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Avatar n tn i have little pimple like marks in palms that have now moved to inside of fingers they first are yellow then turns red they itch very badly then dry up and becomes scaly or dry up and leave brown spots can you help me?
Avatar n tn hi have had treament for hep-c over 2 years ago and every thing whent fine (clear now) but ever since i have a brown spots and red rash on the bottom of my leg that if srached turns into bleeding holes and can all so swell . when treated with cream drys up but never gose away any one no what this could be i.e long term side affects .
Avatar f tn Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease. Topical zinc oxide and calamine lotion are useful for pruritus.
Avatar m tn You have no explanation for that at all? My penis literally turns white when I shake it. I have brown skin. Are you saying that this is normal?
Avatar f tn Brown is fine red is bad. Brown just means old blood you're fine. But if it turns red and you have bad cramping then go in.
Avatar m tn I have read on some sites that primary rash can come in the form or brown, red, or black spots. is this a fact? do people that are hiv + start getting these issues this quicky. I appriciate your knologe.
Avatar f tn And i have this palm size brown at my back for two years and just thought that it maybe skin pigmentation so just ignored it. But when i suddenly drank jack daniels and vodka it turned to red became bigger. So i am wondering if this two cases alopecia and back rash are related to each other. Or if not please some one help to distinguish.what type of rash i got. I have been dealing with it for a month now. putting anti fungal cream coz a friend said it maybe tinea. It turns black in color now.
Avatar f tn Its most probably just implantation bleeding.
Avatar n tn For the first couple months when i got mine that is all i had, just enough that i had to wear a panty liner instead of a pad.
Avatar m tn can somebody help me here guys?
Avatar n tn I had that are around 6 and 7 weeks. Wasn't much but enough to scare me! I'm now 19 weeks. A friend of mine had it a lot and ended up with a healthy baby. Watch it and make sure it doesn't get heavier or cramping doesn't get real bad and of course if it turns bright red, you will want to get checked.
Avatar n tn I have had a few similar looking spots on the tops of my hands before after tanning that later turn darker brown, than lighter brown, then the disappear. This is also happening with the spots on my forearms. They went from red/purplish, to dark purple, to dark brown, and now they look like they are fading (currently light brown). I am assuming they will disappear as the ones on the tops of my hands have in the past.
Avatar f tn I had brown discharge and my doc told me it was normal. Go to the ER if it turns bright red.
Avatar f tn doctors say not to worry as brown bleed is ok come back if the blood turns red and serious cramps .. i dont know what to do .. can anyone please help..
Avatar f tn Sometimes brown spotting or little bit of pink spotting is normal for pregnany, But if the spotting increase or turns bright red or you are having pain then you should go to the ER or to your Doc.
Avatar n tn What can be the cause of a rash that appears at random on skin that looks like cat scratches and icth?
Avatar f tn I would take thing easy today, if your not cramping you are most likely ok. If your discharge still stays brown or turns to red I would call your OB just so they can double check on things.
Avatar n tn Normal. Red would be cause for concern.
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Avatar f tn Not sure actually what is offered in Canada. Constant burning like you describe isn't typical of hsv. Will they do a biopsy? Seems like overkill but sitting there with an unkown rash that burns has to be miserable.
Avatar n tn i have a red rash all over my chest, back, arms and butt. its a lot of little red bumps and some have white heads, looking like pimples. it doesnt itch or hurt. any ideas? ive tried numerous amount of cremes and i just want an aswer as to what this is.
Avatar f tn came back, what could it be how can i get rid of it sometimes its itchy and irritated, sometimes the skin turns a light red, and sometimes the outline has red bumps around it
Avatar m tn This started of at the same time that i had a sore throat and now the sore throat is healed but the rash is still there.