Diaper rash looks like pimples

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Avatar m tn Looks like a diaper rash at first then small pimples form. It goes away a in a week's time. I just brought this up with her and she said she has just had a HPV test with her normal pap and will get back to me with results. But has no symptoms herself. Could HPV be causing this and why do I have a breakout only when I am with her?
Avatar n tn I have lately been experiencing external vaginal itching but on the inner sides of the lips and the entrance ofthe vagina... Also there are red rash like areas on the inner part of the lips.. Im really scared and i been with the same guy for 6 months now and this just occured about 3 weeks ago after my last period.. And also i believe i had vaginal tears too...
284738 tn?1283110419 i checked her arms and legs and there are a few bumps that look like pimples but nothing like what is on her chest and forehead.. is this just heat rash? I am just terrified its something else like an allergic reaction to the meds.. if anyone knows or has seen anything like this please let me know so i can ease my mind..
Avatar n tn I've has the same problem for as far back as I can remember, I'm 29 and a chick so it's not from shaving. It seems like ingrown hairs at times but others feel like pimples. I notice they itch or bother me when I'm stressed or if I've just worked out and my body temp is up. I've tried every kind of acid, zinc and dandruff shampoos, various natural oils and nothing has helped. When I had this checked out by a dermatologist I was told it's Follicular Dermatitis, given some cream and sent on my way.
Avatar n tn thats a spot where some tend to perspire. almost like a heat rash (or diaper rash..hee hee). i wear pads during the night when i have my period and get what i call just that... a diaper rash. sounds similiar. if your dr. has looked and you've been tested, you should relax. they know what they are looking for and they know what std's looks like. have you used a new detergent? may be too "perfumey" for sensitive skin.
Avatar f tn It is circular, about 3 inches big, and goes around her anus. It kind of looks like raised bumps/pimples. When I wiped it, white flaky skin came off (I think). I noticed it two days ago, but tonight it looks way worse. Does anyone know what it could be? I thought of heat rash, but it only gets 50 degrees here during the day... Maybe dry skin or something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, before I can take her to the doctor. She says it doesn't hurt or itch.
1222635 tn?1366399886 she's had it since starting brocolli i believe, but still has it and has moved on to carrots. thing is, it comes and goes. its not there constantly. it looks like little pimples, but i wouldn't think pimples would come and go. could it be an allergic reaction? what do they look like?
676912 tn?1332816151 Elijah has had a rash on his back that looks like tiny red pimples for over a week. At his one year check up Thursday the doctor said it was a viral rash, but he has not seemed sick and has not had a fever. She said it would clear up within a week and it has only gotten worse since. Any ideas? I looked up rashes online and nothing I've seen so far seems to fit the description.
Avatar f tn The only time I noticed anything was last night when it was visibly (but slightly) red between my butt cheek and vagina where it at that time actually looked like a rash. I have no bumps or pimples or anything like that. I put some diaper rash cream on it and changed my clothes and it was somewhat better in the morning. It seems this is exacerbated overnight when I sweat ( I have been using too many blankets and waking up sweaty).
Avatar f tn hey i got a tattoo about 2 weeks ago and it is a red star on my forearm and now i hage a huge what looks like to be a rash all over my arms, it is so itchy , ive been using gold bond anti itch cream and it takes the itch away but it made it worse i am going to a docter today any advice please ***@****
Avatar n tn But Now i have found out about these tanning injections that make you tan and i am goin to try this as i know someone who is takin these and she looks like she been away on holiday .I know this would not stop the rash but it would darkin my skin and mybe i won t have to wear so much make up and i always feel great with a tan .So am i mad to try this?before i order has anyone tried this for this purpose?
Avatar n tn I put some cocoa butter stick on my neck but I guess I used a little too much because my neck turned bright red so was like wow I just gave myself a diaper rash on my neck. So light bulb went off diaper rash cream! I bought some balmex it helped right away cleared up in a day or two after that. But my pimples were still there. So yesterday it returned so idk what's going on I been using a head and shoulders shampoo and no conditioner.
Avatar n tn The rash came back, also in his legs (like spreading) Everytime he has the rash (looks like pimples 5-6 at the time in the pelvic area and his penis very swallen and red) The rash came back for the 3rd time and the doctor said that was yeast, now he was prescribed nystatin, got better.
Avatar n tn I know it may sound crazy but it almost looks more like my baby's diaper rash bumps then pimples. Any ideas what could be the cause of this and if I should seek a primary care doctor or more dermatolory field???
