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Avatar n tn My kids will get a raised red rash when they play in grass. Not every time for sure but sometimes. It disappears on its own pretty quickly. It's never spread but localized to the areas that were in grass. Your son may just have sensitive skin???? One of my boys does as well. I try not to make a big deal out of and kind of ignore it and it does seem to go away very fast.
Avatar f tn Hi there! About two weeks ago, I broke out in a rash on my arms, chest, and legs. It started as "hives" (or what I think were hives) then quickly turned into a raised, red, bumpy rash. I am allergic to grass and had been sitting on a blanket on grass, so when I went to the doctor, they assumed it was that and prescribed me antihistamines on top of the daily one I already take, to help clear up the rash.
Avatar n tn I noticed today that my dog has a red splotchy rash only on his belly, where there is no fur. He was running around outside in our backyard today and eating some grass. This is his second time outside as he is pretty young, the weather has been cold. The rash looks like red lines and is not raised at all. I don't know if this would be allergies.. And I don't think that it could be poison ivy.
476834 tn?1228398709 If I sit down in it, I get an immediate rash. If the grass has NOT been recently mowed, I can sit on it all day. I have had this since I was a litlle kid. Doctor's could never find out exactly what was in the freshly mowed grass that made me get the rash. Here I am 54 years old and it's still a puzzle.
Avatar n tn Hi Sweat rash, dust mites, scabies, dermatitis, solar reactions or allergies may be differentials here as they do present in these areas also. A red rash over the extremities and over the torso may have dermatitis as a differential also. If they itch then an allergic dermatitis may have to be considered. Scabies may present in the digits and also in areas that may be intertriginous like the groin. They may present with a linear rash with vesicles and they may itch terribly.
Avatar f tn hi, i developed this rash about two months ago along whats thought to be swine flu, i have had it once before on my back after traveling for 5 hours in a car with leather seats and it went away so just assumed it was a heat rash, as i did this time until it hasnt gone away it started on my back then spread to my shoulders and now in my cleavage.
202436 tn?1326474333 I was sunbathing outside on the grass and all the bits of me which were exposed and touching the grass especially my tummy ended up in all those bumps. They actually got worse when i showered but later the next day they started to fade then dissapered. Maybe it could be just a simple aggravition caused by grass?
Avatar f tn I commonly get pinhead-sized red dots under the surface of my skin. I have gotten several on my stomach, arms, and chest at different times. They are not pimples or bumps as the surface of my skin is smooth. The red dots look like blood dots under my skin. They usually appear when I am very stressed or having elevated levels of anxiety. Sometimes I notice them appear right after I have had a rash over that area. I do break out in rashes when I'm very stressed and having racing thoughts.
Avatar f tn hi, i developed this rash about two months ago along whats thought to be swine flu, i have had it once before on my back after traveling for 5 hours in a car with leather seats and it went away so just assumed it was a heat rash, as i did this time until it hasnt gone away it started on my back then spread to my shoulders and now in my cleavage.
Avatar f tn About a week ago, I developed this cluster of red bumps on my lower back. It's very very itchy and I have no idea how I got it. When I scratch it, even lightly, it will sting really bad. When I brush my hand over it though, it just feels like a cluster of bumps and it doesn't hurt. It's hard to control the urge to scratch it and when I do, the stinging is really bad.
Avatar f tn what could cause a rash on a child's face from playing outside at school in dirt,grass, near trees? and what is the best thing to do? the child's rash doesn't itch and is not swollen.
Avatar n tn This type of dermatitis is aggravated or triggered by contact with any known allergens. It may present with a well demarcated red rash which may be weepy and itchy. There may be vesicles or bumps with clear fluid inside. It may be itchy and the itch scratch cycle may develop excoriations and involve normal skin. There is no single definite medical treatment for dermatitis .Corticosteroids and antihistamines may help alleviate the symptoms.
Avatar f tn My daughter gets a rash on her face when she eats spaghetti sauce and sometimes pizza and salsa. It's a raised pinkish red rash and itches and burns. Sometimes its on her legs.I have no idea what she is allergic to since there are so many different ingredients and spices. Looking for some advice on what I should do. Is there a way she can be tested for different spices?
Avatar m tn (note that the cuts came after the rash, also note that the pictures are recent so it is not so red now!) Any ideas would be well appreciated!
