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Avatar f tn RSV is a very serious complication with children under the age of 2, but it can affect anyone. It is a severe upper respiratory infection. If you've taken her to get checked out she has a clean bill of health, trust your docs! They take RSV very seriously. My newborn niece had RSV. She had a rattly cough in her lungs and had to have breathing treatments.
Avatar f tn Hi, respiratory syncytial virus is a very common virus that causes cold-like symptoms, but can lead to breathing difficulties. Those who are more prone to develop serious respiratory infections as a result of RSV include premature babies and those born with heart or lung problems. Regards.
Avatar n tn Some w/ ear inf., others with RSV, and some with bronchiolitis. My son has not been that sick. He has had two bouts of bronchiolitis (9mths apart)and a sinus infection, all in one year. He has had congestion that he can't get rid of and a cough ( not nearly as bad as others I have read). Although sometimes his cough makes him vomit. I guess my question is this.....Could he have been misdiagnosed? Or are there less severe symptoms that go along with RAD? Please help!
1160520 tn?1402981076 ... cold, stiff, no energy. Also see: BP, Pain, Dysautonomia, Gastro, Multiple Scleroses Trackers for symptoms.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
Avatar n tn This virus is so common that it probably visits us once or twice or even more ( depending on how many people actually live at home ) . It shows up as ( the common cold) in older children and adults and can present with sneezing , coughing , sore throat and lots of nasal discharge . This virus is not unique in producing these symptoms , there are many other viruses that can do the same .
Avatar n tn t an X-Ray or something been done? Are most doctors treating RSV cases like a common cold and not checking for anything else but a cold? There was an article written in my home town about our daughter dying of RSV and right now we have save 7 small children/babies at this point. There are so many parents out there that don't know what RSV is today. I guess they think it is just a cold like our daughter, Brooklynn's, doctor. What do you think about diagnosing this?
372328 tn?1214776427 I would suggest you take her in now, just to rule out RSV (peak season runs from Oct -March). It's a quick nose swab test. When my daughter was 9 mo old, she had similar symptoms and I wish i hadn't waited so long. She did have RSV and needed nebulizer treatments to help treat it. Had I waited another day or so, we probably would have ended up in the hospital. Don't mean to scare you, but RSV can be very serious in kids under 2.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 2 years old. About 9 months ago she got RSV and phemonia and was hospitalized. Since then she's been hospitalized 7 times. They thought she may have got asthma from the RSV which is common, but they don't think so anymore. She can't handle the common cold. Her O2 stats go down to 86, breaths per minute around 60. The olds she gets aren't even bad. It could just be a stuffy nose. They usually give her breathing treaments and steriods. Neither seem to really help.
602157 tn?1443562354 Iv been diagnosed with RSV (basically bronchitis with other cold symptoms). However iv had it now for 3 weeks. It started where I was bed ridden for 3 days with a fever and chills and now its just a constant battle with congestion and a cough. I still have odd pains around my body but it feels like its never going. Any help with how long this virus can last? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Sore throat, voice loss, neck swelling - assumed it was a strain of common cold???
Avatar f tn Since his older brother had it when he was 9 months old it was so scary I dislike the winters because I fear every cold/cough they get. Has the RSV season begun already? My kids just started getting this cough, all of them have been just fine even my 3 yo until an hour ago...7pm. He has been breathing rapidly (53) since then but he doesn't have a fever or crying. He's sitting down now watching a video now.
Avatar f tn RSV is a resportory disease that starts as a common cold and then starts to shot down the resportory system very scary. We finally found out what it was that my daughter had. She had strep in the stomach and intestines. Instead of the strep staying in her throat she swallowed it. She got worse that ever after I posted this, so I brought her to a different hospital and they figured it out. thanks for responding.
Avatar f tn have a cold so hope it doesn't affect ovulation
Avatar n tn if this type of thing continues or if there is something I can do to help cure it or at least relieve him of some of the symptoms. Still no clue what caused it. But wondering what all it entails. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn CJ was very similar as a newborn, turns out when we all went to get out flu shots when he was an infant, he picked up RSV, which is essentially a persistent cold in infants and generally only causes problems with preemies or otherwise immunosuppressed infants. His simply presented as a persistent slew of cold symptoms and a chronic productive cough. Anyway, it caused me a great deal of grief, though admittedly CJ seemed less bothered by it than I was.
Avatar n tn Spent the day there pretty much and it scared the living daylights out of me. RSV is not common early summer when we got it last time, and really won't be showing up much till the fall, but still possible to get. We noticed more gagging and coughing and dehydration that quickly turned to choking. Within 2 days he went from little cough to turning purple he was choking so hard.
Avatar f tn or just a really bad cold. I get a really bad cold once almost every year. When i get it after a few weeks my symptoms get much better but the couch will often last for a month.
Avatar f tn Common Cold since Friday
Avatar f tn Well Evans RSV started out like a normal cold, so we didnt think anything of it. We were doing everything we could to try to get rid of it, but it got worse. One day he woke up and started wheezing. We took him to the hospital, and sure enough he had it. His turned into Bronchilitis then he had 3 ear infections from it. He was eating fine, and was happy so thats why we thought it was just a cold w/ a stuffy nose. If her condition worsens definately bring her in.
Avatar n tn org/diseases-conditions/respiratory-syncytial-virus/symptoms-causes/syc-20353098. This is a very common respiratory virus that many get. When you have a virus such as cold or flu or rsv, it's important to take care of yourself. You also need to watch for secondary infections. This is when bacteria does form in sinuses, lungs, ears, etc. This would be situations like sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections.
Avatar f tn ve been eating soups, drinking oj.. as it is, I already deal with discomforts from the pregnancy, my symptoms from this cold at making it much harder to be prego. I just feel worse.. Any of you get sick during pregnancy? If so, what made you feel better faster.. Help!!!!
Avatar f tn Nursing has been so difficult too. I had a cold about two weeks ago and so did his dad. What is an RSV ? I called his Dr. Today and they told me to keep using saline drops and and suctioning the mucus out and if it didn't get better with in 10 days to take him to the Er. I did order a "nose Frieda nasal aspirator" target has one so I'm still wating for that to arrive. Should I be super worried ?
377012 tn?1283965435 Also it may very well be the RSV affecting you! Thats pretty common hope you feel better and SSBD!
Avatar f tn Yes, you “should look into things.” It is not normal to have repeated bouts of fever. RSV in infancy is common and may predispose to asthma or frequent lung infections. You should ask his doctor if there is any sign of lung damage from the RSV. The good news is that, in most instances of RSV resulting in frequent bouts of croup or other respiratory infection, that frequent lung problems with fever are eventually “outgrown.
127529 tn?1331840780 d call the doc too. our last baby caught his siblings cold and it turned out to be RSV - very common cold virus but dangerous for newborns. he ended up having to use a nebulizer for a few weeks to help with the breathing.