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331415 tn?1311459301 Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah When my cousin committed suicide and mentioned me in her note I played this song for her at her funeral (didn't do it justice!!!) and I remember how sad I was. WHile I sang I cried but I gave it my all and at the end I was exhausted and could barely move. I realize now though that I was trying to hide from RAW emotions and I've been numb for a while. I don't want to be numb and I am embracing the tears.
10206952 tn?1408930334 If he is smart he will listen to your words do whatever he needs to keep you in his life and treat you the way you deserve.
654396 tn?1237508912 I too am so sorry for your situation. Hopefully the doctors will be able to take care of the tumor during surgery, and you will have a speedy recovery. I too will keep you in my prayers. I know this isn't a religious thread, but my mom has been struggling with cancer for 3 years and this gives me some strength during tough times. "The Lord is the stronghold of my life; whom shall I fear?" At least I know God will give me strength when I have none left. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn A lot of times they make me so sad. All these Mommies on here who are going through so much and having to overcome so many hurdles during there pregnancy. A lot of us are all going through the same things and most of the time just really need someone to hold us tight and tell us everything will be okay. All the hormones are no joke!! I wish I could help and fix everyone's problems and then we could all have the best pregnancys ever but we all know that's not realistic.
1413791 tn?1281885201 i am so sad this morning i miss my daughter and my grandbaby they are, my life, my soul i never thout my daughter would ever do this to me we were so very close and i just cant stop crying just keep thinking about them and asking why did they leave me so alone i am so very alone no family few friends and im just kinda going out of my mind please somebody get my spirits up
Avatar m tn Yes learning new coping skills and learning to live life on its terms is going to take some time. Life be definitely be sad, but there is also great joy as I am sure you know being a dad. We are here my friend to encourage, support and to walk besides you while you are on your journey of recovery.
403399 tn?1201833095 stay busy!! I'm on day 9 and its great. I know what its feels like to not know what 'the other side' feels like. Let me tell u, it feels sooooo good! This is the life u want! NOW I feel like the other life was NOT living. U'll have to be determined and do a lot of self-talk...each day gets easier. Once u get past the first 3-4 days, u'll be well on ur way. U can do this...if I can ANYBODY can. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn I went to the er and found out i was miscarying. I am so depressed about it. Im just so sad i feel like its my fault or there is something wrong with me. I feel like a disapointment to my partner and its the worst feeling i have ever experienced. Because of the fact that im so young i dont feel like its normal that i miscarried i should be at the prime of child bearing age.
1649704 tn?1402778437 Damage has been done to more than just property and lives directly affected in Norway. Key words have been attached to the reports By The Media describing this terribly misguided man and his dreadful actions: Christian fundamentalist ( one who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible), anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism, opposition to domination by Muslims, right wing, gun ownership. This will add fuel to the fire of contempt for you if you are traditional, conservative, or Christian.
1670004 tn?1333864841 we know how your feeling. dont get down on yourself. none of us know why we have to go through this terrible milestone in life or what Gods plan is for us, but DONT give up. i've asked myself & God numerous times...are we not supposed to have children? we are a good strong family & we know we will be good parents just as you. i know this time is hard to deal with but keep the will happen. may God bless you & get you & your husband through this difficult time.
Avatar f tn I know it's time to grow up especially when becoming a Mom but I am so upset that I will be moving out of my parents house in June a month before the baby is due .. Ive had a rocky relationship w them especially as a teenager and these past two Years with them have been so good. Recently my dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.. I'm so sick over this.. I feel guilty leaving home now..
973741 tn?1342342773 Words, they can get us in all sorts of trouble. We can use them carelessly. We can spew venom with them when angry. We can leave marks on someone forever with our words. WE may not be aware when we say something that this thing --- these words will be with that person forever! Have you ever had something said to you by someone else that you've carried with you your whole life?
2203296 tn?1400641623 Your grandfather wouldnt want you this upset. I know its hurts but now is your chance to CELEBRATE his life not mourn the loss. Think of how he would want you to be right now. Im sure he wouldnt want you upset and crying. He wants you to be happy and healthy and his great grand baby as well. Keep your head up and always remember that even though you cant hear him or see him hes there always with you no matter where you are.
