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331415 tn?1311459301 Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah When my cousin committed suicide and mentioned me in her note I played this song for her at her funeral (didn't do it justice!!!) and I remember how sad I was. WHile I sang I cried but I gave it my all and at the end I was exhausted and could barely move. I realize now though that I was trying to hide from RAW emotions and I've been numb for a while. I don't want to be numb and I am embracing the tears.
10206952 tn?1408930334 If he is smart he will listen to your words do whatever he needs to keep you in his life and treat you the way you deserve.
Avatar f tn Hey guys I just need some words of encouragement and support from other moms
Avatar f tn A lot of times they make me so sad. All these Mommies on here who are going through so much and having to overcome so many hurdles during there pregnancy. A lot of us are all going through the same things and most of the time just really need someone to hold us tight and tell us everything will be okay. All the hormones are no joke!! I wish I could help and fix everyone's problems and then we could all have the best pregnancys ever but we all know that's not realistic.
Avatar f tn Yes, as you said you are not a doctor, but I do believe if you truly have MS then with that you truly have experience. Which means, maybe just maybe you can give me some words of wisdom. For the record, my experiences I haven't even got my feet wet here, I haven't divulged that, so I am confused. Surely you don't think from the "indications" that is all I am dealing with. I have good days and bad days with walking.
Avatar f tn Trust his actions not his words. Actions always speak louder than words. I was in same situation. Its okay to be upset. You should be getting the attention you deserve & not having to feel like you have to beg him to give you. Speak up & let him know how you feel.
671251 tn?1236116671 I wanted to check in and give an update. It is very sad news. We lost our little Sarah. I noticed last week that the baby was not moving as much. I was busy getting ready for my son's visit so thought that I might just be too busy to notice. I was also sleeping better so did not wake till later. The baby was most active between 3 am and 5 am. On Thanksgiving my husband and I debated calling the hospital about it. I didn't do it.
10217138 tn?1421412465 thank you everyone for your kind words. i needed to hear them so much. im not giving up. i got this!
8623280 tn?1399437316 I wish there were words to make you feel better but you just have to stay strong for your little girl!! Visit as much as possible and enjoy and cherish these moment with her she needs you to be strong for the both of you! I'm praying she gets to come home to you soon!!!
564614 tn?1216782609 I had a m/c today it all just came out on it's own. it was really sad i actually picked up the yolk sac and i seen the baby it looked like a white gummy bear just a lil smaller = ( this is the third time i hope it doesn't happen again!
658287 tn?1318893057 I meant 41 year old woman. The words were not in order. I am not knocking her age at all. I'll soon be in my 40's. It just the situation . . .I found it hurtful in here. I have grown accustomed to being able to relate to everyone in here. Like a support group of some sort.
Avatar f tn Went to get the 3D/4D ultrasound and the cd they gave me w the images weren't the best :( I'm 29weeks so I guess it was too early and on top of that the cord was on her face... It's a waste of money and such I didn't get not one good pic of her.. Am so bummed out my day has jst became ruin...
Avatar n tn one of my main problems is that I get hallucinations/images of penis (of people i dont get along with) ,which i find absolutely disgusting. becuase im happily ''straight'', But when i get these disgusting hallucinations ,i then get this paranoid feeling that gets me so self conscious. there has been times where i have almost ended up vomiting in the bathroom.i know im happily straight and i want these images to go.
Avatar f tn I know words cant make u feel better but i undertand i lost one at 9 weeks and i was devasted now im pregnant again and scared my thoughts go to u and fam when ready the time would come again
952564 tn?1268368647 Okay, new questions. Does anyone have comfort words? Words that you think that make you feel better? For example, I have the comfort word of "muffin." Sometimes when I am really anxious I just start thinking "muffin, muffin, muffin." I don't think about an acutal muffin, or eating a muffin. Just the sound of the word is very soothing. When I was a teen my comfort word was actually not a word, but the "ing" sound (as in sittING, movING.
1670004 tn?1333864841 Thanks for your positive words, its so hard to keep the faith when you have been trying for so long. Then you actually do Ivf and then it fail. YOU feel so let down, especially when you used everything you have saved up, and it doesnt work out. I try being positivie, because god have blessed with me a good husband. But yes I have question myself & God Numerous times. babynumbertwo: thank you as well.
Avatar f tn So my mil was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 5 years ago. She kicked it's butt and was.doing awesome. She goes every 3 months to check her markers or whatever it is. They say.anything over 30 is usually bad. About 3 months ago hers was 14 she came.over last night to tell us she went back the other day and hers had gone up to 74 since her last apt. So she has to go on Halloween to get.more tests. I'm really sad. My husband is her only kid and we are about to have our second baby.
Avatar f tn I went to the er and found out i was miscarying. I am so depressed about it. Im just so sad i feel like its my fault or there is something wrong with me. I feel like a disapointment to my partner and its the worst feeling i have ever experienced. Because of the fact that im so young i dont feel like its normal that i miscarried i should be at the prime of child bearing age.
Avatar f tn First, congratulations! Everyone has disagreements and may even argue, that's guaranteed in any relationship and especially a marriage- it's not always roses and peaches and cream (I'm married as well). If you two have always argued back and forth and exchanged blows (words) to one another, then hopefully that will change. I've noticed how we do not get into the silly little arguments anymore, because we are both thinking of the baby.
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1310633 tn?1430224091 At the time they did not know her identity or that of the children in the images, so the Homeland Security Investigations unit of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement launched a public plea for information and released a photo of the woman. Tuesday, Freeman and her husband, Michael Serapis Freeman, 39, surrendered to police in their hometown of Salem after learning an acquaintance had identified Michelle Freeman as the woman in the photo.
541196 tn?1293552936 s but yet they still did not take images WHILE injecting me. She suggested maybe next time we try the University Hospital and ask them specifically. I was almost wondering if I could call the last place I did it and complain a little and ask for them to do it again. :-P Does anyone have pictures/MRI of their pituitary tumor they could post?
1649704 tn?1402778437 Damage has been done to more than just property and lives directly affected in Norway. Key words have been attached to the reports By The Media describing this terribly misguided man and his dreadful actions: Christian fundamentalist ( one who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible), anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism, opposition to domination by Muslims, right wing, gun ownership. This will add fuel to the fire of contempt for you if you are traditional, conservative, or Christian.
Avatar f tn Thank u for r beautiful words of hope
Avatar m tn It is painful to feel sad emotions. Grieving, being sad, sorrowful, missing loved ones who have died are all emotions that are hard to deal with and process. The opiates kill those emotions and bury them deep into your heart, mind and soul. It is important to let them surface which they will as you go through detox. Please get help in order to process them from therapy, clergy and grief support groups. I am so happy you have great support from your family that is so important.
392430 tn?1382904781 ) haha. Blake makes a lot of non-sense words that I have no idea if she says it to mean something but I don't think so. I just noticed a pattern with "mama" and "baba".