Red rash looks like sunburn

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Avatar f tn Hi everyone I went out 2 nights ago and woke up in the morning with a rash that is about half the size of an A4 piece of paper. It looks like a sunburn, but not too red. It doesn't hurt to touch although the area feels tender on the inside. The area is slightly swollen and occasionally it aches in that area. Today, I have felt really weak all day and my left arm is sore, and i can taste metal in my mouth sometimes. I'm not too concerned with the pains today because maybe i slept badly.
Avatar n tn No, doesn't look like that at all. Looks just like sunburn on the first day.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I noticed a bright red rash that looks like sunburn all over my body (not my face). It hurt to the touch. It has since gone away mostly (no redness) but now I am extremely itchy. I don't have a fever but I have a headache, some nausea, body aches and pains (especially in shoulders, jaw, and lower back) and fatigue. I just don't feel right and I am having a hard time concentrating or focusing on studying (I'm a full time student). The itchy is driving me insane! Please help.
Avatar m tn The skin is pealing like a bad sunburn but it is flaking off now like when I get out of the shower. Looks like really dry skin then. Almost tempted to say this is a chemical burn, but I have not spilled any chemicals on myself. Any thoughts would be great.
Avatar n tn My GP is at a loss as he has never seen a rash like this pop out of nowhere on a persons neck only that has a sort of necklace pattern even though I do not wear jewelry nor have I ever had a rash like this. It's flat, angry and looks like a sunburn though it itches like crazy! Anyone have any idea's? I would greatly appreciate any help someone might give here. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have lived with a neck rash that looks exactly like a severe sunburn.........right in the front area........and it never goes away........Just thought you''d like to know......I'm also hypothyroid.......and have been treated for that......almost as very best to you in finding out the cause of your disturbing symptoms.........peace and love.......
Avatar n tn One day it may almost completely disappear, then all of a sudden it reappears. The rash is not bumpy, it actually looks like a bad sunburn. But it's shape looks like that of a clown's painted on mouth! It is very evident and very odd looking. He has had this off & on for about 3 weeks. I have taken away various foods to see if that could be the cause. I've even changed to a much milder toothpaste and have been very careful when I'm brushing his teeth. I've given him benedryl (sp?
Avatar n tn In the spots where the redness and bumps are gone now there is what looks like a tanned spot. Like you, I have not found any pictures either. Was your rash warm to the touch?
Avatar m tn they are gone after I took anti-histamines and rubbed hydroquarterzone on them. However on my face they still exist. It looks like I got a sunburn (red/hot to the touch) - no raised bumps however. Does this warrant testing? and are these ARS symptoms?
Avatar m tn Now its redness has gone away and looks like a dark and deep red to make it woes it looks like its branching out sort of becoming larger. I'm worried it could be a fungus or something disgusting. I have pictures if anyone wants to provide a guess on what it could be.
Avatar n tn However, for the past year or so I have been developing a strange rash on my forehead which seems to come and go. The rash isn't itchy at all. It is like raised bumps all over my forehead and the skin appears greasy. The bums are generally skin coloured, not red. When I brush my hand over it, it feels a bit like sandpaper. It started when I was about 4 weeks into using the Duac Gel and appeared quite suddenly, within about 2 days.
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
Avatar m tn Only visual sign is red irritated outbreaks on inside of buttocks from time to time, sometimes the outbreaks looks like a bad sunburn on buttocks. It fades over time. No itch or burn I have very bad nerve pain in penis, sacral pain with burning sensation and ache at top of buttocks. I also have a slight burning sensation on foot and behind knee. My questions - What else could this be if not HSV?. Antiviral seems to help - is this the smoking gun for HSV?
Avatar f tn My husband for two months or more has been plagued by what started as peeling dry skin around one eye and has progressed to both eyes, red almost like sunburn, peeling, swollen "pockets" of edema under the eyes, and itching. The redness and dry skin have spread to cheeks and forehead and now looks like a butterfly rash from lupus, but not other lupus symptoms. He has had in the past two years another short lived and far less severe attack of this but during the winter.
Avatar f tn I will contact the dr and see what they can do the rash looks either to be dermatitis or rosacea but treatments for both are not working
343006 tn?1314450071 5 hours I began to have more itching and the rash looks more like hives bumps red dots.. if scratched or rubbed they turn into a big red rash blotch that, seems to change if left alone not itched or rubbed - I had a bout with gout due to the dieretic im on maxzide and had to cutt back on both meds about 1/2 dose - for 2days- iv done this before with no problems! and went back up to normal dose however then I noticed a rash or hives coming on full blast !! -I went to the E.
