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Avatar f tn I found that about a week after finishing the Incivek I had a period of actually feeling not just a little better, but downright great, and it lasted about 2 weeks before beginning to very gradually slip away. I hope you can cheer yourself by looking forward to that phase. Now I'm beginning week 31 out if 48, and I really hope I have another extended "feeling good" break sometime soon.
331415 tn?1311459301 she just said she didnt understand what you were after with your need to be mean over a tiny misunderstanding. she even apologized for not understanding what you were after...geez... i wouldnt be here if not for IBKleen, she has helped numerous people with her posts...she is needed here by all. nobody rides horses around here LOL!
10206952 tn?1408930334 Look up what abusive relationship looks like. You don't deserve it. No one does. Verbal abuse is just as damaging. Him saying sorry doesn't mean a thing if he does it again. Words are empty unless there are actions to back them up. My boyfriend was being verbally abusive so I left and stayed with my dad for the night and he got the hint. Show him you won't stand for it. It's not allowed.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage at 16 as well hunny and someone told me that my baby felt like it wasn't time for him/her to be here yet for whatever reason but he/she is sitting in heaven and is waiting to find the best time to arrive and I always believed that was true it made it so much easier to deal with the loss...I'm now 19 and my little one decided it was time now I'm so sorry for loss and I hope that saying helps u deal with the loss! Good luck!
7188197 tn?1399464311 I know how you are feeling I had a hard time too with it. In the beginning I would just shower and forget the rest. If I went somewhere I would wear my gym clothes because it looked like I just worked out and that was why I was a mess. Lol it does get easier and then it becomes more of a routine to get ready just do what you can for now.Try to be proud of yourself if all you did today is stay clean then you accomplished something soooo much more important!
Avatar f tn Aw dont be sad. Lots of women go through that. Just think of how blessed you are to have that little baby with you and healthy. You live alone or with your boyfriend? I didnt understand that part.
Avatar f tn Its sad I used to be on here all the time in the beginning of my pregnancy now I hardly ever want to get on here because all the disrespect... Some "mothers" need to stop using there hormones as an excuse its sad ...
4682212 tn?1357922698 I have tried numerous times to put him on the breast and he just won't take it, I have flat nipples.
Avatar f tn There is nothing in life that you can not get through! If you are sad have yourself a good cry then remember that you are loved and this sadness will pass. For all you Mommies that have miscarried... Know that my heart goes out to you and I cry with you. For all the single Mommies you are my INSPERATION and keep going girl... You got this!! It takes a strong woman to do it all on her own. I wish nothing but happiness and positive vibes to you all. Good luck and happy pregnancy!
7879163 tn?1411591644 I just wrote a funny story if you need a good laugh. Titled not a question with my picture. You have funny moments in pregnancy too.
871965 tn?1241833146 Maybe someday I can be helpful to someone new at this amazing adventure. For now, I am a learner and a beginner and can use any and all advice and words of wisdom.
Avatar f tn ( today we were both going out for the night hes having a boys night and im with my parents and we spent no time together before we left and he knows I was upset idk if im over thinking this or if its okay to be upset all I want is a little attention and sympathy is that too much to ask?
15206917 tn?1441190409 For those on day one to those on day 29+ let's keep up the good fight!!! It seems like the beginning of and end to a wonderful start. It's a battle we have to keep fighting for, it's going to be hard but it can be done. Keep faith in your high power (mine is God) he has us right where we need to be. Day 1 may seem and most likely be the hardest but the great feeling at day 29 is better than anything we could ever hope for.
5149860 tn?1364404271 Think about what your baby will end up looking like and all the exciting things that comes with being a mom.
Avatar f tn I broke up with my bf last night two, its the forth time hes spoken to his ex scince ive been pregnant. Im only 8wk2d!! I dont have.mug written on my head so he can just enjoy his life now, becuase im certainly more happier without!!!
Avatar f tn Hey guys I just need some words of encouragement and support from other moms
654396 tn?1237508912 I too am so sorry for your situation. Hopefully the doctors will be able to take care of the tumor during surgery, and you will have a speedy recovery. I too will keep you in my prayers. I know this isn't a religious thread, but my mom has been struggling with cancer for 3 years and this gives me some strength during tough times. "The Lord is the stronghold of my life; whom shall I fear?" At least I know God will give me strength when I have none left. Keep us posted.
671251 tn?1236116671 I wanted to check in and give an update. It is very sad news. We lost our little Sarah. I noticed last week that the baby was not moving as much. I was busy getting ready for my son's visit so thought that I might just be too busy to notice. I was also sleeping better so did not wake till later. The baby was most active between 3 am and 5 am. On Thanksgiving my husband and I debated calling the hospital about it. I didn't do it.
Avatar n tn Please give any suggestions on sharing this with him and coping with any outcomes. Sorry for the long post and I'll appreciate your suggestions.
Avatar f tn Yes I would say it lessen a lot for me around second trimester. I cried a lot in the beginning and I screamed at my fiancé for little things. I did have the guilt about all the time but sometimes I I was outside of myself watching myself lose control. I know it's not a good feeling these hormones are a lot of worm. I use to find myself screaming well I'm pregnancy like everyday. That didn't help.
4705307 tn?1447970322 What a sad and tragic story. I can certainly understand your desire to raise awareness about the dangers of Topamax. Please be sure you're taking care of yourself, allow yourself to grieve your son's death. Some times, in a case like this, people "lose" themselves in the crusade, and don't give themselves ample time to properly grieve. It's important for YOUR emotional well being that you try to allow yourself to do that.
10217138 tn?1421412465 Thank you again all. And im glad im not the only one who has a baby room set up before the im sure we will all get our bfp at some point. The waiting is the hardest part.
Avatar f tn s already been a year. Anybody else dealt with or are dealing with something similar.? I know hormones are a big factor as well but I just can't seem to stop crying and get out of bed. I feel so drained emotionally.
658287 tn?1318893057 I meant 41 year old woman. The words were not in order. I am not knocking her age at all. I'll soon be in my 40's. It just the situation . . .I found it hurtful in here. I have grown accustomed to being able to relate to everyone in here. Like a support group of some sort.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Gosh, I'm really sorry about your loss. That is so hard. We get so attached to our babies, don't we? We love them right from the beginning and it hurts to lose one. Most likely the mirena didn't have much to do with the miscarriage. You had it out a month before conceiving. Sadly, the statistic is one out of every four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. This does not by any means mean that you will have another miscarriage.
8623280 tn?1399437316 Hang in there and know they r getting the best care they can! Visit as much as possible and hold ur lil one with skin on skin contact as soon as they let u. I know its difficult but its what's best for baby.