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Avatar n tn It just keeps getting better and better, we could see improvement by the week, I was told that the brain after a stroke as part of the healing process goes through a stage of rewiring itself. I am a tradesman, I work with small intricate parts for repair and replacement, the first months of jobs were very difficult, the simple jobs were hard and I really had to concentrate. When not working I would work puzzles from the internet or play card games from Yahoo .
Avatar m tn In white matter disease or microvesicular ischemic disease of brain, pathology is associated with the brain white matter, either exclusively or in combination with grey matter changes. It occurs due to metabolism errors, exogenous toxins released by virus, autoimmune disease, leukodystrophy, demyelination, and radiation effects.
Avatar n tn These changes are thought to be the long-term effects of atherosclerosis which cause less blood flow in these brain regions. Less blood flow means that the brain tissue can be irreversibly injured, which is referred to as "ischemic injury." Some MRI reports may state that "perivascular chronic ischemic white matter disease of aging" is seen.
Avatar n tn I thought I was suffering from a migraine but it turned out to have long term effects on my apperance, I have droppyness on the right side of my face, mental confusion from time to time, numbness in arms and hands and toes.and difficullty speaking muscle weakness,on the right side of my body.my mri was clear like yours,but I have a complete occlusion in my left artery.I also have uncontrolled b.p.
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding to my question. I talked with another doctor on Justanswer and apparently my stroke was a "mini stroke" or TIA. It wasn't as deep in the brain as yours was so it didn't cause any problems. They still didnn't say why I have the dizziness though. So I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it.. Thanks for the tip about the stomach muscles --I;ll be trying it. Hope things have gotten better for you .
Avatar n tn He was at the hospital within 2 hours of the stroke, but the medicine to dissolve the blood clot didn't seem to have much affect. Right after the stroke he had no movement on the right side of this body, could not speak, and was having trouble swallowing. We have seen very small improvements...he is mostly swallowing on his own, he has said the odd word (but not when he tries)....thats about it. He is still on a feeding tube and has trouble even sitting up.
724734 tn?1230944872 I suffer from days of dizziness and roaming numbness in my right arm and occasionally in my feet, some days of brain fog and concentration and speaking problems, and some days I have just the dizziness. Sometimes the arm numbness reminds ,e of writing with a pen on a wall -if you don't hold the pen so the ink can flow, it runs out. My hand feels the same way... It tingles if the angle at my wrist is not pointing down.
6359965 tn?1393492236 I had a mini stroke behind my right eye now I have a headache all the time is this normal?I had a carotid endarterectomy on the right side of my neck dec 20th 2013 ,Feb 18 2014 started having problems with my right eye.I went to the eye dr and he sent me to my dr that did the carotid endarterectomy and he said it was a mini stroke.I have like a gray fog over my eye all the time and like northern lights in the corner.My head hurts bad sometimes and I get nauseated.
Avatar n tn My husband 46, had a right cerebellum stroke in November 09. He is recovering, but I am very interested in those who have the foggy brain, anxiety, or live wire feelings. This is one of his main issues. Doctor's don't understand, have prescribed anti-anxiety meds, which do not appear to be helping. Appreciate any words of wisdom. Well wishes and prayers for everyone's recovery.
Avatar f tn I recenly had a stroke, I now having spasm in my brain and they go down to my right side of neck ,arm , shoulder. The muscle do not contract , you can even see it,it feels like my head is on fire and wants to explode.
Avatar n tn Another concern is that I am also perscribed Effexor, which could have negatively interacted with the Maxalt (which is included in the Maxalt warnings). I just want to make sure that I did not suffer any brain damage from these side effects. Do you suggest an MRI since that CT Scan did not show anything? I have also heard that sometimes CT scans are not accurate less than 24 hours from a stroke.
Avatar f tn It could also have been caused by hypoglycemia. It could have been a minor cerebral accident (mini stroke). If it's a brain tumor, they will happen again. If it was hypoglycemia, as long as her blood sugar doesn't crash again, it should remain an isolated incident. If it was a cerebral accident, it may or may not happen again. At 15, though, I wouldn't start her on serious meds like anti-seizure meds unless the seizures were happening on a daily or even weekly basis.
1133274 tn?1260365528 The fatigue after a stroke is common. patient's with a right sided (right brained stroke) can have problems with cognition, attention, though organization, interpeting higher level language skills, memory, etc., depending on the part of the brain affected. Speak to your doctor about the other symptoms you may be having as well.