Avatar f tn The real issue here is that now, after three days, I am experiencing extremely uncomfortable sensations that feel like pins and needles in addition to the fact that the burn hurts to touch, is hot, and red (although some redness has now gone away and some of the heat radiating from the burn has subsided). Is this normal for a sunburn? I haven't had enough of them to know really.
Avatar n tn On the second day a bright red rash (looks like a bad sunburn but isn't) appeared on my upper ankle. On the third day I began taking furosemide. The edema is getting better but the rash has spread almost all the way around my lower leg and is very sensitive to the touch. There is also some red coloring appearing on the outer side of my foot and small toe. What could this be?
Avatar n tn For a couple of years now I notice a strange rash on my penis. At first my skin looks a little dry, then I notice little skin peeling ( similar to what you would see from a sunburn). After the skin peel it turns red. Not much itching going on. Just looks bad at times. This happens sometimes a few days after intercourse. Sometimes its in a small area other times it large. Mainly located on the shaft right below the ridge. I put Cultivate on it, this usually clears it up in a few days.
1614766 tn?1298486325 my three year ld has a red butt looks like a sunburn she has had it over 9weeks her doctor gave me two types of cream which did help the rash part but not the burnt looking part we have no changed any soaps food she sometimes says it itches and she is not in diapers pleas help it looks like i spank her which is not the case thanks
Avatar m tn Since yesterday my deltoids and half of my chest is red, it looks like a sunburn but I havn't been exposed to sun. Yesterday I used a corticoids ointment and it went away but came again, today after a cold shower it went away again but its slowly coming back. It doesn't itch at all but it has a small burning sensation (just like when you get sun burned) I havn't used any new shampoo or ate anything different from usual. I'm totally lost, what do you think this might be?
623944 tn?1244039090 Hi, I've been going to the doctor for several years for ringing in my ears which is 25/7, burning skin pain without a rash, (feels like I have a bad sunburn but skin looks fine) neuropathy, intolerance to cold, very frequent cold sores which I take valtrex for, pain in fingers and toes like I've been out in the cold and motion sickness type feeling. My bloodwork has been normal except MRI of brain shows signal abnormalities in marrow, very slightly elevated kappa/lambda ratio (3.
Avatar f tn Next day same thing but spots darker red on belly, back and neck, and looks a lot like a sunburn on face arms..feels like it too (radiating heat, sensitive to touch). Havent been in the sun. Ive been taking lamotrigine for about 2 weeks and I know its associated with some serious rashes. Went to GP when the rash wasnt this bad and she said its probably something viral and possibly the medication, talk to the person who prescribed the lamotrgine.
Avatar f tn Hello, Since the rash is non itchy hence it looks less likely to be due to allergies. It looks like due to sun burns. Apply cool compresses on the area and take bath with cool(not very cold) water. Do not scrub your skin or shave your skin and use a soft towel and gently pat your skin dry.Also use a sunburn Over-The-Counter remedy containing aloe vera and a light moisturizer or a dusting powder to relieve chafing.
Avatar n tn My left foot is rarely affected. The bright red rash is only somewhat itchy, but after about a day, it fades and looks a bit like old sunburn at that point. I often get a darkening of the skin in the area, almost like a tan. I have noticed my skin becoming more sensitive as I get older. I wonder if it's a sort of heat rash. Do you think that might be what yours is??
Avatar n tn It will start to look like it is about to heal but as soon as I get direct sunlight it flares up again. It looks like it is going to leave a nasty scar and refuses to completely heal. I also have one lesion on my stomach and one on my back that look similar. These do not look like they will scar but they do not go away either. Do you know what could cause this? I am not on any meds but I do have vitiligo. I have had it since childhood. Could this be causing the sun sensitivity?
Avatar n tn Have been on Lamictal one year, then all of the sudden this sunburn rash started on the back of my neck and then chest, and now full body. Dry, red skin, itchy, hot and tender like a sunburn. I was out in the sun without a shirt for about 30 minutes the day before the rash started. Has been 2 weeks now, and still have it. At first my doctors did not believe it was the Lamictal since I had been on it for one year already.
999891 tn?1407279676 I was dx with eczema about 15 years ago but this red sunburn like thing has only showed up I'd say in the past 5 years. For me, it can be super itchy and very, very red so much that my DH will notice it and be shocked on how bad it looks. Mine flares up and down, and with the itchiness and burning..I just figured it is worsening eczema. The steriod cream does seem to help it settle down but never completely gets rid of it....and now the skin on my hands is extremely thin.