Avatar f tn theyre not always there they clear up like pimples do then come back very red then clear up again. ive tried nappy rash cream that seems to help but they still come back and she too never sits long enough to cause sores. very strange, they dont seem to bother her which is good i just dont like the looks of them especially being on someone so young. if anyone knows what they are please let us know it would be very much appriciated.
Avatar f tn she has been taking it for about three days, and since she has had a really runny stool. i'll change her diaper and it looks like it's dark green dyed. and today it was and orange-ish color. and down below, her whole diaper area, she has little pimple like looking bumps. there's probably only about 10, but she's also a little red. could this be a reaction to the amoxicillian? or is she just getting irritated because of the runny stool because she has the cold virus?
Avatar m tn Hello. My 7 year old son keeps getting these Lil sores that look like pimples with whiteheads and red they scab up once he's starts getting better from being sick. I've notice they only appear when he is sick. The first time he had this it was pretty bad starting from his nostril going down to his lip only on Wed one side and its always the same side.I put aloe vera on it and within a couple days it was healing.
Avatar f tn I live by the stuff! It's great for diaper rash and cradle cap too...my first born never had a problem with either after i applied the bag balm! I applied it to my tummy during my first pregnancy and I have zero stretch marks! I use it for dry skin, ruff feet, pimples, cuts and scrapes, etc. my grandmother is 88 and has used it her whole life! Good luck...
Avatar n tn The rash came back, also in his legs (like spreading) Everytime he has the rash (looks like pimples 5-6 at the time in the pelvic area and his penis very swallen and red) The rash came back for the 3rd time and the doctor said that was yeast, now he was prescribed nystatin, got better.
Avatar m tn I am 14 and have been masturbating for some time and recently had my first shave down stairs but as i am 14 i have experimented with different things for lube but the most recent one is simple soap after i had finished i had burning sensations on my skin on the shaft of my penis and ever since then i have had what looks like whiteheads on my shaft i have popped a few and they ooze out what looks like puss i am very scared about this but i am afraid of goin to the doctor can someone please tell m
Avatar m tn Gives me desinade and tells me to put diaper rash cream on it, also Zpack azithromycin. Neither helps. 72 days post-exposure - see primary care doc. He says he can see it's irritated and thinks it may be a low grade fungal infection. Gives me fluconizole and nystatin powder. Neither really does anything. 82 days post-exposure - With nothing else to blame, try meds for trichomoniasis. This definitely relieves irritation in penis and need to urinate, but not completely.
513504 tn?1214175594 first it started as a mild itch on my vagina i shave so i thought maybe if i shave i wont sweat so much. WRONG . NOW it itchy and it looks red and sore almost like razor burn but its little bumps on the outside of lips and around surrounding area and now theres pimples on my bottom. :( when i walk it feels like my thighs are rubbing together and it burns and itches.
Avatar n tn ive had docs say its just a rash 1 minite and the next its eczma/ dermatitis so what do i do anybody with any suggestions. to top it all off she has cradle cap aswell not bad but bad enough so she looks like a bit of a mess she is supposed to look cute and cuddly but instead i get this.
Avatar m tn can that cause by becteria if fungeo infection? can herpes looks like a bump with white or gray fluid come out with puzz it?
Avatar m tn However, it's nearly six weeks since the outset of symptoms, and it still hasn't completely gone away. It now looks like a scar area, or at least, it hasn't completely faded away. I've also noticed one tiny new red patch in my public hair today (like the size of a small pimple). I had something similar last week around the original affected area, that didn't go into a big lesion or anything, but looked to be related.
529981 tn?1212853666 There is a sandy-grainy like build up on my scalp This is also accompanied by an itch. Even after I wash my hair, the grainy like build up is still there. It is NOT flaky what so ever. My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations.
Avatar f tn Thanks grace, it's after shaving there's something formed like 2 pimples far from each other, it has yellow at the center, it doesn't hurt, do u think these are hair follicle due to shaving? How about the rash like right side of the perineum, it's just red, no formed blisters, doesn't itch.
Avatar m tn 3) I looked more in depth at my head and it looks there are pin size pimples in the red spot and around it. They are very miniscule though and you wouldn't be able to see unless you looked closer. Do you think this could be dry skin or sign of herpes? 4) Kind of goes with above. But like I said, I have no pain whatsoever in my genitals. My testes feel a bit sore, but I've been working out a lot and my muscles ache from that, so that could be it as well.
Avatar f tn If I need the cyst cut out to prevent future issues, then I will not delay. Your leg looks just like mine! Thank you for posting; it's good to know I'm not alone! (My sister also gets these!