Avatar n tn My doc had refered me to an ENT because of my throat who said my voicebox was slightly swollen and the rash led to me being allergic to something. Blood tests said it was dust mites and grass. Antihistamines havent worked and I still have the rash now. It is flat, red, not itchy but hot and comes and goes but never truely goes. I have what looks like a herald patch on my calf but doc says this isnt pityriasis rosea. More blood tests show my immune system is higher than normal.
Avatar m tn This Pityriasis Rosea Rash can also look like ringworm which is a red, dry usually round but sometimes oval rash. That is contagious but it is usually easily identifiable. In my opinion I think you need to consult your primary care physician. I hope you will let us know what you discover. Good luck to you and your friend.
679466 tn?1247006054 Additionally, skin infections with bacterial and yeast organisms can also cause a red rash on the groin and armpits, but usually do not improve with cortisone. Contact allergy to things such as carpet shampoos and powders and to wool carpeting occurs occasionally, but less commonly than pollen/grass allergies.
Avatar f tn Definitely she could maybe have some little critters nesting in her bed?! (Yikes!) And she could be picking biting insects or mites up from the grass outside if she lays in grass. A short-legged small dog like a Shih-tzu is also closer to the ground when just walking. You could try spraying her bedding with PRESCRIBED flea treatment (not an over-the-counter one, as some have been found to be toxic, even though they are cheaper) -AND then boil-washing it afterwards.
Avatar n tn redness and itching of the skin, rash erupts on the skin,and the rash develops into red bumps, called papules, or large, oozing blisters. An allergic reaction to a poison plant is diagnosed based on the typical pattern of symptoms and the appearance of the rash. It cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be treated. You may take cool showers and apply an over-the-counter lotion -- such as calamine lotion -- to help relieve the itch.
Avatar f tn Last August I noticed what to me looks like a bullseye rash on my hand. I went to the doctors at the time and he looked in a book and mentioned Lyme's but said it was too early to do a blood test and to see if the rash disappeared. The rash went after a week or two (can't remember now) so I thought no more of it. I'm in the UK had been for a walk a few days earlier with the dog (always out everyday with the dog but I remember this one more vividly).
Avatar f tn There is a puss infection in the middle of the red and i cant imagine that many bug bites without you seeing something. Looks more like a rash or plant poison reaction. If you ran through any grass or such and got pricked they could get infected. Maybe try some 1%cortizone cream with also.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 years, from about April - June, i randomly will start out with what looks like a mosquito bit, and then it gradually gets worse, actually a HUGE red itch rash either on my forearm, inner elbow, or top or arm. It also gets hot sometimes. I have been to dermatologist NUMEROUS times they have done about 6 biopsies. Chalk it up to contact dermatitis/ezcema. I have used clobetasol cream, prednisone etc.. could take weeks to go away. Its so embarrassing !.
Avatar f tn a day, and wears steel toe boots and has them on his feet everyday for at least 12 hrs. So he noticed about 6 or 7 pimple like bumps ( red with a head on them) on his heel, there not on his ankle or anywhere else on his foot. He said they don't itch or anything, there just there. Does anyone have any idea what this may be?
Avatar f tn I got tested for allergies and it came back that i was allergic to Dust mites, grass polen, weed polen, chocolate, and all tree polen. I even got a skin biopsy done and it came back as a chemical reaction to an unknow chemical. So every time i had a rash i would think about what i just did or ate to make them come out and nothing seem to catch my attention. Besides the fact that when i'm at work and i'm working on cleaning the shelfs that's when i can say i start itching.
Avatar m tn Dear forum I'm going out of my mind with anxiety over possible HIV infection transmitted orally from vagina to mouth. I had sore/potentially cracked lips at the time. Lots of chapstick. Just over a month ago I took a trip to Amsterdam with a group of friends. After a day of heavy drinking around the red light area I was persuaded to visit one of the regulated prostitutes - the ones with the windows facing the street.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has a large (palm size) rash on top of his foot ( has a very shingle-like rash in appearance). The only reason I say this is because he just recovered from shingles recently. The rash doesn't look like "heat rash"...because of the pink background and rash isn't evenly distributed. It is also not at the bottom of his feet or in between his toes. it also has a white/clearish looking tiny blisters all over.