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Avatar n tn I have a rash that looks like long thin red scratches (1-3 inches) on the back of my hand, the inside of my forearm near my hand that has now spread to both sides of my trunk, belt line, etc. I looks like it could be scratches from a cat or something. It is not especially itchy but it is bothering me a little especially as new areas break out. Any idea what this could be? It started on my forearm a couple of days ago and seems to be spreading a little each day.... should I see a doctor?
Avatar f tn I have a rash that looks like scratches and keeps spreading. Itches sometimes but not always. What is it? http://i63.tinypic.com/212iidt.
Avatar n tn my son has this issue they look like scratches and there raised a little, like there poped out and i think they hurt him.. i tried putting on the med for his dermititus and it didnt go away... there still there more keep appearing, he has like 13 of them.. any advice i have an app for him tomarrow..
Avatar n tn I HAVE A RASH LIKE THAT I CAN SEN YOU A PIC IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT IT IS This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/241010'>rash that looks like scratches</a>.
Avatar f tn My sister told me this morning that my niece has now come out in a blister-like rash that looks the same as she had then. Could the flu-jab have triggered the herpes virus to flare up again? Have you ever heard of these symptoms as part of ANY form of the herpes virus? Her description of the intense pain and her sore skin certainly appears to fit in with the symptoms of non-rash shingles ( is it zoster sine herpetes?
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Avatar m tn Two or three parallel scratches that appear to have obvious animal-like trailing? I've had cats around for years. I'm thinking evil spirit, demonic oppression. If one doesn't believe that I wouldn't know what to say. Have you awoken to see a dark figure? Not sure if you were dreaming or awake? Couldn't move or breathe? Job 4 “Now a word was secretly brought to me, And my ear received a whisper of it.
Avatar n tn What can be the cause of a rash that appears at random on skin that looks like cat scratches and icth?
Avatar m tn My Rash is itchy and burns...it looks like scratches, sometimes is in a patch, but always has the Long scratch like Rash. It is hot to the touch....comes and goes....it does disappear after 20 or 30 Minutes. But I now have to take an antihistime to control the itching. I have had this for two months now...i went through a short detox prior to this happening along with terrible stomach pain for months. Have been tested for parasites....but something is causing this!!!help!!!
Avatar f tn Oh I see you said she started getting the cutting and bleeding a day after. I didn't see that. Thanks. Yes it looks like the shot was trigger to either a delayed hypersensitivity (allergic reaction) or triggered one of things I talked about above). For most people the flu shot is quite safe and saves many lives. There were 50 deaths in California alone this year so far from the flu. So, it can be helpful.
Avatar n tn I have similar symptoms. do yours looks like flea bites in clusters? so far I have found that bathing helps with the itching but does not cure the problem. does this sound similar to your problem?
Avatar n tn I am a 42 year-old pale-skinned female in relatively good health. I suffer from seasonal allergies and have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (20+ years ago) which is under control. Almost a year ago I developed an itch near the base of my neck about the size of a quarter which I dismissed as dry skin. Six months later, with severe itching on my scalp and base of neck, I finally decided to see a doctor.
Avatar m tn The rash consists of numerous tiny, red, raised bumps with halos. The bumps have tiny heads (pimple like). As he scratches this rash grows. We live in Colorado and have no pets. I want to deal with the cause as well as treat the rash. My son has his hands down his pants constantly! Thanks!
Avatar f tn This week she has also had blisters appearing on her body - my sister says it looks like the herpes virus rash my niece had before (My niece was diagnosed with shingles in early autumn - before she had the flu vaccination -- is there a connection?????). I am really hoping someone out there can help us. I am particularly interested in talking to anyone who has experienced similar "scratches" -- have you had shingles and/or another form of the herpes virus?
Avatar f tn My 14 month old son was crawling on the grass at lunch time and he crawls across poop he had it all over his legs I didn't even see the stuff until he went through it so I wiped him down to stop him rubbing it in and gave him a bath straight away but he now has a rash that looks like scratches on his thigh and on his lower legs it looks like a dotty rash is this something to be concerned about he is ill anyway with a cold, cough and he's teething too so I don't know whether it's coincidence or n
551343 tn?1506834118 While picture is't clear, it looks like rash I had on my wrists two years ago after worked in the garden. Does it oozes? By the way, it wasn't posion ivy, and I had no history of posion ivy, I can touch them and have no reaction. Most recent was last fall without any oozing. My dermatalogist thought it was from me stratching skin too much. I told her, no. it just pop up then fades on its own. It didn't persists. Bart or not? Jackie, mojogal, what do you think?
