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Avatar f tn ve started getting massive pimple like pores on my eyelid and a red rash around the corner of my eye.
Avatar f tn I recently (past 2 months) have noticed that I had a little rash on my right eyelid. Its a little bumpy, red in color, and flaky. I thought that it could be because of the cream I put on my face but it is only on my right eyelid. This morning I woke up and it is swollen slighly as well. Recently I have been diagnosed with depression and high anxiety disorder and I have been quite stressed out lately. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have this non-itchy, red, dry rash on and above my eyelid. Theres a lot of discoloration now and i'm scared because I have no idea where it came from. The only thing I can thing of is i've been under a lot of anxiety.
Avatar n tn my 8 month old daughter has a red rash below her eye and on her eyelid. It hasn't gotten worse but it doesn't go away either. The left eye is much worse than the right. Could this be some sort of eczema?
Avatar f tn Sounds like an Allergy rash, Hives, put it in your search Engine under 'Urticaria'
4879814 tn?1360473942 Yesterday when I woke up, my upper eyelid was red and swollen and scaly and there was swelling over to the inner corner of my eye. I had cataract surgery about a year and a half ago and have noticed that I have dry eye worse than before the surgery. I use Genteel eye drops as well as over the counter ointment before I go to sleep. My ophthalmologist is over two hours away so I haven't been able to see him yet. Is there any over the counter meds I could use until I see him?
Avatar n tn New provider prescribes me more benedryl and an antibiotic ointment and tells me that it is eczema. Next day I wake up to my eyes with a bright red rash on them and swollen more than the day before. Again on goes the ice and back to the hospital. This time I am prescribed more benedryl and an oral antibiotic. I am also directed to keep using the ointment. Well it has been two and a half weeks now with the same problems and nothing seems to fix it.
1440587 tn?1284040516 It has gotten more painful and much more swollen since then. If I flip my eyelid up it is very very red and it looked almost like a little red bump underneath - that was yesterday. Today it is so swollen I can't even flip the eyelid up. I called the eye dr and he can't fit me in today. What could it be? What should I do? I took benadryl last night thinking it may be an allergy but it didnt help at all.
Avatar m tn I have 2 blotches one on either eyelid and would like to know the cause an remedy, these appeared rather recently and not sure what caused it! Look forward to your response.
Avatar f tn Before omincef had a sulfer type med that caused swelling in joints, sick stomach, rash, fever. Have been on Omicef 5 days. Started having strange raised bumps for three days that come and go. Will say that two weeks ago had actual hives around eyes and think it was caused from eye cream. Any ideas as to what is going on? Today, had to leave work. Eyes burned and itched and lids swelled. I know that I had just put contact eye drops in.
Avatar m tn Just finished 24 week treatment. Did labs this week. All the sudden my eyelids are red and itch. Has anyone had this problem and what did they do about it?
464194 tn?1207000814 I have a red patchy rash on the outside corner of one of my eyes. It feels very dry, and at times itches. Can I put vaseline on it? What is safe to put near ones eye?
Avatar m tn weeks later - red irritated skin 1inch above anus but again no visible blisters; it did feel a little sore to touch in one particular area but couldn't see a blister and went to derm. but rash was gone within a few days so Dr. was not worried and doubt its herpes.
Avatar m tn Ok so also got red blood filled spots raised appearing on my chest and back alongside the rash which is itchy. Blood very little in stool! Can you give me some insight if you think this void be seroconversion stage as exactly 4 weeks 4 days past exposure?
1932415 tn?1325918449 and what can i do to cure my eyelid rash... its not like i can put hydrocortisone cream there or can I? Also, it i, just little bumps almost pimple like and they get red and bigger and watery if I scratch them. Please help!
Avatar n tn i have a rash (bumps) on my Scrotum that burn. i also have a bump on my eyelid. are these signs of sexually transmitted diseases?
480331 tn?1310403529 My 2yr old daughter is always itching in between her forearm and upper arm crease. She also has it behind her knees. Her right eyelid is pink, "Not pink-eye". She has what looks like a rash on her back, little red dots. Does anyone know of a good home remedy to relieve the pink and itchiness? She loves eggs and cheese, and she probably has an allergic reaction to dairy.
