Itchy red bumps on legs and arms

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Avatar m tn Within a day or so started getting really itchy bumps on the side of my elbow, back of arms, forearms and inside bicep and somewhat minor irritation under armpits and down rib cage (not so bad along rib cage) I thought it was a heat rash or something so i kinda just let it go for a few days ( scratching of course took place).. as the days went by it seemed to get worse and more red spots and itchiness...
Avatar m tn Ever since then i've been seeing these tiny red non itchy bumps form on my legs and arms and armpit most of them are not itchy except for the armpit one. I thought it was a flea attack but the bites are not itchy and the dog did not show any of the trademark itching and biting signs of fleas. His hair did shed but that could've been related to the fact that we were using dog shampoo that may not have gotten along with him.
Avatar n tn i have some little red, raised bumps that have appeared on my arms and lower legs(calves). they itch horribly. they first appeared on the back side above my elbow and spread to my arms the first day and onto my legs the second. i went fishing the day before(exactly 24 hrs) these appeared. they seem to only be where my arms and legs where exposed that day. also i have been under a tremendous amount of stress, could either one of these have caused this.
Avatar f tn , so Lupus was ruled out. My family doctor did a chest xray that was normal. The bumps are on my legs, upper arms, elbows, upper legs, buttocks, and here and there other places. Neither doctor has been able to help me. It's driving me nuts!
Avatar n tn I have had itchy red bumps that aren't that big on my legs and are severly itchy. They turn into scabs after awhile but itch like crazy. I also have smaller itchy red bumps on my arms. What is it?
Avatar n tn My problem started a week after taking in 2 stray kittens for fostering, which was about a month ago with very small red bumps on my arms and legs that itched and spread when I scratched. I went to an outpatient clinic and they prescribed me an oral steroid b/c they thought it was just an allergic rash. It helped significantly with the itching and it looked like it was going away but after the 5-day dose ran out, I could feel it coming back.
Avatar n tn tried calamine and it helped for an hour but then it doesn't seem to be doing much now. Two nights ago I noticed red bumps on my legs and calves (and I became super itchy around my ankles!)..some were the size of dimes and then I wake up in the morning and they are gone and then reappeared last night and disappeared this morning. I have no idea what's going on with me-this has never happened to me before. I don't want to go back to my doctor because she doesn't seem to know what's going on..
613536 tn?1294242047 The bumps appear on my upper arms and legs and are VERY itchy! I bought a skin cream from Neutrogena specifically for this. It actually says "for red bumps on arms and legs" in the name. It worked well but smells terrible! I'll go find it and post the exact name if your interested.
Avatar f tn Over the past day or so I've noticed small red bumps that are not itchy or in anyway painful to the touch. They are scattered all over both my legs and arms, and are not on my palms, torso, chest or face. they look somewhere between a bug bite and a pimple. I am 18, have a fairly new tattoo which is still healing on my ankle. What could this be? everything I have found online does not close enough match my symptoms to make me think it's what I could have.
Avatar n tn Also at the same time I had some itchy bumps on the side of right knee and some on other leg also. I thought the itchy red bumps on legs were from hiking: one day I was pricked by a prickly plant in Arizona. And I thought the bumps on face were something unrelated. About same time I had ithcy red bumps on arms (about 3 red itchy bumps per arm). About a month(no more than) after I got home to NJ I went to see a dermatologist, because the bumps on face were not totally going away.
Avatar n tn My 9 years old daughter has this blisters on arms and legs, her skin is dark so the blisters leave light spots on her, and she does not like to wear skirt, shorts,short sleeve. I am so sad about this, I have taken her to the dermatologist, creams nothing helps. she has had this blister for 6 months.
Avatar n tn Forehead, arms, legs, and scrotum have had a few of these bumps too, but started on scrotum then trunk and legs then spread to upper arms and forehead. I've noticed a matching red itchy "bump" on the penis where the foreskin lies on the scrotum's red itchy spot. If itched consistanly, they will puss, eventually break and bleed, leaving a bit of a crater looking area. Family "DO" [as opposed to "MD"] doctor indicates possibility of Staph.
Avatar n tn Hello, It is very difficult to confirm anything without examination but it can be swimmer's itch, scabies, pityriasis rosea or popular urticaria. Scabies is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin. Diagnosis of scabies is made by scraping the skin and viewing the material under a microscope to see the characteristic mite or eggs.
Avatar f tn i don't know how mine it started i took a nap and when i got up it was really itchy there everywhere and i don't know what they are their red and bumpy and they itchy bad mine aren't on my feet but they really itch their on my lower leg upper leg and my upper arm
Avatar n tn well i have white bumps on the high part of my arm that are spreading lower and lower even on my chest and on my legs and even on my neck and under chin too now and i've been to doctors and they said it was keratin thats not escaping from under the skin and they gave me some cream to treat it after about 2 or 3 days of using it i broke out in hives and a rash so i stopped using it and am very confused why its spreading and if you try to pop them white stuff could( be keratin) that looks like wh
Avatar n tn 2 1/2 months ago, seemed to break out in a rash which consisted of tiny, pin-head size red bumps all over my upper legs and buttox, with only about 4 appearing on my fore arms. These bumps were extremely itchy. They did not appear in "patches", but rather more of a shot-gun pattern. They did/do not appear to be blisters in any way, they did not break or ooze. There were none on my genitals. Although they went away after a very long time, they seem to be back.
Avatar f tn So about 8 months ago my son who is 9 broke out in a rash/bumps which started on his butt cheeks, moved to his legs (mostly around ankles) but still had bumps on his theigh too, then He had about 15-20 bumps on his stomach, back, arms and neck. So I took him to the dr and the nurse practitioner diagnosed him with scabies. We treated him with the cream along with putting hydra Cortizone cream and Teatree oil all over his body. Within a week they went away.
Avatar n tn now the itchy raised red bumps are all over my body from my feet to my chin everywhere except on my toes they are spread out on my legs and torso and clumped all together on my arms hands and elbows any suggestion on what this could be im wearing oven mitts on my hands so i dont continue scratching and causing bleeding and scares. are there any other otc meds I should be taking or applying thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn I have itchy red bumps on the inside of my thighs the back of my knees lower legs and my ankles. They only started this morning and they are extremely itchy i have put epiderm on it but it is still itchy. They are a bit like the photo i have added.
Avatar n tn I have been going to dermatologists for years for my itchy arms and was put on every type of antihistamine possible. All I did was sleep and nothing helped. I was told that it must be in my head etc. The itch was under the skin and driving me crazy. Finally a young dermatologist took one look, took my history and diagnosed Brachioradial Pruitis. It had a name......