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Avatar n tn My father recently suffered a right brain stroke. I have noticed the drooping in his mouth does seem to be getting better, and he does have some movement in his left leg. So far we have not seen any movement in his left arm, although he says he has been able to move hs fingers a few times if he really concentrates. Is there any hope that he will regain use of his arm?
Avatar f tn My brother had a massive stroke with a bleed on the brain and brain swelling, he was on a ventilator he can't eat or talk he has nothing on his right side but his left side is functional and he is very alert holds and kisses my hand and he acts like he's trying to tell me something what r his chances of being able to eat and talk again...
Avatar m tn He had a intercranial hemmorage on the Left side of his brain. He has paralysis on right side (both arm and leg) and inability to speak..although he is trying.... Any words of encouragement or insight is appreciated. Thank You!
Avatar f tn I am the care taker as well to a 55 year old male who suffered a massive right sided stroke Sept 29th, had a carainiotomy Oct 1, 2010. He will undergo a crainioplasty Jan 10th, 2011. He as well is slow to progress at this point. He had some hip movement, and trace of upper thigh movement. While he has learned to sit up on his own, and can transfer with help, little progress. I have not heard of accupucture for strokes but worth a look into based on above comments.....
Avatar m tn My 60 year old mother is recovering from her 3rd stroke . This current stroke was a massive one & she can not Talk or Walk or respond to commands... Her right side is paralyzed. All she can do at the moment is open her eyes and look to the Left and stare. The Doctors told me that this is how she might be for the rest of her life. Im scared to death because she is so young and i cant picture my life without her in it .
Avatar n tn I believe I had a clot somwhere in my leg which had travelled to my brain and had finally come and settled in my left throat. That is why i had a stroke in my entire right side.Right from my right side chin to all my movement in th right side was paralised. I had even lost my speech. But it was my determination and and my constant exercises that helped me get bk to normalwithin 1 year.
Avatar n tn Had a Brain Stem Stroke on my right side on 08/09/07. I am still having excess hiccups when I talk or try any movement, sensitivity to light at times, having problems with determining hot and cold with my left arm, and severe vertigo problems dizziness and naseousness. I am not having much success in getting answers on what my recovery will or will not be at this point. Any suggestions on what areas I should go to try and help with my recovery?
Avatar n tn The therapist tells us patient cannot reason or understand due to middle cerebral artery being blocked, causing a right brain stroke. Within one week, could read cards, draw a circle, square etc. on dry erase board when asked. Could communicate by board to check battery in car at home, by drawing which car and then battery to the side. Has also drawn motorhome, with windows, basement doors and the tow dolly behind. He has only began to speak few words.
Avatar m tn Kkris my mother had a stroke in2005(can't remember the right year)She was on machine and lost her speach and the ablity to move any left side.As a family we all wash her and as we did we message her mucels. Before her pass in 2009 she told me she was able to move her arm.So don't give up now it also takes your mom to want to get better.Encourage your mom,tell her that she getting better. Put the egarness in her heart so she may see herslf.
Avatar n tn Hi, one of my relative had a brain stoke 3 days back, He had hematoma in brain in right basil ganglia and right tempora of front piratal lobe, now hematoma is reggresed , however his third and right lateral verticals are comprresed, Midline shift seems toward left with 5.
Avatar m tn My sister had a brain stroke after her brain surgery of her neuro cytoma tumor removal , she had a storke and almost 3/4 of her right of the brain was damaged on Jan 28 2010.... Now it is May 21 2010... she has the feeling returned to her left foot and can move on command as well as move her left hand's finger on command. Her physio therapy is going good with her walking with the help of belt and knee brace.
Avatar f tn He was unconsoius when brought to the hospital. The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?
199954 tn?1294948269 Today she had a stroke and is at a private hospital in ICU. She 77 white female. Her right side is stroke. Her right brain is blood clot. When I saw her she kind of responded to me. She can move her legs. Right she is sleeping. It is night here in Turkey. I believe she will be ok, but I am still concerned. Any opinions or advice?
Avatar n tn as your mom has had a stroke on the left side of her brain, then it will affect the right side of the body. the right side of your brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. it all depends with each patient on the recovery, and depending on how bad the stroke is and your moms health prior to the stroke.
Avatar n tn my aunt got an stroke and she had an excellent recovery. Unfortunately after a while she started having visual problems such as double vision. She also complained about not being able to move her right eye to see the floor or to see the walls. What nerve or nerves might have been affected by the stroke? why? .
Avatar m tn We'll my dad had lacunar stroke on right side of brain Oct 17 2013 . He is paralyzed on left side. He was walking with walker nov 2 2013 but nov 27 he got pneumonia and his heart got irregular. He had a critical troponin result that day. Now he has a half inch bed sore and he is kinda giving up. Dec 17 the rehab center suggested hospice plan ideas. Disappointing.
