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Avatar f tn Once it got so bad that my lips were actually swollen and red. I went to 2 dermatologist who prescribed antibiotic cream to me but it didn't work. In the end, I went to see a pharmacist who told me that it could be caused by dry weather. I took note of it. Soon I noticced that every time the weather is dry or if I was in the air-con room for a period of time, the condition occur. The solution is, I have to keep on applying lip balm or petroleum jelly. Perhaps you can try this out.
Avatar n tn The welts are painful and may be itchy. Mild symptoms may not need treatment. Moderate to severe symptoms may need treatment. Cool compresses or soaks can provide pain relief. Antihistamines like Cetrizine will reduce the swelling. If the swelling subsides on its own, as in your case, there is no need to trreat it. ref:http://www.myonlinewellness.
Avatar n tn but certain parts became itchy and red- under toes, sides of feet, a little on top- no ankle swelling or redness. These itchy red areas become hard and painful to walk, the outbreaks last about 24-48 hours. The first time this to both feet and I passed it off to wearing new and cheap high heals for over 13 hours the day before (I teach). That day I also had some trouble with a family member who was staying with me- so I felt stress may have been a contributor?
Avatar f tn small red bumps, itching, oozing, peeling. According to my research, angluar chelitis seems to be what most of the people with similar symptoms have, but with an important detail that doesn't fit my profile. Angular chelitis patients tend to always have cracking in the two corners of their mouth, but I don't have that at all. This also comes in waves.
Avatar n tn Two weeks later my thighs looked about the same and now my scrotum was very swollen, very itchy, and red. I went to a different dermatologist and he gave me Protopic cream and a prescrip for antibiotics (He also said to continue using the Ketaconazole as well). The first night I applied the Protopic to my scrotum the only thing I can say is it was the worst discomfort I have ever felt in my life... my scrotum was on fire! Ice was the only thing that would help it.
Avatar m tn The last couple months the skin on my penis glans has been wrinkled/scaly and shiny and the lips of my penis are swollen. There is no pain, it never gets itchy and it dosen't seem to have worsened. The past couple months i have been using cortizone 10 it didn't seemed to help so i stopped washing and rinsed with warm water and it seems to be getting better. Does anyone have any idea of what this could be.
Avatar n tn In about september/ October of 2006 it started to hurt after sex, My vaginal lips woud get swollen and quite tender, and a bit red, we used to have sex once a day tho this changed to twice a week.. I skipped my period for 2 months in november and december.
Avatar n tn I had sex with my bf over the weekend and now at home I am noticing that my vagina lips are swollen and it hurts when I pee. It is red where it is swollen but on the inner lip the color is fine. The swelling is just putting it 'out there' It is itchy and that is how I noticed it. I know neither of us have STD's. Any ideas, can anyone help, please????
Avatar n tn I can relate to almost all of these symptoms. I have had swollen tongue, swollen lips and fingers, welts all over the body. One thing that I am sure about is that the lips and hands could be related to taking aspirin. I used to take an adult dosage and had severe reactions. Then I was determined to be able to take one baby aspirin. But if I have to get off the aspirin for surgery, then it comes back when I resume.
Avatar n tn Hello, Red itchy vagina can be due to a number of causes. First of all it can be due to allergic reaction or contact dermatitis to your undergarments, sanitary napkins or tampons, soaps etc. There is no change in the color or smell of discharge in this case.
Avatar m tn I have a red itchy rash that shows up on my face. It only shows up around my lips in spots, on my right cheek and up to my right temple. It is red, swollen, slighty itchy and is warm to the touch. It comes and goes. It began about a year ago. It comes at different times of the year, and only apprears in the areas mentioned. It does not show signs of bumps, just the swollen area that is red. And it does not ooze any type of fluid.
Avatar n tn i have been getting a burning itchy swollen face for a few months it looks like a sun burn i havent used anything different it swells around my lips the most then it feels all real tight itchy and burns
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and both of my lips are swollen and the skin above my upper lip is red.i noticed that my lips have a very small bumps on then that kinda look like underground pimples but they are red not white.I tried putting ice on them to reduce the swelling but w/o any luck. I do have asthma and allergies but i have not been in contact or eaten anything new.What could this be? and what would be a good treatment to making the itching and swelling go away?
Avatar n tn Just in case anyone else stumbles upon this since its the top result for swollen/dry/crusty eyes (and I mean nearly swollen shut) and chapped lips... I had a few flares up just like this in the spring, sometimes in late winter, and I feel it might be coming on now. I also had hives and had to take prednisone more than once to cure it. I have no common allergies. (Was allergy tested with my blood). Not even slightly.
