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Avatar n tn My 2 year old labradoodle has a small red rash with a white ring around it on her belly. It doesn't appear tobother her or itch. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn My dog has a green rash under its arm. It turning more red now but it looks like mold... Is that possible?
Avatar f tn My 7mo old Jindo{female}, she has a red no bumps rash. Anal, down legs{inside}, patch on stomach. It is pinkish red, no bumps or marks, hair loss in those areas. She bites at these areas. I have put anti itch dog stuff, which helps, temporary. She is an inside outside dog. Can u help me.
Avatar f tn My dog has broke out with pus filled bumps all over her back and neck. I shampooed her with Sulfodene Medicated Shampoo and now the bumps have busted and red open sores are on her. How should I be treating this and what could it be?
Avatar f tn My dog has broke out with pus filled bumps all over her back and neck.I shampooed her with Sulfodene Medicated Shampoo and now the bumps have busted and red open sores are on her. How should I be treating this and what could it be?
Avatar n tn Blue has been itching for sometime and I have bathed her with an oatmeal dog shampoo that rids of ticks and fleas. She continues to itch and her skin has become red everywhere. She has lost much hair on her back and front legs. You can see it under her coat how red she is. She is very itchy and whines and I am very scared. I know it is not the shampoo. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
1749516 tn?1311799148 My dog has a rash in the groin area and under his arms (I guess the armpit area, for lack of a better term). His skin around his pads is also pink/red. He does run through all kind of bushes and weeds, including poison ivy, and he is often wet in those areas because the grass is always wet. His brother has a similar problem but not as severe. They are both on Benadryl for allergies. Any suggestions? His food has not changed and he is has been on phenobarb for 2 months. Thank you.
Avatar n tn i have a 10month old shi tzu/yorkie mix under his front leg on the side of his chest is a red circle with a red dot in the center . i'm not sure what it is or how long its been there could it be a bite, or a birthmark? it isn't raised or bumpy almost like it was drawn there with a red maker.its not bright in color but dull.
Avatar n tn the rash basically cleared but i had dry skin on my sides that would go away with moisturizer, the 7 day prednisone ran out and i went out 2 nights this week in a row out of town drinking and my sore throat/green mucus is back and the water there seemed hard(sulffor smell),dog hair(i'm allergic to dogs), and the weather was warm in the day and windy,(70 degrees ish) and then down to 45 or colder both nights we went.
Avatar n tn I noticed today that my dog has a red splotchy rash only on his belly, where there is no fur. He was running around outside in our backyard today and eating some grass. This is his second time outside as he is pretty young, the weather has been cold. The rash looks like red lines and is not raised at all. I don't know if this would be allergies.. And I don't think that it could be poison ivy.
876641 tn?1240178908 It looks like carpet burn or a rash or something....we have another little toy dog and they get playing kind of rough sometimes, so it's possible that it just came from them playing. However, when you feel the skin, it doesn't feel any different than it normally does. It's not bloody or rough or anything, so we are scared that it's something inside his skin. Here are some pictures: http://www.facebook.
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
Avatar f tn My shitzu suffers with a red itchy belly and groin area when she's laying down mostly happens when she's sleeping through night no heating is on.i had shampoo from vet it didn't help at all.
Avatar f tn my silky terrier has skin problems, too, and so many good dog foods I tried on him caused him to have either a rash or red blotches. I finally decided it's the fish most good dog foods now have in them and I switched him to Wellness Simple Food Solutions. It's for dogs that need the least ingredients in their food. He eats it well, but, the kibble is not tiny, so, that could be a problem for Mich's chihuahua, unless he could break it up.
Avatar f tn He will not go to a doctor so I don't know what his liver enzymes are or anything about any health problems, but he has recently gotten a really red rash on his face that won't go away. It doesn't look like bumps, it just looks like a severe rash. I am wondering if his severe alcoholism is causing this rash and why has it only started now? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn my dog has had a red rash on her stomach and has been throwing up yellow bile but eating in between times and the rash has now gone down in colour
Avatar n tn I have a red raised bumpy itchy rash on my arms chest back and legs and it started when i got a bubby a few days i have been around dogs my whole life different breeds at that and we have 3 other dogs living in the house along with the pup i just got so i would think i was allergic to her, but the weird thing is.... she has a rash to could humans catch rashes from a dog? i wouldnt think so but i thought maybe someone else might know ...and if its not from her what could it be...
846787 tn?1238689526 I took my dog , Star, (Manchester Terrier) to the vet for a rash on her tail ans stomach. Vet put her on an antibiotic, pills for itching, and vitamins to help reduce the allergies ( she is now taking vitamin A, E, C, Selinum) and we are doing daily washing of the area. The other dogs are fine ( I have 4 of my own, 2 foster dogs)) I cook the dogs food,but Star is now on just pork and well cooked white rice as the vet said that pork has the least amount of allergy issues for dogs.
Avatar n tn I have a rash over top of a bite that I received a few weeks ago. My dog broke the skin only a little, but the bruising was substantial. I have an itchy rash above it now. I don't know what it is but I plan to ask my doctor when I see her.
Avatar m tn 4 years before dx with hep c i rash came on my lower leggs that i still have itches like crazy heals in spots but the skin turns brown, has anyone had this?
Avatar f tn my dog has had a rash for a little while now and it just keeps getting worse. It has made her skin red and she is losing her hair, it seems like it is itchy but not extremely itchy. and she has fleas like super bad and i dont understand why. we use flea shampoo and drops. also we thought she might have the mange but we have another dog and she hasnt got anything, her skin is clear and her coat is pretty. and the rash isnt limited to any one area.
Avatar n tn I have a 1 year old Redbone coon hound who has a red scaly rash on his inner thighs and stomach. This appeared almost 2 months ago. I took him to the vet the first time and he told me it was fleas and to give him a flea bath, etc. I did all of this and my dog does not have a flea on him. I took him again a second time he told me it was allergies and prescribed a cortisone pill. My dog has taken all the med prescribed and he still continues to lick, scratch at this rash site.
Avatar n tn this has now been going on for one month. My two yr old daughter first developed a red, itchy rash on her right arm, right side of her abdomen, and right thigh. I took her to her pedi. and he didn't know what it was, so he treated her for scabies and gave me hydrocortisone cream. The rash didn't go away, but spread to the rest of her body. My husband and i finally decided it must be our dog so we got rid of her. We washed and vaccumed everything in the house. The rash did not go away.