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Avatar m tn Can there be residual side effects of a stroke like face tingling, dizziness, jaw tightness, muscle weakness?
Avatar f tn I recenly had a stroke, I now having spasm in my brain and they go down to my right side of neck ,arm , shoulder. The muscle do not contract , you can even see it,it feels like my head is on fire and wants to explode.
Avatar f tn Because of the stroke, which I am assuming was caused by a clot in the brain since they are treating her with blood thinners, she needs to be on a thinner indefinitely. If she takes nothing, the chances of her having another stroke related to a clot is high. I am not sure if her physician would be agreeable to try a simple 81 mg baby aspirin with her. Plavix is another blood thinner that is prescribed also.
Avatar n tn I have no other side effects but the dull headaches. I looked it up and it seems that this means I could have had some sort of stroke. Does anyone know anything about this and the prognosis and treatment since I cannot get in to see a neurologist for a month and a half.
Avatar m tn Yes I have medication side effects that are in clinical study myself that are neurological but they are researching them and understanding what they are and I am working with them. Bipolar disorder is a specific psychiatric disability. It would not be caused by medications but they could cause mood disruptions.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your assessment is ischemic damage reflected on my brain scan. I have read the side effects of zocor because I am already experiencing several side effects from Lamictal. Are there any natural medications I could use as an alternative? I have low blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are slightly over the normal range.
Avatar f tn The specific abilities that may be lost or affected depend on where in the brain the stroke occurs and on the size of the stroke -- that is, how many brain cells were damaged. According to the National Stroke Association, someone who has a small stroke may experience effects such as weakness of a limb or difficulty walking. A person who has a bigger stroke may be paralyzed on one side or lose the ability to talk.
Avatar f tn I had a massive R brain stroke last August. I am only 52. I was a miracle. I lrft hospital ICU after 4or 5 days sent to nursing home for rehab but left AMA in early Oct. Able to walk w/o walker most of the time but balance is still impared. I cook some simple meals I do some easy household tasks. The depression is really getting me down. My husband tries very hard but I'm realizing I lrft rehab to early. So I try to help as much as I can.
Avatar m tn side effects of Keppra seem to contradict what our goals for mom are....memory loss, mood changes, mental changes and vision changes among others. Is Keppra safe to use for this (it is not being used with any other seizure medication....just by itself)? We want to wean her off, but the doctor is wanting to keep her on it.
Avatar n tn s symptoms, you would expect to see findings such as a drooping of the right side of the face or perhaps slower/less movement on that side (because the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body). High blood pressure is the single most important risk factor for stroke, and in a patient with diabetes it is crucial to control the blood pressure for optimal prevention of future strokes.
Avatar n tn The fact that the hematoma is regressing is a good sign but how long is hard to tell. Paralysis of one side of the body is one of the features of stroke. The medical management includes medications to dissolve the clot, to prevent further clot formation and to keep the risk factors like High BP, and high cholesterol under control. Rehab therapy helps in recovery from loss of physical function. Please make sure that the rehab therapy is under a trained instructor.
Avatar f tn That would be due to the stroke. Strokes affect your brain and body! If you had a stroke then it will take time to recover, just give it some time. I know it is frustrating and I know you want to get back to normal give it some time and work hard at it.
Avatar n tn Hello dear, You probably had a Transient Ischaemic Attack or a mini stroke caused by the temporary disturbance of blood supply to a restricted area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that usually persists for less than 24 hours.The most frequent symptoms include temporary loss of vision ; difficulty speaking (aphasia); weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis); and numbness or tingling (paresthesia), usually on one side of the body.
Avatar m tn I suffered a mini stroke a few weeks ago, losing feeling in my left side. I have the feeling back in my leg but it's not 100%. Although I have major pain in my left arm which is causing me problems sleeps as the tablets I am on does seem to work as I am taking morphine as well. The part that I don't understand is that I had a MRI and they found white with black circles on my brain, can you show some light on this please what are they?
Avatar n tn Is this a normal side effect of a TIA? My doctors told me there is no brain damage and thus no side effects but I seem to experience them. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Particularly this long after a TIA? In response to another post, my MIAs showed nothing as well.
