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Avatar f tn Omg I just watched the movie "The Fault In Our Stars" uh I cried like a baby. Such a sad movie :( probably doesn't help with all my hormones lol. Have any of you ladies seen it yet?
7607165 tn?1395780125 I have a few lol the guy who was in Divergent. Friggen hot!! And Keanu Reeves. But now Keanu now. Keanu back in his Point Break days. Holy crap.
Avatar f tn So after some sad news frm my doctor i can't help but be anxious and stressed out! I can't help it... but tomorrow my bf is taking me to a movie and to eat, and hopefully get my mind off things...what are you ladies up too?
4111887 tn?1355368506 Keanu. Kyan. Oshuan.
5946774 tn?1389187935 I went to what to expect when you're expecting nd i cried when she lost her baby :( i had recently lost my second child when i saw that movie this is pregnancy number four for me so it was really hard to watch nd i won't watch it again :/ i can't handle seeing someone go through that even if its just a movie its really sad
Avatar f tn Such a blubbering idiot right now... watching the movie hatchi and its such a sad movie anyone have a movie that makes you cry from all these pregnancy hormones?
3060903 tn?1398565123 Great suggestions.If u wanna cry any movie thats a little sad will make u cry lol.
4251679 tn?1370305531 Any movie with sad music.
Avatar f tn Well I'm having a baby girl and I'm keeping the letter k my oldest daughters name starts with a k and now this one but if i were having a boy I would name him Keanu I just love it it's different and cute I'm not having any more after this one but my husband seems to think otherwise but if I do end up having a son later on I will name him after my husband so that's just my thought keep searching or just wait till you give birth some ppl need to see the baby first
Avatar f tn Extraordinary Measures. It might sound like a sad movie, but it is based on a true story and the ending is very good (not sad). It's actually a very inspirational type of movie. It enlightened me a little bit about how much behind the scenes BS goes on when we're hoping and waiting for a drug to be FDA approved!
Avatar f tn i was sad to hear of Haim's death today. The Lost Boys is one of my alltime favorite movies EVER. He had a lot of potential as an actor if only he would have stayed of the drugs. So sad and tragic. And yes it is crazy how many celebs have fallen in the past few years to drug overdoses. Just think how many normal people die everyday from this too that we never hear about, the numbers must be staggering.
448723 tn?1301454958 Here is the most beautiful birth movie that I've been able to find. (DD wanted to see someone give birth) The woman makes it look so amazingly easy!
382594 tn?1266610613 Thats the movie I was talking about. I couldn't remember the name. It was a good movie. Paul Walker was in it and Heath played his best friend.
Avatar f tn Well can i ask what movie was it you watched? Was it a horror? Also how old are you? Some people are much more sensitive to watching horrors or thrillers, especially if you are either young and have a good imagination or have had a somewhat sheltered life. I too have had felt some extreme emotions when watching footage of real life situations and a couple have had me in total dispair.
203342 tn?1328737207 i am really really really sad about him. i was sad about the other celebrities but he was one of my favorite actors. such a handsome, talented man. and his movies are such classics (i love dirty dancing and ghost). : 'o( we lost another truly great legend.
Avatar f tn I am not depressed, sad or unhappy but I cry at the drop of a hat. A sad movie, a sad story, a happy story I cry buckets. I have been like this since I started betaseron 8 months ago. Now I know that a rare side effect can be severe depression but like I say I am not depressed. We actually laugh about it and people that know avoid telling me anything touching. Is anyone else like this?
5173333 tn?1364761667 I just sat here and watched "Man on fire". I have no idea why I cried almost through out the whole movie! Loll. My SO could not stop laughing so then I got mad & made him leave for a couple hours. hahaha Thankfully, he's very understanding of all the hormone changes and such so he wasn't angry at all, but now I'm all sad because I made him leave! Just a day in the life I guess!
Avatar f tn I was always having them at first. Now not as much. One was with Keanu Reeves. Omg. That was a really nice one haha I haven't had them as much tho now that I'm in my second trimester. I've also had horrible ones where my fiancé is cheating on me or about to. There's no reason for any of my dreams. Sometimes I dream so much that when I wake up I don't even feel rested.
Avatar f tn I commonly see a lot of you talking about a movie on youtube that talks about birth or something? I've heard it's really good to watch where I want to deliver naturally. What's the movie called?
Avatar f tn Last scary movie i watched was "It" and i have been scared of clowns every since. Couldnt imagine this movie!!! I saw the previews and thought oh He!! no!!!!!
Avatar f tn What is the movie that everyone says to watch about pregnancy that is on YouTube and Netflix?