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Avatar f tn Hello, Since the red spot is itchy, dry and flaky, so I would like to rule out the possibility of eczema. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. The treatment is different for both fungal infections and eczema. So I suggest you to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn For awhile now I've wondered whether there could possibly be a connection between Chiari 1 malformations and the presence of a red "birth mark" type rash on the back of the scalp where the malformation is. I haven't been able to find any confirmed connections so I was wondering whether anyone else who has the chiari malformation has this type of rash or "birth mark" also?
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has noticed a red rash / ring around a mole on his scalp. He says that there is no pain, bleeding, itching or soreness but the redness has become visible. He’s getting a bit worried by what it may be but being a chef it’s very difficult for him to find the time to see his GP. Please advise!?!?
Avatar n tn Hi. These red spots on the scalp may be due to a seborrheic dermatitis and yeast infection. Other differentials are psoriasis and lupus. I do not want to alarm you. These are just differentials which means they need to be excluded and shall only be used as a guide for your physician in assessing your condition. I placed them here as a point of discussion. Seborrheic dermatitis may present with whitish to yellowish greasy scales that flake off. They may present in other parts of the body.
Avatar n tn My 15mth old daughter has an itchy rash on the back of her head. the rash is red and flat in appearance. she also has 3 swollen lymph nodes on the base of her scalp. The itching has been present for 2 months, she has broken the skin scratching.
Avatar f tn What causes a red, itchy pimple-like rash on scalp with subsequent hair loss? I have been treated with Ketokonazole shampoo, steroid liquid applied to scalp, chemical- and fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner (Free & Clear), stopped coloring my hair, etc. and so far nothing has taken this away. I am now losing my hair! Can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn In the past month and a half, I've noticed small red bumps on my scalp. Kind of a cross between a pimple and a mole(?). They do not itch, nor flake, but if I rub my head, and press on them them, they are pretty tender and sore. They are close to the top and crown of my head. I am 42 year old, and have not ever experienced scalp problems before. I did begin to take propecia 1 year ago, but have had no adverse reactions to it, so I didn't think it was related.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has a lot of red spots in his scalp and its a lot. It's looks like an acne but its not acne. And his been scraching it because he said that it was to itche. And we think that's the reason why his lossing his hair. His only 26,and no history in this family of loosing hair. His dermatologies gave him some medicine and it never cured it. And now she gave him some shampoo but still not working. So could you advice mewhat the best thing to cure this. Because his messirable.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've had a rash? on the top of my scalp for a while(more than a year), not itchy, but it is dry and flakes when I scratch it. It is roughly round shaped, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and red but seems to get lighter colored or darker from time to time. Another thing I noticed is that if I do scratch it hard and hold a tissue over the area there is a clear fluid on the tissue, and if i put alcohol on the area at any time it is more sensitive than the rest of my scalp.
Avatar n tn red raised itchy welts, blotchy area on inner arm from elbow to arm pit and inner groin lasts a day to a couple
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 19 years old and i really need help indentfying a rash I have.
Avatar m tn has your 'rash' spread, or is it localized? did it start out as one 'red area' and then spread? are you allergic to anything, have you changed laundry soaps, bathing soaps, is the rash painful, or just 'itchy'? do the areas 'leak' and if so, what is the 'color' of the drainage? if there is 'drainage' does it have an odor? if so ,what is you 'fake bake' if so, please stop, is the rash 'flaky with clear scaly flakes' could be psoriasis...
1743719 tn?1326776482 Although a lot of people get rashes, sometimes they can become very serious so don't take it lightly- another person in my trial got MRSA from a rash on her scalp. Good luck- hopefully yours will be of the mild sort.
Avatar m tn (hives, wheals, confluent hives, little red bumps, big red bumps, flat red spots, large red/purple spots, tiny red spots, tiny bumps, skin cracks and fissures, eczema type lesions, psoriasis type lesions, weeping lesions, and more) The over the counter medications were useless.
Avatar f tn About a week into the fever symptoms I noticed small red rashes on my forehead and scalp and few on my nose. I got worried so decided to get a home access test for HIV which came negative. I am also getting a PCR/DNA hiv test result back on wed.... Am I overdoing the test and are the rash related to acute hiv symptoms?
Avatar n tn I discoverd a couple of days ago a red rash on my neck. It itches like crazy. The back of my neck, around my hair line, has been itching for months. I have always just assumed it was dry skin, or my scalp was dry. There are like 6 different spots on my neck. I am wondering if it is Psoriasis? If anyone has any information, its greatly appriciated.
Avatar n tn For the last year I have had a red rash on the side of my nose (one side only) and cheek. I have been to two different dermatologists who both gave me something different to use. This time around I was given ketoconazole and if I use it for a couple of nights it seems to go away only to re-appear a few days later. Now it gets flaky and itches and if I scratch it it burns.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr., I have a red pinkish, Non Ichy rash on the head of my penis in which I just noticed one morning. I figured it was just go away but it has not and its been about 3 weeks. Its about 1/2 inch in size and scaly. I am starting to get worried about what it is. Thanks for your response.
4652753 tn?1364585546 I have only been on triple therapy for 1 week and I have a rash on my neck and chest area. I know you can get a rash with incivek and riba so not unusual I guess. It started red and now has bumps. Doesn't itch and probably don't need to be concerned. My nurse said just put hydrocortisone on it and keep an eye on it to see if travels down my trunk. If so call back. While I trust my nurse I would feel better if I could hear from those of you who had the rash.
Avatar n tn I read the sx's of Prevacid, and it states rash as possible sx. I stop using it yesterday, but the rash does seem to be spreading. What remedies you all have for it? What has your Dr's Rx'ed you for rash, and does it go away? Currently I have been putting Caladryl on it, and witch hazel.
Avatar f tn Hello, the rash is gone now and I do not have eczema.
Avatar m tn I just want to add that the rash is at least twice as red as the one you see in the picture above.
3172665 tn?1344192835 and has already gotten a rash. The doc has told her to not wash with soap unless she has to, to avoid direct sunlight (near impossible she lives in AZ) and to use lotion three times a day. The doc has called his pharmacy to have them mix something for the rash (unsure what he didnt tell my mom whats in it it's something they mix special for the rash associated with the incivek treatment) Which she will have sometimes tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be an allergic reaction to some unknown substance or dermatitis or eczema or insect bites. You need to wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites, use a medicated sunscreen whenever you go out. Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions and see if it helps. You could take some oral antihistamine medications like cetrizine or loratadine.
Avatar n tn I am a 54 year old male. In the past two days, red bumps have appeared in an area the size of a dime on the upper right rear of my scalp. They appear to be spreading and are slightly tender, sore to the touch. On the second day I am experiencing occasional stabs of pain from the area, similar to headache pains and short in duration. Rash, insect bite, serious?
Avatar n tn My daughter (13) has an itchy neck and scalp. On the back of her neck, under her long hair, is an area with small red bumps. These bumps have persisted for several months, without change. Changing shampoos has not seemed to help. There are no signs of flakiness or redness on he scalp. The itchiness is intermittent, but moderate in severity. We are currently trying a cortisone cream on the back of the neck. Any ideas on how to treat this?
Avatar n tn Hello, two days ago i had some patches of red scaly rash, like raised red pores, but with nothing in them, on my neck chest area, now it has spread very quickly in two days to being very predominant on my stomach , arms, wrists, feet, some patches on my legs around teh calf muscle area, and on my neck . ....its all over really but more uniform on my body trunk then patchy on my arms and legs. its pretty itchy too, but i don t feel sick or tired or ill in any other way? please help!