Avatar f tn Her treets,are from pecto. She loves the chocolate chip, and one cookie like with, what looks like raspberries. She has only eaten dry dog food ever, and never table food. Can you help??
Avatar m tn The rash on her was not itchy nor red just small raised prickly bumps that looked like heat rash but it was not all that hot out. Well over the next week her rash started to spread over her whole arm into her arm pit, the crease of her arm diaper area. We took her to the doctors and they gave her Claritin (which she has been on for 3 months), Azithromycin and Prednisone but the rash kept spreading across her back down her legs and started getting red, really itchy, and sore.
Avatar f tn It looks like the initial scratches have healed and it is just the rash running along the slight scars.
Avatar n tn ruled that out after fever ended by the 5th day,conjunctivitis gone. this is day 6, still has rash, but under the arms pits looks like broken blood vessels from scratches , like dark puprple lines. the rash was never itchy nor bothersome to my son. the doctor thinks its viral. nothing has been perscribed to him. i am worried that this rash still persists. he is eating and playing normally, not complaining of any pain or aches.
Avatar m tn I just discovered I have a set of these scratches on my stomach. one does cris/cross but the other three are curved parallel lines. I can't find anything on the internet as to what these might be either. Very odd and a bit frightening.
Avatar n tn The steroid seemed to help my lungs, but it's been 10 days, and my back neck still hurt. About 5 days ago I noticed a really wierd rash on my stomach that looks like 4 scratches. The bumps are all in lines, and it's itchy and red. Today when I got home from work and shorts on, I noticed I have blotchy red spots of all different sizes on the insides of my thighs. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen, or got any idea about the rash lines?
Avatar n tn It is one thin horizontal line with two lines extending downward from each of its ends in a curving shape that meet perfectly together a few inches down. It literally looks like that shape of a talon (like a dinosaur talon or something of the like). My girlfriend (a nursing student) thought that maybe they were capillaries that were broken under the skin but the marks haven't "gone down" yet at all. My mother (a nurse) says that it might be a rash.
Avatar n tn It's funny how people get from a curling sensation behind your shoulder to your entire body feeling like you have ants. I would like to say that my sensation of something curling under my skin is excitedly where some of the others have felts this. In my case, behind my left shoulder, in a small spot. And always in the same spot. It's been going on now for about 4yrs. It seems to go away during the winter months, but come summer, it's back.
Avatar f tn He is prone to severe ackne on back and chest at times, if thats what it is becouse they are always big and fluid filled and take forever to heal, looks almost just like the blisters at times. hes had that since he was a child. This swelling of right ankle and seeping Blisters is new, left leg is fine. Also he has severe athletes foot on both feet that wont go away its been so bad that he literally scratches the top layer of skin right off.
Avatar n tn If I were to contract the disease, I also assume that an outbreak would be painful (if this were one), and not just a visually red looking rash with no pain or itching or buring. It looks like a bunch of scratches, no blisters or puss. Would like to get well past this, but very paranoid about what I did (even though no actual intercourse or oral occured).
Avatar m tn Hello Help! I noticed the pimples-like lines (that you probably call rash. They're many pimples forming lines) a month and a half ago. I started using my soap (Dettol, which I think is classified as anti bacterial) more on the area thinking it's a hygiene thing and that I wasn't using it enough down there. (but it might be the opposite) The rash (or pimples) persisted for two weeks (a month ago) and even woke me up once back then, felt like they were burning.
Avatar m tn I'm not familiar with that drug you mentioned, but I can describe what a riba rash looks like. Itches like a fiend and looks like little red dots. And the more you scratch them (bad idea, but couldn't help it), the more likely it is to make the little heads on the dots bleed. Don't mean to be gross. I was told to use a 1% cortisone cream. I actually just forced myself to ignore it long enough to let the scratches heal, and the darn thing seemed to dry up and go away.