Avatar n tn How do you want to spend your one life on this earth..happy? or addicted to a pill that controls your life. There is so much beauty in this world, and even more pain and suffering. How is it fair that Brad Pitt is a rich moviestar and I can barely pay my cellphone bill? How is it fair that I am eating a sandwich and some kid probably a mile away is starving because moms drug habit takes away from the nessecity of feeding her child? Life is unfair, there is nothing that said it has to be.
671251 tn?1236116671 I wanted to check in and give an update. It is very sad news. We lost our little Sarah. I noticed last week that the baby was not moving as much. I was busy getting ready for my son's visit so thought that I might just be too busy to notice. I was also sleeping better so did not wake till later. The baby was most active between 3 am and 5 am. On Thanksgiving my husband and I debated calling the hospital about it. I didn't do it.
Avatar f tn Hey guys I just need some words of encouragement and support from other moms
558728 tn?1275442570 I don't even know where to begin. I read this board all the time and I try to stay away from the sad posts. Not because they don't deserve validation, but because sometimes they can be extremely sad. This is one of those posts. Today I got the worst call that anyone ever wants to receive in their life time. The call that everyone thinks about when someone is calling them at an hour. It was my mom at 8am.
Avatar f tn s been awhile since i last posted as i am struggling with what i had to do. Unfortunately i had to go back on pills as the pain was completely affecting my quality of life. The pain is just not manageable with OTC :( It saddens me deeply that my life had to come to this, I feel like a complete wimp but yet i could no longer take the pain as it was affecting my day to day activities.
Avatar f tn it is in the end choosing your life over the life of your baby... if you do not feel equipped for a child you can give it up for adoption period. what ever the reason may be.. if you cannot take care of something you don't do away with it... you give it to someone that can... Adoption is the out.. for anyone that doesn't feel ready or able.. anything else is selfish.. that is my 2 cents.. it ***** that some kids are dealt a raw set of cards.. but that is life I guess...
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. This isn't really a question, I just need to get this off my chest. I've been suffering from depression for 5 years now. At first it was severe, i thought about killing myself everyday and tried a couple times. Never could do it though. I've worked through it, and it's now around moderate. I would go to a therapist, but they cost money and i'm 18 with no job.
1487613 tn?1288801985 It sounds like you are suffering from depression. Inevitable life events frequently trigger what's called a 'major depressive episode'. I believe many people inherit depressive disorder and it rears it's ugly head when significant life events occur, especially the painful ones. Everyone's treatment is different but usually a combination of medication and therapy is considered the most effective. Have you ever sought treatment for depression?
Avatar f tn Trust his actions not his words. Actions always speak louder than words. I was in same situation. Its okay to be upset. You should be getting the attention you deserve & not having to feel like you have to beg him to give you. Speak up & let him know how you feel.
Avatar f tn With all this i did something that I never thought I would I took the whole bottle of Zoloft. Hoping that it would end my life. Instead it just made me sick and I felt stupid. I never have told anyone that before. But it is true. Then I stayed home for two days in tears. I tried to go back to school on the third day realizing it wasn't worth all this sadness. But at school something triggered an emotional break down. I stated crying and didn't want to be there.
424839 tn?1268186246 The important thing is to take that first step. Bravely overcoming one small fear gives you the courage to take on the next. It takes courage to become happy -- courage to remain true to one's convictions, courage not to be defeated by one's weaknesses and negativity, courage to take swift action to help those who are suffering. No matter how wonderful our dreams, how noble our ideals, or how high our hopes, ultimately we need courage to make them a reality.
718713 tn?1230268346 if it comes to that know your doing the best thing for him, your showing him you love him and dont wont him to be sick and suffer. am sure hes had a great life and you have spoiled him rotton so dont feel bad about doing what you need to do,. i had to put my baby of 17 years down this year very very hard and so sad but i knew it was time. hope all goes ok for you and you can enjoy rest your holiday.