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Avatar f tn The author, after reviewing the data, agrees with ICN. Ribavirin is active against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common infection in children. It is approved by the FDA for this use in the U.S., but the approved preparation is a liquid preparation for aerosol delivery. Though some of the drug is absorbed orally when used in this fashion, no oral preparation has been approved in the U.S. Use of the pediatric formulation in adults for other purposes would be prohibitively expensive.
Avatar n tn So i was wondering if somebody was given Ribavirin for RSV outside the window period (two years after last unprotected incident exactly) and days later undergoes Elisa testing; is Ribavirin effective enough to decrease the immune system's exposure to HIV to a point in which it would blunt antibodies response, therefore leading to a false negative? or producing a false negative in any other way? This is the last question i ask before either rolling up this sleeve and move on or get re-tested.
Avatar m tn Getting sick in China is not like in the States. The meds here are really very weak in comparison to the west. Thanks again!
Avatar m tn They have been treating her with an array of antibiotics including Ribavirin and IVIG for the RSV and they now believe they have taken care of the infections and are awaiting cultures to confirm. She has been receiving plasmapheresis daily for the TTP and her platelet count has gone from 59 to 130. She is also receiving intravenous Plaquenil, CellCept, and Prednisone for her lupus.
Avatar m tn it proves nicely that even high doses of RSV are unlikely to have any effect on HCV replication in vivo in man. How so? On page 187 Fig 2 you will see the effect of increasing micromols of RSV on fold replication of the HCV construct, readout by the luciferase assay. On page 188 similarlily in fig 4 the effect on the subgenomic replicon cells. RSV in micromols/Liter vs fold replication enhancement. Good work, we assume.
Avatar m tn I don't believe that Ribavirin was ever available in injection form. I treated in 2000 and it was an oral drug then. "...Although ICN was allowed in 1980 to market ribavirin, in inhalant form, for RSV infection in children, the U.S. market for this indication was small.
Avatar n tn As to I-Horn's suggestion of taking the ribavirin a week in advance of the shot, one of our members, FlGuy, did so as part of a planned strategy. This is not standard procedure by any means but personally I think it has great merit and would do it myself if I hypothetically had to treat again. That said, best to follow your doctor's directions, not to mention that pre-dosing ribavirin would screw up your blood tests at the doctors if he plans on taking them the day of your first injection.
Avatar f tn BTW, there's a nasal spray of Ribavirin that they've used in children for colds. I've seen it in the PDR. But, I'm not sure that they're prescribing it for kids anymore. This was about 5-6 years ago that I saw it there. So, if you're worried about that cold, I'd just say don't. Your white cells and red cells don't usually drop until you've alread been into treatment a least about a month. But, as always, ask your doctor.
Avatar m tn On page 188 similarlily in fig 4 the effect on the subgenomic replicon cells. RSV in micromols/Liter vs fold replication enhancement. Good work, we assume. Now there are a few papers that have actually measured, in a reliable well documented HPLC fashion, the achieved RSV concentration in the blood of human subjects after exposure to 250 and 500mg of 99% transResveratrol.
29837 tn?1414538248 It was found that ribavirin when combined with interferon produced a snygery that proved to be a major breakthrough for treating hepatitis C. Ribavirin (in a mist form) is also approved for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in children. The treatment with combination therapy consists of interferon (Intron A - 3 million units thrice weekly) plus ribavirin (800-1200mg/day).
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