 i have lived with an ovarian cyst for the last five years, i am only nineteen so the doctors won't take it out even though it is the size of a softball. I bled for three straight year than got two month reprieve before starting back up again. the pain knocks me to the ground. how do i keep going on without the doctors helping or even giving me pain medicine.