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Avatar f tn I recenly had a stroke, I now having spasm in my brain and they go down to my right side of neck ,arm , shoulder. The muscle do not contract , you can even see it,it feels like my head is on fire and wants to explode.
Avatar n tn Hi Robbie, Yes you did have a small stroke. Your headaches are common after a stroke no matter how big or small the stroke its. The bad thing is that a headache caused from your stroke is that there is not much to do about it. I had monster headaches after my stroke. The good news is that it will go away in time. Your brain is re-wiring itself around the dead spot and all of the extra activity are probably causing the headaches.
Avatar f tn That would be due to the stroke. Strokes affect your brain and body! If you had a stroke then it will take time to recover, just give it some time. I know it is frustrating and I know you want to get back to normal give it some time and work hard at it.
Avatar n tn These changes are thought to be the long-term effects of atherosclerosis which cause less blood flow in these brain regions. Less blood flow means that the brain tissue can be irreversibly injured, which is referred to as "ischemic injury." Some MRI reports may state that "perivascular chronic ischemic white matter disease of aging" is seen.
Avatar m tn Usually, Lacunar infarct occurs due to occlusion of brain arteries and may result into stroke. Therefore, this may be associated with headache, numbness and paralysis like symptoms. If stoke occurs unfortunately, rehabilitation is the only effective way to help the patient regain function to the possible extent and prevent from permanent losses.
6359965 tn?1393488636 I had a mini stroke behind my right eye now I have a headache all the time is this normal?I had a carotid endarterectomy on the right side of my neck dec 20th 2013 ,Feb 18 2014 started having problems with my right eye.I went to the eye dr and he sent me to my dr that did the carotid endarterectomy and he said it was a mini stroke.I have like a gray fog over my eye all the time and like northern lights in the corner.My head hurts bad sometimes and I get nauseated.
Avatar f tn The specific abilities that may be lost or affected depend on where in the brain the stroke occurs and on the size of the stroke -- that is, how many brain cells were damaged. According to the National Stroke Association, someone who has a small stroke may experience effects such as weakness of a limb or difficulty walking. A person who has a bigger stroke may be paralyzed on one side or lose the ability to talk.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your assessment is ischemic damage reflected on my brain scan. I have read the side effects of zocor because I am already experiencing several side effects from Lamictal. Are there any natural medications I could use as an alternative? I have low blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are slightly over the normal range.
Avatar m tn Can there be residual side effects of a stroke like face tingling, dizziness, jaw tightness, muscle weakness?
Avatar m tn HI, I would like to know if a head injury that I had in childhood (I was hit on the head and I lost consciousness).. if it can have effects later in life.. like if i live a traumatic experience that reminds me of the one I lived when i was a child.. can my brain disjunct and can I be paralyzed.. like a stroke something?
Avatar n tn Hi, one of my relative had a brain stoke 3 days back, He had hematoma in brain in right basil ganglia and right tempora of front piratal lobe, now hematoma is reggresed , however his third and right lateral verticals are comprresed, Midline shift seems toward left with 5.
Avatar f tn Hi there, please see your doctor. This symptom can be a sign of a TIA or stroke affecting left side of your brain causing symptoms on your right side.
Avatar m tn My sister had a brain stroke after her brain surgery of her neuro cytoma tumor removal , she had a storke and almost 3/4 of her right of the brain was damaged on Jan 28 2010.... Now it is May 21 2010... she has the feeling returned to her left foot and can move on command as well as move her left hand's finger on command. Her physio therapy is going good with her walking with the help of belt and knee brace.
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding to my question. I talked with another doctor on Justanswer and apparently my stroke was a "mini stroke" or TIA. It wasn't as deep in the brain as yours was so it didn't cause any problems. They still didnn't say why I have the dizziness though. So I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it.. Thanks for the tip about the stomach muscles --I;ll be trying it. Hope things have gotten better for you .
Avatar m tn my cousin recently died we would smoke spice all the time we just got done smoking a bowl of spice resin and went inside to play xbox when he had a stroke right in front of my eyes he had a long history of heart surgery's and diebetes but could spice cause a 19 year old boy to have a stroke...or brain swelling?
Avatar n tn Even in case of my wife her left carotid artery is 100 % blocked. It was detected when she had a stroke on the right side of the brain. Doe to advanced age of 70 years they do not want to take risk to open the blocked artery.
Avatar n tn I thought I was suffering from a migraine but it turned out to have long term effects on my apperance, I have droppyness on the right side of my face, mental confusion from time to time, numbness in arms and hands and toes.and difficullty speaking muscle weakness,on the right side of my body.my mri was clear like yours,but I have a complete occlusion in my left artery.I also have uncontrolled b.p.
Avatar f tn Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination Sudden, severe headache with no known cause My daughters stroke was severe, and was a right sided stroke, which means it affected her entire left side.
Avatar n tn t seem to have much affect. Right after the stroke he had no movement on the right side of this body, could not speak, and was having trouble swallowing. We have seen very small improvements...he is mostly swallowing on his own, he has said the odd word (but not when he tries)....thats about it. He is still on a feeding tube and has trouble even sitting up. He seems to understand most of what we say, but its hard to be sure of that.
Avatar f tn My dad is suffering from frontotemperal dementia from last two years and recently undergone keyhole surgery for blood clot (brain).Now he is not able to move his right arm and leg and is bedridden.My question is this due to surgery or due to dementia?will physiotherapy help? can you please suggest something....
Avatar n tn I was wondering what kind of treatment or therapy would help his right arm. He has completely regained all that he lost with the stroke except his right arm. Can you please let me know if there are new type of treatment for his right arm. Otherwise, he is in great health.
Avatar m tn There are many causes, some very serious such as small stroke, aneurysm, brain tumor. He needs to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist as soon as possible and if shows signs of stroke or other concerning changes needs to go to emergency room or call ambulance. Sudden double vision is a very serious symptom.
591546 tn?1244636545 I just want to see if anyone could give me a few answers about the effects of brain lesions. I had a MRI back in april after an episode of studdering,stammering my word and confusion. MRI showed 2 lesions, one the right frontal subcortical white matter 2mm in diameter and another in the left frontal corona radiate 2mm in diameter. what are these areas of the brains function? and because these lesions are there can they cause problems and what problems? are these areas dead tissue?
Avatar f tn If you are having some TIA (min-stroke) type activity, getting treatment to try to prevent a full-blown stroke needs to begin TODAY!
Avatar f tn Because of the stroke, which I am assuming was caused by a clot in the brain since they are treating her with blood thinners, she needs to be on a thinner indefinitely. If she takes nothing, the chances of her having another stroke related to a clot is high. I am not sure if her physician would be agreeable to try a simple 81 mg baby aspirin with her. Plavix is another blood thinner that is prescribed also.
Avatar n tn For me it was the left side which means that the stroke was in the right side of my brain and vice versa. And are there different lingering effects for each side. Any comments would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
Avatar m tn Acute nonhemorrhagic left perisylvian and deep frontal white matter infarct (MCA territory). She had a mild stroke 4 years before on the right side and she is visiting the hospital every 1 or 2 months regularly to physician and he use to suggest the warf, etc. We felt that she was almost recovered but yet again she suffered as written above. Can you please suggest how to treat it? what are the implications?
Avatar m tn I had stroke on October 2008 and until right now I still can not use my right hand. My question is "Is there any exercise I can do at home especially for my right hand and my right shoulder?" I have limited movement on my right body.