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Avatar f tn I have had this rash under my breast for over a week now. I tried using some no scented soap and drying the area well. I tried a ph balanced soap that didn't work. I even tried using medicated powder and A&D ointment and to no avail. It itches terribly and now the skin is raised like a heat rash. I do have big breasts and don't know what else to do. I am trying to exhaust the home remedies before I actually go to the doctor. Any suggestions what this may be or what I can use?
Avatar n tn Nothing there. Next day small red rash appeared in 2 spots the size of a dime. Then 3 splotches appeared under breast and center of breasts. Little bit itchy. Mostly painful. Don't sweat, am very clean. Help!!
Avatar f tn Hello, You have not described the rash in details and many possibilities are possible for rash under the breast. It can be intertrigo, fungal infection, erythrasma, flexural psoriasis, candidiasis and papilomatosis. Please elaborate on the symptoms and description of the rash so that a list of differentials can be made. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn for a long time now i have had red spots (or a rash) under my left breast and a little bit under my right breast. the rash is flat with no pus or crusting. it rarely itches and does not hurt. i have larger breasts and usually do not wear a bra unless i am going out to eat, the bar, getting my hair done, etc (i feel more comfortable with out a bra on)... any ideas on what this could be??
Avatar n tn A painful rash under the breast may be intertrigo - a rash that forms in hot moist areas - like jock itch. This generally is pinkish and can be painful. If a fungus infection is part of it there may be little "satellite lesions" - red spots all around the edges of the rash. You can treat this by cleaning it with Witch Hazel and then treating it with anti-fungal cream like clotrimazole. This is especially common if you have large breasts and if you have been warm and sweaty.
Avatar f tn Had anyone experienced a small breast rash? Under my boob there is a slight bump almost looks like a scar. I thought it was just die to my bra digging in or something so at first I completely ignored it. But I would go to sleep with nothing on and wake up and it was still there looks very similar to a scar like how they are slightly raised. Only on one breast. I sent it to my sister to look at and she thought it was from sweating but I shower all the time and make sure it stays dry.
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon to get yeast rash under pendulous breasts where very little air gets at the skin. Nystatin powder or cream is very effective. You should have relief after even the first application if that is what is going on for you.
Avatar n tn Everything healed and for the most part all is well. Just recently I broke out in a very itchy rash under the left breat (same breast as lump removal).Could this be another sign of something to be worried about for instance breast cancer ? How often should I get a mamogram done I am only 29 yrs. old and very concerned.I am also big breasted does this have a play in the problems I have had and have now?
Avatar f tn I have a rash up under my breast and between my thighs as well the itching is driving me crazy. I try to get it dry it it jock itch or something else It feels like my body is turning against me for some reason.
Avatar n tn I had a rash for few days that itch and very tender put yeast cream on it it was under breast and on bottom of the right breast , now rash is gone but have 3 or 4 seperate blisters with yellow top on them they are small, blisters are tender. Blisters are below where rash was on upper right quadrant.
Avatar f tn i have a 1" red line under breast, sore, burning, when touched. No rash or bleeding, Wondered if a medicated powder would help, or would a lotion or cream be better. have this about 4 days, but cannot afford doctors. can anyonehelp. I am 86 and do sweat under breasts.Thank youall.
Avatar f tn I notice a few days ago that i have a red rash under my right breast it can appear dry at times but its not itchy at all. Then this morning i noticed i have the same type of rash starting under my left armpit this one however this is a little itchy im worried that its starting to move all over my body. I have started a new medication for my depression called sertra100 could that be it??? I have been on anti depressants before but not on the particular brand...
Avatar n tn I have experienced similar rash under my breasts. My physician said it was a yeast infection. You can also get a yeast infection under your arms. The doctor prescribed a prescription anti-fungal cream that made the itching stop but the rash seemed to hang on. I went to a dermatologist recently who prescribed a powder that is working. I do wear Victoria's Secrets bras and wonder if there is any connection...
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I started getting a rash under both of my armpits. It is extremely itches and I can't help but itch and then it is painful. I have tried everything to make it go away and it does fade sometimes and I think it is gone and then right out of the blue, it returns. I have been using the same deodorant since I was 14 and I am now 27, and never had any problems, I did try switching when the rash started.
Avatar f tn I am 57 i been having problems with my right and left breast, i have a very large red and purple circle under both breast by the side of a coffee cup saucer. the circles look like bruses, the circles are half on breast and ribcage. I am concern they have been there for over 2 months. they are flat, tender, they also burn and itch, not ruff like a rash. could this be from my bra rubbing against my skin.
Avatar n tn I have a red rash under my left breast..I have had it before and with neosporen is has disappeared. It now has returned for over 2 weeks and I have tried an over the counter cortezon1 cream and it has disappeared some but still looks raw and is tender...it itches some and if I touch it..it seems to sting a little.It is always moist and damp in that area. Any ideas...
Avatar f tn It is also in larger patches in other areas including under the breast Anyone have any idea what it looks like? It seems raised and she said it is painful to touch. Her arm on this side is also aching when she lifts it. See pic attached. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have a rash under my breast. I'm thinking its coming from my victoria scret bra's. What can I get to get rid of this rash. Its like a burning feeling.
Avatar f tn I recently had a garage sale and got heat rash on my chest area from the heat and sweat. It moved from between the breasts to underneith one breast. It has been a couple of months now and I can't seem to get rid of it. I have used all kinds of powders to help dry the area. I've used antibotic ointments because it has become so sore and inflamed. I have also used Caladryl maybe to dry the rash. It does seem to help with the itching, but it still hasn't gone away.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on both of my inner thighs and sometimes under my left breast theyare dry and non itchy. They came up first a couple of months ago and now they are back. they are non raised and they are very pinkish red. could this be caused from a bacterial infection?
1380871 tn?1279154103 I have a rash in patches down my neck and under my right breast. There are smaller spots of it on seemingly random parts of my body. For the most part it looks like dry red dashes and while not overly itchy, does seem to bother me most after showering and is slowly spreading. Help!
Avatar f tn It started out as a red oval shape under my breast and I thought it was from my swimsuit that I was wearing but it became very itchy then a week later my scalp became very itchy and it would become scabby from itching it so much and then I started to get little itchy bumps on my stomach and side and so I went to a pharmacist and he said it was a fungal thing, so he gave me steroid creme which didn't help the itchyness or redness then I went to the doctor and same thing he said it was a fungal r
Avatar f tn I wore a new bra the day the rash started, BUT the first of redness and rash were on front of chest, not under bra, but next to it. Used a new soap about 2-3 weeks prior. I've had rashes before...once to a fancy mushroom and once to sweet and low, but benadryl cleared it up within a day! I've went off the D and Calcium and the soap right away.Also have been itching on inner thighs, but don't see the redness or rash there! Appreciate any help or insight you can give me.
Avatar n tn I have a small rash under my left nipple. I have had this rash for about three weeks. It itches, and a clear discharge is excreting from the rash. Lately I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on it. But I have scheduled an doctors appt. What should I do in the mean time?
Avatar n tn I had a small quarter size rash on the upper inner quadrant of my breast, my doctor felt it was a bull's eye tick rash and I feel like it has gotten lighter but not gone away - how worried should I be? This is not where I was bit by a tick, I am worried about inflammatory breast cancer.