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Avatar n tn For a six-pack to show, you must reduce body fat. The body fat percentage necessary to reveal a cut torso varies according to your genes and body type, but for most men, a percentage of 6 to 8 percent will reveal abs, while for women require a percentage of about 11 to 13 percent. To reduce body fat, reduce calories below what you burn daily, which can be determined by finding your basal metabolic rate. A 250- to 500- deficit daily will lead to a 1/2- to 1-pound weight loss in a week.
Avatar m tn Eat a diet of 25% or more protein and 40% or less carbs (improves egg quality and doubles pregnancy rate in IVF) Consume dairy fat (reduces risk of unexplained and anovulatory infertility by 27% and 50%, respectively) Avoid low fat dairy (increases risk of unexplained infertility by 85%) Don't drink alcohol before conception (reduces live birth rate by 21% in IVF patients) Increase monounsaturated fats Increase saturated fats (lowers risk of infertility by 17%) Decrease trans fats Reduce polyu
Avatar m tn Refined white sugar isn't any healthier, but you can replace it with small amounts of nutritional sweeteners, including honey, blackstrap molasses, and maple syrup, all of which have high levels of vitamins and minerals. Sprouts Doug Powell, PhD, professor of food safety at Kansas State University The Problem: Sprouts have been the source of so many major food recalls that they're not worth the risk, Powell says.
958842 tn?1266516199 Exercise Rest well Avoid junk food, caffeine, tobacco, sodas, sweeteners, and refined carbohydrates. Do not eat any meat or animal products which have been treated with growth hormone. This includes most of the meat, eggs, milk products and cheese found at the supermarket. Avoid dairy products, raw vegetables, and cold foods. Eat foods which tonify the kidney and spleen, and supplement your diet with blue-green algae, wheat grass, and green power foods.
734343 tn?1239605341 ASHES101 Advanced Scientific Health Education Segments Disease names are misleading and confuse patients about prevention and treatment. The fastest way to solve most problems is to immediately establish cause and effect relationships. Failure to identify the true cause of a problem inevitably results in an incorrect assessment of what must be done to correct it. When it comes to sickness, treating the effect as a cause is a prescription for public health disaster.
Avatar n tn Thus, when a person does not replenish depleted goycogen stores by eating carbohydrates, body proteins are dismantled to make glucose to fuel these special cells. The conversation of protein to glucose is called gluconeogenesis - literally, the making of new glucose. Only adequate dietary carbohydrate can prevent this use of protein for energy, and this role of carbohydrate is known as its protein-sparing action.
Avatar n tn Lexapro is supposed to be a refined version of Celexa, unfortunately you will find that it will have all the same side-effects as celexa or any of the other SSRI's. What you need to do is to have a simple enzyme test for the enzyme P450. If you have low or no P450 enzymes then you body with no metablize the medication and will have a toxic buildup which will lead to experiencing severe side-effects. I would suggest looking at the physical cause of your anxiety.
969132 tn?1249327851 This will help you rest and rebuild those burned out glands. If you drink coffee, switch to green tea. Sugar and refined carbohydrates are a big no-no. I recommend a book written by an endocrinologist called "The Schwartzbein Principle". There are no drugs that are going to solve this problem. But there are plenty of things you can do to turn it around. Good luck.
620923 tn?1452919248 ll also give you a dose of vitamin D, another proven mood lifter that increases serotonin in the brain. Whole Grains Carbohydrates trigger the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which relaxes you and soothes stress. If you have refined carbs, like regular pasta or high-sugar snacks, you get the initial happy buzz, but a huge crash later on. Complex carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa and oats burn more steadily and hence keep you feeling better longer.
Avatar n tn In most cases, the simplest WORKING DEFINITION OF ANXIETY is the way you perceive HIGH ADRENALINE. If adrenaline is moderately high for too long a time, people feel anxious and wonder why. This is called "free-floating " anxiety. If, on the other hand, adrenaline shoots up to a very high value rapidly, and then decreases rapidly, the anxiety is brief but intense. This is called a "panic attack.
3060903 tn?1398568723 The new Pyramid maintains the original messages above, while providing more definition about how much each food group contributes to a daily diet. We also updated the variety of foods that are available within each food group, to reflect current dietary behaviours and encourage variety.
Avatar m tn The follicular being from the start of the period until I believe the definition is ovulation. In the follicular phase the estrogen and progesterone is at the very lowest levels and rises closer to ovulation. My wife was tested on day 3 and day 5 after starting so it would be expected to have the very lowest levels of progesterone during this early part of the follicular phase. I have read nothing as to what the levels of testosterone do throughout the menstural cycle.
98010 tn?1305903335 I guess another one this week wouldn't hurt) No, just take that day off and go do something fun as well, make it a complete and total treat - You will gain some weight during that time, but as soon as you shock your body back to regular eating, no refined sugars or anything, you'll lose it again. Even though most of us know what to do ...
Avatar n tn I have found the following to work everytime I detoxed. I finally stopped completely 6 months ago and hope thats it!
Avatar n tn B-12 allows your body to break down carbohydrates and protein to use for energy, thus not stored as fat. See if you comsume lots of carbs and protein, what your body doesn't use it stores as fat thsu you become overweight.