Avatar f tn After the procedure she had a massive stroke o right side of brain. One day later her brain begin to swell, they took her to surgey and had to remove the entire right skull. She was sleep for 8 days on a vent. now she has a tracheostomy and is breathing on her own. Her eyes are open but not functioning. Her left side is not functioning. They said she had severe brain damage. Today she was to go to a nursing home, but they did a EEG and saw she was havjng seizures.
Avatar f tn If you are having some TIA (min-stroke) type activity, getting treatment to try to prevent a full-blown stroke needs to begin TODAY!
368646 tn?1208397487 My theory is that the hemangioma burst from the brain swelling due to the HSV-1 (I've now had two strokes, both occurring right before my period.) I posed this to my Neurologist to where she prescribed Acyclovir in hopes of it making the virus dormant again and that I fully recover. Do you know of any articles/experiences where an anti-viral helped after so much time has passed?
Avatar m tn I recently experienced double vision when looking left so my doctor ordered brain MRI. I received a copy of the report that states the following: MRI Findings: The ventricles, sulci, and cesternal spaces are within normal limits. No midline shift or other evidence of mass effect. There are multifocal small high signal lesions throughout the periventricular white matter tracts on the T2/FLAIR images, most compatible with chronic small vessel ischemia.
Avatar n tn By an MRI they found a lesion on her brain due to a stroke she had suffered at birth or right around then. She has been healthy other than the seizures she had this past summer. Does anyone know of a person having epilepsy due to a stroke? If so, I would like to know their prognosis.
Avatar n tn Likely what is happening is that your seizure activity starts with the right side of your brain and can spread to the other side of your brain giving you both right and left sided seizures. Unless you control the seizure activity, the symptoms that you describe will likely remain. You should not drive until you are seizure free for a period of time, each state has their own requirements.
Avatar f tn My stroke was in aug.of 2007. I had a bleed on the right side of my brain although I didnt have any lingering effects ..my hair has become really unmanageableand I have a hard time making it look presentable.I had MRI's and CAT scans could they have caused this?
Avatar n tn It's also important to know where exactly in the brainstem the stroke was, how large it was, was there any involvement of the arteries in his neck or brain like a tear in the vertebral artery and how well his stroke risk factors such as the high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol were really being controlled. FOr one thing, a tear in the vertebral artery can occur as a result of trauma and lead to a brainstem stroke.
Avatar n tn My mum has had a aortic dissection about three weeks ago she has survived the operation. Thank god. Without no complications. The family is a bit concerned now that she might have had a stroke on the operting table. She can walk talk swallow and all the usual functions apart from here right hand she has got the feeling back in here hand but the dexterity in her fingers is somewhat limiting. After the operation she had to be sedated for for two weeks She is on Amiodarone for the af now.
Avatar f tn Back in October my diabetic mother had a stroke on the right side of her brain. I want to know what exactly caused her to pass away. Was it the fact that she couldn't eat, being that she was a diabetic, eventually causing her to go into a coma and die or does the stroke itself do something like hinder her from breathing . Was there something that made her stop breathing because of the stroke itself? She was getting something through an IV but I'm sure there wasn't much nourishment there.
Avatar f tn --ischemic stroke, right side brain, left side paralysis. My 80 yr old father had a stroke 4 months ago. About 1-1/2 months ago he started experiencing mild itching on his legs and has now become chronic all over his body. Most of his meds have rash and itching side effects. Aggrenox was just changed to Plavix, but the itching has not stopped. 325mg of aspirin is also a future consideration as a blood thinner. He was given Ativan 0.5mg two days ago to stop the itching.
Avatar n tn I am not certain whether it is the effects of the stroke(s) or ageing or medication or what! I must say his long term memory is quite accurate...short term memory is pretty dreadful.
Avatar n tn in may of 2006, i awoke to have blurred vision, left eye was like looking at a tv with vertical hold broken...ws taken to hospital and told that i had vertigo............had an ashy taste in mouth, slurred speech, memory loss on simple words-i walked like an old person--they did a CT and nothing, i was given mezclazine(?
1394098 tn?1385963734 So my brain didnt seem right before I knew I had Hep C. They even did an MRI on my brain to try and figure things out. Thats why I wondered if the Hep C and brain fog were related or just coincidental. Its been 15 months since I stopped tx and my hands still shake. The only way I know how to deal with this kind of thing is to joke around about it. I have suffered with a lot of pain. I had back surgery one year prior to the Hep C diagnosis.
Avatar m tn he is weak on the right side and has issues with short term memory. the docotr said it looks like the stroke was when he had his open heart surgery. my question if anyone can help is why did he have the signs of a stroke last year (has had no signs since then) and has now had the effects since that one day in June.