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Avatar m tn Hello community For the past few weeks I have been experiencing a severe itch condition bat with no apparent rash... The itch begun between my legs and later on my buttocks, belt zone, armpits and fingers. Only now have I seen a few red pimples at my lower abdomen under my belly button. The itch wakes me up at night but apart from the rash on my abdomen I dont see anything else... As I am leaving my country for a MSc degree next week I am feeling really anxious if this will jeopardize my trip...
Avatar m tn t used the cream for about 4 days. The rash is red bumps that itch slightly and vary in size. The appear mostly on my forarms on the bottom side, and they have also appeared on my lower belly, and my upper legs.
Avatar n tn The rash is just red on my skin no bumps or any thing, my arm is just red in different parts and my scrotum is red when it starts to itch and my groin is also redish / pink. My feet seem to also itch badly at the same time.
Avatar f tn I'm going through the same exact thing right now too! It's sooo itchy! all I get is red skin but no bumps or rash at all. And like you, a cold rag feels amazing and pretty much takes it away. Did you ever find anything to help?
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I wore an undershirt that was new from the department store without washing it. The very next day, my upper body started to itch like crazy. I went to see the dermatologist and took prescribed medicine for about three weeks. Two weeks have passed since I last took medicine, the rash is subtle, but I think it's spreading down to my lower body. I don't know what to do. I can barely see the bumps. But it itches a lot.
Avatar f tn I have posted this in another forum I don't no which one is right but hear goes after I finished playin football last week I had about 30 little circle red dots on my chest then the day after it had gone apart from about 3 or 4 that lasted a few days I have read about hives but they did not itch just wonderin if anyone had a idea what it could beplease
6708370 tn?1471490210 Hey, my rash and itching went away on its own. No meds, no special lotions or Benedryl. My immune system may be compromised but something in there is still kicking!
Avatar n tn However, steroids should not be used in the groin alone without consulting your doctor since steroids alone can make the rash of jock itch much worse. If the rash is very red and itchy, especially if it has blisters at the edge, a topical steroid such as hydrocortisone can also be applied aside from the clotrimazole cream. If this persists, it would be best to see your doctor for proper management. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Hi, everyone. About a week and a half ago I had unprotected oral sex with another male. I was only on the receiving end. He stimulated my entire genital area, including my scrotum and inner thighs. I'm not sure if this matters or not, but he had a very course goatee and he was pretty rough. The next day, a red rash appeared on my inner thighs. The rash had a well-defined outline and a pink center. After doing some research, I figured I would try a jock itch cream.
Avatar f tn its not working im still fairly ichy and ive noticed that ive gotten some more red bumps on my arms... No other lotions or creams help... Just wondering if i should be worried that im getting more of these red ichy bumps?
Avatar m tn I been getting an ex-stream itch on my legs for about a week now. It starts randomly through the day, no rash. i can't keep myself from itching but the more i itch the worse it gets. it is mainly on my ancles and shins and thighs, but once in awhile attack my arms back of neck. please help it is driving me insane.
Avatar n tn Ive ha a weird itch and red ball bag the past week....
Avatar f tn The inflamation on the outrr areas of my jock itch looks like raised red rash. It doesnt fill with pus like the one on my foreskin. When the clean cycle comes, the penis rash disappears completely and the jock itch almost goes away as well. The itchyness feels hot and burns unbearably. I know i am not allergic to my soap and lotion. I dont apply any other skin product other than antipersirant under my arms. The jock itch came from playing sports.
Avatar f tn I had a rash that started with little red bumps all over "heat rash" area... under the breast under urms and inner thighs. went to the dermatologist..first treated it with over the counter stuff... sarna cortizone and such...than when itch got a lot worse and bumps went everywhere biopsy said alleergic reaction to some chemical?? but dont know what!! ..after 3 visits... he gave me steroids. first 5 days 60 mg and next 5 days 40 mg and so on until the last 5 days 10 mg.
Avatar n tn Sounds like jock itch. My ex had it once and I remember it looking a lot like you describe. Try getting some antifungal spray or cream and try that.
Avatar f tn I have this itchy light red rash on my sides and around my armpits.It hasnt spread anywhere other than that. It's staying on my sides so my stomach and chest and shoulders aren't affected yet. It seems to not be spreading very fast. You can't really tell I have a rash unless you look very closely theres little bumps, about the size of lets say... when you have goosebumps.
Avatar f tn Rashes with ARS don't itch.
Avatar n tn I have had a rash for two months now. There are a number of little red bumps on the head of my penis. My doctor first told me it was likely a fungal infection and precribed clotrimazole and betamethasone cream. It has been a month with little improvement. I went back and he took blood for a herpes test. The test came back positive, but I have had oral herpes in the past so I believe that is why it came back positive. The bumps do not hurt, they aren't sores.
Avatar m tn Hey I'm a 16 year old male that has recently got a rash on the top inner thighs and I have now had it for a few weeks I have not really paid attention to it because I thought It was just a normal sweat rash or something but then it started to burn and get itchy around the testicle and inner thigh area so I scratched it a bit and it started to get little red spots on my thigh and I am now starting to get worried I have never had sex before or gotten oral sex so I doubt it is an std but I don&
Avatar m tn i have been suffering paing for the past few months. i don't have any skin infections. its ned red i just sometimes get the urge to itch it to much. and i am suffering some problems b/c of that. its not so sharp but its very uncomfortable. and it doesn't have to do with sex or anything of that sort.
Avatar m tn How about my rash, because I just found online a person with HIV+ have rash on his leg and arm that itch like crazy. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn About a week ago I had started to get these strange bumps on my arms, they looked like small bug bites but they didn't itch. Then yesterday I took off my shirt and saw that these same type of dots are on my chest. There not filled with any puss and they don't itch, and today, i noticed the same bumps on my upper thighs and groin, along with my back.