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Avatar m tn There is a feature article I wrote on dry eyes which you should read also posted on my blog. Dry eyes are a chronic problem which means you speak of controling it not curing it. I rarely use punctal plugs anymore. They fall out sooner or later and sometime run on the eye. The definitive treatment for dry eyes is restasis, which is the widely used prescription drop in the United States. My wife has been on restasis for 6 years with fabulous results. Need to know this.
Avatar f tn and since I have insurance but not the money to pay my alternative healer, then I'm open to going back down a western medicine path once I have somewhat of an idea what I may be dealing with.
Avatar f tn I have used Restasis and have tried allergy drops. My eyes are always red and feel as if I have something in them (which is the bumps under my eyelids). Does anyone know what I can do about this. I've been to so many eye Dr's. and I cannot get them cleared up. I used to wear contact lenses and now I can no longer wear them. It has been almost 5 years since I was able to wear my contacts. Some Dr's. want to give me steriod drops, but I do not want to put them in my eyes.
Avatar n tn A few low water contact brands are Focus Night & Day, Acuvue Advance, Acuvue Oasays, Purevision. It might help if you found a very knowledgeable optometrist. I just read about another great alternative currently available in the UK only: 1-Day Acuvue True (made of silicone hyrdrogel). They're supposed to be available here in the USA soon.
Avatar f tn How can I address this issue to my opthalmologists to encourage them to look into alternative methods of treatment if there are any rather than prescibing a short course during an active flareup? I am already aware of basic eye care but are there any additional ideas that I could try at home to improve my situation in regards to how to care for my eyes during and in between flareups.
Avatar f tn 11247-Countries-where-Restasis-is-available Of course, there isn't a way to know as yet whether Restasis would solve your problem, but it is a shame you don't have a way to try it. In terns of other patients with your problem and how they have dealt with it, the DryEyeZone website forums may also help you. There is a search box in the upper right part of the website; just enter 'red eyes' or similar and you will see you are far from alone. Here is one such example: http://www.dryeyezone.
Avatar n tn My doctors have put me on pred forte and restasis. I did not want to take the restasis due to the monthly cost of $175. The pred forte, which are prednisone drops, relieve the inflammation and much of the pain. When I stop, though, symtoms return. I cannot watch tv or be at a computer for more than just a few minutes. I have to wear sunglasses, close my eyes to light, and sometimes even wear an eye patch.
Avatar f tn Eye drops and ointments have stopped helping, so I turned to alternative medicine and tried many natural solutions like garlic, apple cidar vinegar, coconut oil, honey, etc, which all worked for about a month and a half and then, 3 days ago, it all came back suddenly yet gradually, worse than before.. I went to see my eye doctor immediately and he prescribed me one of the same strong antibiotic eye drop (pred forte), which I've tried before, and which has helped ease the symptoms..
Avatar m tn Unfortunately there is no generic brand alternative to Restasis, so a three month supply costs me $130 - and that's just the portion not covered by my insurance. To some this might not seem like a lot of money, but to me it is. They come in individual one-use plastic vials and I use each vial twice rather than once. I was told by my optometrist to discard each vial after 24 hours since the open vial is susceptible to bacteria growth.
Avatar m tn Yesterday on a followup visit with the second doctor, she decided my eye was dry and I should continue with Restasis and come back in three months. We have discussed when I have my right eye operated on, since I have astigmatism, I should consider having a toric IOL, which would cost an additional $1,000 out of pocket. I had read on these forums the possibility of having limbar relaxing incisions as an alternative to the toric.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are suffering so much. If you do have dry eyes, there are many things you can try which you have not mentioned: 1) Preservative free artificial tears are over the counter. Use them every hour during the day. 2) Use a preservative free bland eye ointment before bed to soothe your eyes during the night. Ask your pharmacist to find the most cost effective one for you. This is also over the counter.
Avatar m tn After the surgery (or even before, if you want to try ahead of time) maybe you can try Restasis, punctal plugs and/or other methods of addressing your dry eye problem to see if you can tolerate a contact lens in the LE for a greater percentage of the day. If so, it would be much easier to deal with the refractive 'gap' between the two eyes.
Avatar f tn Are you talking about drops similar to restasis - I am blanking on the name - but used for chronic excema, severe blepharitis, severe allergies but used as an alternative to steroids? That's about the only drop that I can think of of that might be sought after by americans who wanted to used something non-fda approved.
Avatar f tn No inflammation or anything wrong with my Thyroid. I am seeing an alternative doctor who thinks I may have an underactive thyroid and low progesterone even though my tests looked like my thyroid was normal. Taking thyroid supplements and progesterone but haven't noticed any difference yet (been taking them for about 3 weeks now). I have been experiencing all of the above symptoms for 3 months now. Any insight?
Avatar m tn That worked, but 2-3 weeks later, the redness returned. I have been on restasis for about 4 months and I have been on optivar on and off for about 3 years. I am allergic to everything. I am pretty depressed that I can't make this redness go away, it is embarrassing. Please let me know if you have found a solution in your case.
Avatar f tn None of the cases reported of cancer developing in people who had at some time received topical (as to by mouth or injection) drugs related to tacrolimus and cyclosporin are very convincing, there were only a handful reported, and the increasing consensus is swinging increasingly to the safety of these medicines when used on the skin or in the eye. Particularly, the evidence suggests they are safer than the alternative which is steroids, including the cancer risk.
Avatar m tn As a non-expert I would think that if I continue to have significant acuity problems with one eye, having both of them at about the refraction is probably going to give me better results. As an alternative, has anyone ever heard of a strategy using one eye for everything and the lesser quality eye just for periphery/stereopsis? I.e., not worry too much about where the “bad” eye ends up, and get a multifocal IOL (or just wear a multifocal contact) on the other. Thanks for any thoughts.
Avatar m tn My eyes before my recent surgery were quite different, one much stronger than the other. The surgery was on the weaker eye with the other to follow soon. I received an Acrysoft monofocal IOL set for distance. I'm told I have some astigmatism that was not there before surgery. Before I needed glasses for distance but read and used the computer without them. Now I have 20/30 in the operated eye and cannot read with it unless the print is very, very large.
Avatar n tn I 've tried warm compresses and restasis but this doesn't seem to help. I am a contact lens wearer.