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Avatar f tn Hi everyone I went out 2 nights ago and woke up in the morning with a rash that is about half the size of an A4 piece of paper. It looks like a sunburn, but not too red. It doesn't hurt to touch although the area feels tender on the inside. The area is slightly swollen and occasionally it aches in that area. Today, I have felt really weak all day and my left arm is sore, and i can taste metal in my mouth sometimes. I'm not too concerned with the pains today because maybe i slept badly.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I noticed a bright red rash that looks like sunburn all over my body (not my face). It hurt to the touch. It has since gone away mostly (no redness) but now I am extremely itchy. I don't have a fever but I have a headache, some nausea, body aches and pains (especially in shoulders, jaw, and lower back) and fatigue. I just don't feel right and I am having a hard time concentrating or focusing on studying (I'm a full time student). The itchy is driving me insane!
Avatar n tn I began to get a strange sunburn like rash around my neck only a few months ago (it has now gotten worse). It feels very systemic. It is not a typical rash. It is not raised. There are no bumps or scaliness. I posted in the thyroid forum because I am having thyroid issues and wondered if it could be related but my endocrinologist doesn't seem to think so (of course doctors are notorious for missing things that can be obvious). It's only around my neck and it's making me miserable.
Avatar m tn I had a severe allergic reaction. Broke out in hives and while in the shower my tongue started swelling. Took Benadryl ASAP and the symptoms started going away. The next day I had a bright red ring around my abdomen. It looks like a severe sunburn and it very itchy. I've had two cortisone shots with no relief. I just started a new job and have no insurance for a few more weeks so have been going to a clinic but I'm starting to get worried this thing isn't going away.
Avatar n tn For two years now, I have suffered from a rash on my chest. It looks like a sunburn, and it burns and itches. The rash comes and goes. Could this rash be related to Lupus? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have lived with a neck rash that looks exactly like a severe sunburn.........right in the front area........and it never goes away........Just thought you''d like to know......I'm also hypothyroid.......and have been treated for that......almost as very best to you in finding out the cause of your disturbing symptoms.........peace and love.......
Avatar n tn I've been to a dermatologist, that's who told me that I had tinea versicolor. But it doesn't seem to respond to any of the medication that has been given to me. The ointments don't make the tinea go away, they just make me break out. The rash, especially on my chest, just looks like I've gotten a sunburn through the neckline of my outfit. Except that it doesn't ever go away. It's not the red of a fresh sunburn but the dull red of a days old sunburn.
Avatar n tn Have been on Lamictal one year, then all of the sudden this sunburn rash started on the back of my neck and then chest, and now full body. Dry, red skin, itchy, hot and tender like a sunburn. I was out in the sun without a shirt for about 30 minutes the day before the rash started. Has been 2 weeks now, and still have it. At first my doctors did not believe it was the Lamictal since I had been on it for one year already.
Avatar n tn i have a rash running up my arms to my shoulders that looks like small blisters, after exposure to the sun. it is extremely itchy. is there anything i can use to get rid of it. i do use suncream as i am blond with fair skin and burn easily.
Avatar n tn 3 days after taking the cortisol manager, I developed a red rash that looks and feels like a sunburn on my legs. could the cortisol manager be the problem?
Avatar m tn Now its redness has gone away and looks like a dark and deep red to make it woes it looks like its branching out sort of becoming larger. I'm worried it could be a fungus or something disgusting. I have pictures if anyone wants to provide a guess on what it could be.
Avatar n tn I got a sunburn 5 days ago the redness is gone bust I have these itchy red rashes all where sunburn was what is it
Avatar n tn I have a small area on my back, maybe the size of a babies hand that is pinkish and looks like sunburn.... is this consistent with ARS rash?
Avatar f tn just looks like sunburn, reddening of the skin and has no other characteristics than it feeling hot, like sunburn. in some cases it can appear and disappear in 10 minutes depending on the situation im in, other times it takes a little longer to disappear. i have tried to search many skin conditions on the internet but can not find anything which matches, as no other symptoms persist. hopefully this helps.
Avatar m tn Since yesterday my deltoids and half of my chest is red, it looks like a sunburn but I havn't been exposed to sun. Yesterday I used a corticoids ointment and it went away but came again, today after a cold shower it went away again but its slowly coming back. It doesn't itch at all but it has a small burning sensation (just like when you get sun burned) I havn't used any new shampoo or ate anything different from usual. I'm totally lost, what do you think this might be?
489725 tn?1280052553 hi i was just looking for some info before i go to the dermatoloist next week on a rash that keeps appearing on my chest it kinda looks and feels like sunburn {without the sun}and generanally appears in the morning it is all over my stomach and down the flanks and is sometimes raised it will then completely disappear after an hour .my skin feels sore to the touch when the rash is there and also feels tight.this has being going on for a while but everytime i go to the doc it is not as raised.
Avatar f tn He has put me on 3 different meds. NONE of which have worked. This rash feel like Im burning like sunburn but it comes and goes. I can feel the burning sensation in other parts of my body but they may or may not turn red. I also swell some with this. I have tried to figure out if Im allergic to something but nothing is adding up. Sometimes it will last a few hours other times maybe half an hour. This is so very STRANGE. Please help if you can!!!
401803 tn?1201748405 he gets the apena usually when he is asleep or just laying down wide awake. The heart rate alarms would go off when he is asleep. The rash looks kinda like wind burn almost..but, obviously, its not. its all over his face, even the top of his head looks like it..kinda like a sunburn.
Avatar n tn Whenever my skin especially my wrist and parts of the hands below the elbow get exposed to sun they trun red and I have severe itching.This itching continues for a long time....I just have to control myself from itching or apply aloevera skin cream to soothen it.This is a everyday work as i go out my skin is always red and i am itching throughout the day.....what treatment should i take for it and how much harmful is this sunburn and itching for my skin....
Avatar f tn s tonsils and they were swollen and the rash had continued to spread and started to look like a bad sunburn. He was also getting red streaks at the folds of his arms, legs, and neck. He is now on antibiotics for 10 days.
Avatar n tn It looks like he was clawed and it will be red, the clawed like areas are raised. this is usually on his back and sides. Sometimes looks almost cut along underwear line. Then it can spread and he will have red areas on his face, arms, neck and stomach. Sometimes will small bumps. It itches him and sometimes burns a bit. Benedryl helps. What is the hell is this??? It started several weeks ago. Just randomly gets it.
7520331 tn?1395101988 Heat rash maybe????
Avatar f tn Next day same thing but spots darker red on belly, back and neck, and looks a lot like a sunburn on face arms..feels like it too (radiating heat, sensitive to touch). Havent been in the sun. Ive been taking lamotrigine for about 2 weeks and I know its associated with some serious rashes. Went to GP when the rash wasnt this bad and she said its probably something viral and possibly the medication, talk to the person who prescribed the lamotrgine.
Avatar m tn Dr., For over the past two weeks, I have had a flat, red rash that appears like a sunburn on my face and particulary the neck. When I am in the sun or heat, it increases in itchiness and burning. A few days before the rash started, I had finished my second five-day course of 750mg Amoxicillin for dental work. Also, a few days (3 or 4) before the rash started, I had a very brief (3 seconds or so) unprotected oral sex exposure of which I was the recipient (I am male, received from female).
Avatar f tn - the butterfly rash, when I try to google it it looks very extreme. Does anyone know of a source of less extreme or maybe it doesn’t work like that? Can it be more faint?
959034 tn?1253671476 I've never had a sunburn rash. It hurts! What should I do? It is hot/red. Very dry.