Avatar f tn It can happen at any age. Just know the side effects of a stroke coming on, the sooner you know the faster you can get treatment. Time lose is brain loss. There are various types of strokes. My stroke was in the brainstem, they consider that to be the worsekind. Your brainstem is like a central hub of your bodies functions. You'll feel numbness, slurring your speech, and your walking is unbalanced. I hope this helps answer your question.....
Avatar n tn For me it was the left side which means that the stroke was in the right side of my brain and vice versa. And are there different lingering effects for each side. Any comments would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
Avatar f tn --ischemic stroke, right side brain, left side paralysis. My 80 yr old father had a stroke 4 months ago. About 1-1/2 months ago he started experiencing mild itching on his legs and has now become chronic all over his body. Most of his meds have rash and itching side effects. Aggrenox was just changed to Plavix, but the itching has not stopped. 325mg of aspirin is also a future consideration as a blood thinner. He was given Ativan 0.5mg two days ago to stop the itching.
Avatar n tn My Dad, age 70, just suffered an ischemic stroke on the left side of his brain. He was at the hospital within 2 hours of the stroke, but the medicine to dissolve the blood clot didn't seem to have much affect. Right after the stroke he had no movement on the right side of this body, could not speak, and was having trouble swallowing. We have seen very small improvements...he is mostly swallowing on his own, he has said the odd word (but not when he tries)....thats about it.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the numbness is so strong, the inside of my ear goes numb, as well as the whole left side of my head. I was talking to my mom, b/c she had 2 brain tumors when she was 34. I am 32 going on 33. Sometimes I say things that make no sense, or I know what I'm trying to say, but can't say it out loud. And now I started to stutter. Does anyone know, if I should be really concerned? I have no insurance. I just want to know what this sounds like to anyone with experience with tumors..
Avatar m tn HI, I would like to know if a head injury that I had in childhood (I was hit on the head and I lost consciousness).. if it can have effects later in life.. like if i live a traumatic experience that reminds me of the one I lived when i was a child.. can my brain disjunct and can I be paralyzed.. like a stroke something?
Avatar f tn My stroke was in aug.of 2007. I had a bleed on the right side of my brain although I didnt have any lingering effects hair has become really unmanageableand I have a hard time making it look presentable.I had MRI's and CAT scans could they have caused this?
Avatar n tn This could also be side effects of a bad migraine. Numbness in face one side, vision impairment, ect. See a doctor and get your brain checked. MRI or MRA as soon as possible. There are treatments if it is migraine problems. If it is a stroke or TIA you should be treated ASAP!
Avatar f tn I had been on Effexor for several years and have gotten off of it after finding it has a connection with causing neurapthy in the feet. I have it more in the left than the right foot, in the toes and joints and part of my feet. have also found that I clench my teeth almost constantly, not quite grinding but tightly sliding them back and forward unconsciously. I have also read somewhere else that Effexor can cause a person to have a stroke-like effect or appearance in their face.
Avatar n tn the doctor prescribed plavix for my mother as she has a brain stroke. after she took the medicine for 10 days the follwoing symptoms starts to appear: diarrhea, itching, skin redness and rash. We are not much worry about the diarrhea as much as the other symptoms because my mother can't stop scratching herself and her body is pink to red. the doctor said she can't stop the medicine because this put her situation endanger. What can be done in such a situation?
Avatar m tn her surgery was fine and her biopsy showed grade 5 ,whatever that means but the doctors said that all traces are destroyed and we are very lucky to have such a good result,and we started on radition to complete the final step,3 days into it she started to get breatless while sleeping ,and was very disturbed ,the full night the next morning we went to battery of test x ray ecg elecctolites serum ,protiens ect,,,,all were normal but still no repise ,at last the doctor said do a echo and that s
Avatar m tn Steroids can be life saving drugs indicated in various conditions but with associated multiple side effects. In the nervous system, it can cause depression and psychosis. Prednisolone can also aggravate pre-existing seizure disorder. Certain precautions that your physician would be taking care of are, using the lowest possible dose, for the shortest time, alternate day dosing can be followed if possible, and gradual withdrawal to limit the adrenal suppression.
Avatar m tn Weakness or numbness on one side of the body does not mean that it was a Stroke. The adverse effects of Effexor overdose are- vertigo, dizziness, nausea, numbness/tingling in the hands or feet, sleepiness, rapid or slow heartbeat, low blood pressure, seizures, or coma. Since you had taken a heavy overdose and that too pills expired 5 yrs back, the adverse effects would be even worse in severity.