Avatar f tn a couple days ago i felt them and just thought they were like pimples on my eye, but when i woke this morning and went to wash my face, my left bottom eyelid was surrounded by a bunch of little red dots, they do not itch or flake, and they only burn when i put rubbing acohol on it and it only burns for a second.
Avatar m tn As a follow-up question, I am curious if you could give me any brief insight as to a patch of dry, red skin (almost like a rash) that is directly under my lower eyelid/eyelash. This patch originated quite some time ago (a few months prior to the dry, burning sensation that led me to the ophth. in early March to address the overall issues related to this blepharitis). My ophth. had told me during my first visit that this rash was related to the other symptoms for which I am being treated.
Avatar m tn For the past month or so I have been dealing with a terribly annoying and irritating eyelid rash. I have been to 2 doctors, been diagnosed with a few different things and paid a ton of money on prescription medication. No one really seems to know what is going on or how to treat it. About 4 weeks ago, I had a terribly itchy eye. I didnt think much about it and just started to rub it to get relief. By the next mornign, my eyelid was swollen, red and itchy.
Avatar m tn Every so often I get very swollen upper and lower eyelids and my eye goes bright red. It is always the left eye. I have had one opthamologist treat me for Herpes Keratitis while another for chronic blepharitis (I do have seborrhheic dermatitis). What can I do to head off these attacks? I do warm compresses and lid scrubs, but can I use steroids like Tobradex when I fell an attack coming on? Often they seem to be preceded by a stye. I'm suffering through one now and very anxious.
Avatar n tn my six year old son's left eye is red ,itches, has a little mucus and is watery can i use tobrex eye drop ?
Avatar m tn The thing is that today i woke up with more eye crust in the corner of the eye and a little pain. I watched my eye in the mirror and the eyelid was red, with a couple of prominent red veins too. I attached a picture. You can appreciate the little bump in the left and the redness and veins in the center. My eye itself is not red (and hasnt been red since the bump appeared 3 weeks ago), this is something exclusive of the eyelid. What can this be? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I don't know the answer to that question, but I can hypothesize. The eyelid speculum changes the eyelids in some individuals. This speculum is used during surgery to keep the eyelids open. You probably still are healing from the speculum. Is the eyelid somewhat droopy? If so, then this is probably the answer. I wouldn't worry too much about the discomfort unless there's extreme redness, fever, or swelling of the eyelid. Best wishes, Timothy D. McGarity, M.D. www.tmcgaritymd.
Avatar f tn s worst, the back of my neck is stiff, and my red swollen eyelid turns into a nasty headache, sometimes with nuralga(sp?) on right side of skull, and my jaw aches.I've also noticed my right pupil is slightly larger than left one.My right eyelid tends to droop when I'm tired. My father had iritis. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Three weeks ago my left eye was red and I believe I had a stye on my upper left eyelid. I kept a warm compress on it throughout the next morning and the redness cleared. Eleven days later my left eye began getting red again. I stopped wearing my contacts which I usually wear but the redness did not go away and then a red ring began to form around my iris. I also just noticed that underneath my upper left eyelid there is a dark spot on my eye.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks later, right next to this possible chalazion, my eyelid became red, itchy, with a little pain, like if i had something in my eye. Some light sensitivity and crusting. I also noticed that my eyelashes had something very similar to dandruff. Possible Anterior Blepharitis. Today, the bump and the redness remains, unchanged. I dont have any type of pain but sometimes it itches. I have some crusting in the morning (only in that eye).
1237385 tn?1268008074 Dogs and cats have an extra eyelid called the 'third eyelid' or the nictitans or nictitating membrane, at the inside corner of their eyes. ... This is probably what you are seeing. It's quite natural.
Avatar n tn First I am a contact lens wearer. I noticed a stye like bump on my left lower eyelid last week that "popped" overnight releasing a white puss. Seemed to have completely gone away. this morning i woke to a very sore left eye but didn't see anything. it hurts to touch the lower eyelid and when i flip the lid, there is a white spot with the rest of the inner lid being very red. It also hurts to touch the eyelid and to blink....