Avatar n tn My Dad had been suffering from Brain hamorrage on left side and right side completely paralysis.He had recovering day by day by physiotherapy daily unfortunately he couldn't speek but he has voice. He had been consulted by Speech therapist Doctor.Why he couldn't speek yet even he had stroke since one year ago? Is there any treatment so that he can speek like before?
Avatar n tn An ischemic stroke causes an area of the brain to be deprived of oxygen, which weakens the neuro-transmition of signals that start in the brain and travel to the muscles. If this area dies (when it is deprived of oxygen), the nerves innervating the muscles are affected. The trunk muscles are responsible for patients sitting up on their own, and just as though he cannot move his arm or leg, the trunk muscles are probably weak and make it hard for him to sit up independently.
1970136 tn?1325774007 Her love isn't gone, she may just not be remembering it right now because she has too much other stuff to deal with, her brain has had parts erased and her body isn't working properly either, so all of her attention may be focused on that right now, it's like the computer is restarting properly. You have to hope and pray and let her know she is loved even if she's out of it right now dealing with the brain system failure.
Avatar f tn He was rushed in a helicopter to a specialty hospital for Neurosurgery. He had brain surgery and they removed the right front flap of skull so his brain can heal because it was very swollen. On top of his stroke my father has respiratory and heart conditions. He has a feeding tube and trachea, EVEN THOUGH he is breathing on his own and all of his vitals signs are doing well thank God.
Avatar n tn At least, you are not alone. Right now, my mother is staying in a stroke ward with other stroke victims. Fortunately, my family and I have been able to talk to other families. Most of them have been positive as it's their 2nd or 3rd round with their parents' stroke. They told us that it took some time but they did recover so now they are hopeful. Their parents will recover again as they have already gone through the process. I hope that this may help you there Nikita.
Avatar f tn my mother in law is paralysed by the right side after a medium size brain haemorrhage. she cannot talk nor swallow food.she is totally bed ridden. she is fed pureed food via a peg through the stomach.she is also a heart patient with 2 prior angioplasties done. 3 stents are placed in her heart. frequently her urination stops and her legs start swelling. she often hospitalised. too may bed sores. what are her chances of recovery post brain surgery?
Avatar f tn I can tell you 100% that your emotions change right after a stroke. Crying is very common. I can tell you that I had about a 6 month time right after my stroke that I cried at least one time everyday, mosts days several times. You have to understand that some of this crying is not all of time emotional. Sometimes crying is like a reflex is the best way I can describe it. There is a trauma that happened to his brain.
Avatar n tn There are several references of stroke recovery ad one full chapter on stroke recovery. I have a 4 year daughter that has suffered a stroke and has left hemiparesis and epilepsy. She also has mild dysphagia. I have a exp working with stroke and TBI pts and have had training in a number of therapies. IMO, the absoulte best and most effective treatment out there for stroke pts is constraint induced movement therapy. I have been doing this with my daughter and she is making tremendous strides.
Avatar n tn It just keeps getting better and better, we could see improvement by the week, I was told that the brain after a stroke as part of the healing process goes through a stage of rewiring itself. I am a tradesman, I work with small intricate parts for repair and replacement, the first months of jobs were very difficult, the simple jobs were hard and I really had to concentrate. When not working I would work puzzles from the internet or play card games from Yahoo .
374661 tn?1199915475 Hi, my 37 year old boyfriend had a ruptered brain anyerysm leading to a massive stroke. He was in ICU for 3 months in a medicated coma. He is know in a dump of a nursing home as he has no insurance. Anyway he is paralyzed on the right side of his body, he can carry normal conversation but all he want to do is sleep. My question is, will he ever be able to walk or use his arm or go to the bathroom by himself? Will we ever have intimacy? If anyone can help me. i really need some encouraging words!
Avatar n tn I enjoy reading that research is leading to new breakthroughs to help victims of stroke. I have also read that although most recovery for stroke patients is seen within the first 6 months, that patients may recover for YEARS after stroke. I personally believe that a persons will and the support they receive greatly assist in their ability to recover. Researchers are also making breakthroughs to assist in the treatment of aphasis, dysphagia, paralysis etc.
Avatar n tn The 6 month to 1 year recovery is from the part of the brain that was knocked out from the stroke, Any part of the brain that completely died will need to use neuroplasticity to recover and that takes a long time and lots of mental ability. This part of recovery is wholly dependent on the patient themselves since they need to understand that they are retraining their brain.
Avatar m tn My wife of 40 years suffered a stroke August 7th. She just started to be able to speak on Sept 9. The doctor said the swelling in the brain did NOT stop until around August 28th and said that when the swelling ended then recovery would begin. Is that correct? She is paralyzed on the LEFT side with sensation now in the left leg; none on the left arm. She has left-side neglect but that seems to have lessened slightly.