Avatar f tn i had white bumps on my lips and it was itchy my lip got swollen and the i went to the hospital they gave me this pill called clindamycin and i couldnt eat anything cause if i did i would throw it up and then 1-2 weeks it was gone no more swelling or bumps or puss just me and my normal self i havent had it in over a year so i have to say try clindamycin i hope it works for you good luck
Avatar n tn I can't believe this either. I have had the same symptoms (red swollen eyelids, both top and bottom, red swelling on the skin to the outside of the eyes, flakey, dry itchy too) for about 5 weeks. I thought it was becuase I am newly pregnant (hormones?) - have tried the baby soap and have been not wearing makeup, washed all my makeup brushes, changed pillow case more often and nothing is helping. However, Aveeno HAND cream does help with the dryness and itching a bit, but it does not cure it.
Avatar f tn The bumps on the lips look like a lump that is under the skin. In fact, they're kind of hard to even see except that they are making the lips droop and crinkle in a weird way. When I run my finger down the lips, I feel them easily, and they are painful when I press on them (and painful when I don't now too). They look most like a large pimple that is under the skin. I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctor on Sept. 7, I only had 2 bumps on my vaginal lips.
408312 tn?1202062473 Im currently in the middle of a bad episode, lips are red, swollen and covered in tiny blisters. I'm having reconstructive surgery in a few weeks and also trying to keep my acid/non acid reflux in check... I'm thinking I've had enough character building experiences and I'm ready to not have botox blister lips any more.
Avatar n tn All the skin on both lips went through the same cycle I have described above and the facial skin around the lips was red and sore. It was very itchy, and I used to scratch it in my sleep which made it worse. It was my first year at university at the time and I found it very difficult settling in. It lasted the whole year and when I went back to stay with my parents for the summer, it cleared up within two weeks! So I was wondering if it can be triggered by stress.
Avatar n tn To some extent, the major issue is exactly reflected in your own statement "I do hope however, that this is just me getting worked up over nothing." Whenver someone suspects that about him/her self, almost always they are right! You have seen 2 providers, including a dermatologist. I cannot compete with such expert opinion from someone who actually has examined you. Thus, my conclusion is that you have what the dermatologist said.
Avatar f tn The last year I had 2 very bad episodes where I got the tiny bumps, then they would go away and my lips would become very red and swollen, sometimes I would have red dots, and then every night and morning they would just peel and peel. It was painful and VERY embarrassing. I saw many doctors and they just kept saying it was a contact allergy to a lip product or food or toothpaste, etc. I tried to figure it out and logged everything but nothing ever made sense.
Avatar f tn My swollen red round itchy hives look just like jamie935's picture. It is going on 9 weeks now that I have had them. They started on my legs and I had them only on my legs for 3 weeks, then they moved to my arms, feet, and hands. Now I have 4 on my face. It seems they are moving up my body and I rarely get them on my legs but have scars from the previous ones. Went to the dermatologist he had no idea and said they looked like bug bites.
Avatar n tn This helped a lot for the itchy face but all the other symptoms(swollen and itchy eyes and lips, and bumpy fingertips) have returned. I have found that using A + D Ointment on my lips helps a lot. As for my eyes all I know to do is use cold compresses. I have no idea what causes my bumpy fingertips. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Many people with angioedema also have another condition called urticaria, which is also known as hives. This is a raised, red and itchy rash that appears on the skin. Angioedema is of four types allergic, idiopathic, drug induced and hereditary. Therapy is based on the cause. Anti histamines from the mainstay of therapy for the symptoms. So, take OTC antihistamines like Benadryl. Oral antihistamines like chlopheneramine and lovatidine are also effective.
Avatar n tn However, the skin underneath my eyes, eyelids, lips, around mouth, and a little on my forehead get VERY dry, itchy and red. If I mess with my eyes they get more and more red and sometimes are a little swollen when I wake up in the morning. I understand that it is also winter so the change in temperature and the fact that I live in Iowa may have something to do with it. I have a history of some eczema but not for quite a while.
Avatar n tn My lips themselves were not itchy, they just felt weird - kinda swollen, but it itched around the outside of my lips. Then I got a super small blister on my top never got bigger or oozed, it just ended up going away after a few days. My tastebuds also got sorta inflamed on the top and sides of my tounge. Does anyone know what this could be???
Avatar m tn hives ( raised red blotches, itchy or painful ) swelling of the tongue/ lips/ throat, dizziness, and many other symptoms. The swelling could be due to angioedema. This is swelling of the deeper layers of the skin due to an allergic reaction. The reaction occurs more commonly on the face around the lips and near the eyes. Therapy lies in identifying the allergens and avoiding them and anti histamines. As you are aware of the triggering factors try to stay away from them.
Avatar f tn 9 days later (Aug. 22nd), I first started feeling extremely itchy on my vaginal lips and around the entrance to my anus. This itchiness increased to the point that it was unbearable. During that time, I tried taking yeast infection meds, but that didn't work. 7 days after that (Aug. 29th), I noticed 2 large bumps under the skin near my anus. They were not itching, but were painful only when I pressed on them. 2 days later (Aug. 31st), I saw an OB/GYN.