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Avatar f tn The outbreaks occur at least 3 to 4 times a month and last for about 3 days. The rash is a red raised bump on the back of her legs, ususally about 4-6 bumps on each leg and up near her butt. They are about the size of a nickel or quarter. The doctors ruled out ring worm, and say it is a form of eczema. But the cream and ointment they gave me for this eczema has never worked for her. It also seems when these bumps appear, she gets tiny red bumps near her eyes and gets a runny nose too.
Avatar m tn hey guys! was actualy surprised to c so many ppl having itchy legs! and more specifically, the lower limbs, below the calf muscle, on the back of the legs.. i went thru a lot of posts here, n i can c dat a LOT of ppl get an itch after shower/swimming. well i too get extra itchy after a shower, but my legs itch otherwise also, for no rhyme or reason.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be due to a non-specific dermatitis.The sudden appearance of a widespread blotchy rash is quite common. It is often due to a virus infection. Many viruses can cause a rash, sometimes associated with other symptoms such as fever, cough, etc. Many of these rashes are 'non specific'. This means the doctor cannot say which virus is the culprit, but that some virus is a likely cause. Virus rashes vary in shape and size. However, they often appear as blotchy red spots.
Avatar n tn I have had exema since I was little. I would get break outs in rash forms on my lower legs, elbow, hands and ankles. I use to break out from water & sun or soaps. I still do on occasion but I much more aware of my condition. My mom always put me in oatmeal baths from Aveeno & gave me glycerin soaps. I found that cordizone cream works for quick relief but may cause itching which then leads to open cuts within the rash; making your skin burn and itch more.
Avatar n tn Only other thing I came up with is a possibility of an allergy rash ...what does she have on the area of the rash regularly, any cream, lotion, even shower/bath gel ..and you say she has no rash anywhere else on her body ?
Avatar m tn itchy lower legs, no rash. The itch can be as severe as poison ivy at times, but, again, no rash. I have to wonder if this is due to an allergic reaction of some sort. For example, one hears a lot about gluten these days. I'm not a new-ager, but others in my immediate family have said that they have developed gluten sensitivity. Does a gluten sensitivity reaction always include a rash?
Avatar n tn What kind of virus causes pimple like rash on my daughters hands arms legs and feet? with fever will it go away how long will it last? will it come back? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/240507'>pimples on four-year-old</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi. One differential for this is a viral infection. Do you have any joint pains? I suggest you get a referral with an infectious disease specialist and have this condition evaluated. This may be a case of parvovirus B19 infection which may affect both adults and children alike. This infection is also referred to as the "fifth disease"."Fifth disease is a mild rash illness that occurs most commonly in children.
615752 tn?1361867986 Thanks guys! Well I'm just keeping my eye out on my girl, checking if she develops a rash. She has a light rash which I described and it went away, so that wasn't the typical rash. Just have to wait for my antibody titres which I will call in for on Tuesday and hope I am immune and pray my daughter didn't contract it. It's scary but the fact I haven't seen a rash all over her body yet has eased my mind a little.
Avatar n tn My daughter had a outbreak of hives the end of July, The OR gave her new allergy meds and 5 days worth of steroids, it cleared up. Within a week she had the reddish rash back, hands and feet swelling, rash on arms and legs. It itches alot on her back.Nobody seems to know what she's allergic to, please help, I also have concerns about LUPUS.
6947444 tn?1403849867 I have a rash on my legs and it comes and goes all the time since being pregnant is this normal?
Avatar f tn My 8 year old granddaughter is causing a distraction in her class by zoning out and shaking her legs uncontrobably. where should I start? Her doctor says that she has limes disease and is currently being helped. I am not so sure that she has this disease. She has been displaying these system as early as six months of age.
1742112 tn?1311647221 His face is the same with very dry areas and his eyes are red and swollen. we do swim in a pond,(noone else gets a rash in the family) but considering his legs do not have the rash and his arms I am not sure what to think. Can it be due to the sun?
Avatar m tn My son is 9 years old. Yesterday he came home from school with a red rash on his forearms and inner thighs that almost look like welts. They are raised but not itchy. He is also complaining that his ankles/ feet and legs are sore. He is limping around and finding it painful to walk. I have given him nurofen, polaramine and phenergan to try to get rid of rash and pain. None are working. Today his ankles appear to have fluid in them and he is still in pain walking. Are these growing pains?
Avatar n tn After about an hour this all went away. No rash on arms, hands other than knuckle area, truck or legs. Today he went outside again today from one house to another and the rash has come up again. What could this be. The Augmentin was stopped yesterday. He has not taken anything different. No change in any soaps or detergents in the last week.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have noticed a rash made up of small red spots on my thighs and inner legs this morning. They are also a little itchy. I am slightly concerned because I went for a massage yesterday and am worried I might have caught something infectious while there. I lay on a towel. The rash is on both legs and is contained to the inner thighs.
Avatar n tn itchy legs - very hot - when i bath them in very hot water i get relief for a while -- i have cream i put on Aqueous cream bp -- this sometimes gives me some releive
Avatar f tn Take over-the-counter antihistamine like hydroxyzine for relief in symptoms. The rash definitely needs to be looked at and monitored by a physician. Treatment will depend on the cause. Hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn My daughter developed a circular shaped rash on her upper arm, the outer part of the rash was somewhat dark and the inside of the rash started reddish but then turned very light. She had only this one for about 3 months, then they started appearing on her arms, legs, and back. She also started getting a rash that wasn't circular on her limbs and trunk, in addition to her face. All of the rashes got worse with sun exposure. A few months after this, she started losing her hair in two spots.
Avatar f tn t because it leads to scaring), but it has spread after my child was born to my forearms and legs instead of just my upper arms and face. I spend a fortune in lotions and nothing has ever completely worked. Do you have some websites with good info since I can't afford to see a doctor right now? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago I used a different razor it seemed to work just fine about one week after I shaved my legs it started itching very bad i scratched so i started bleeding. Right now my legs are very itchy and look very horrrible. Any suggestions on what to do?
Avatar f tn I've had a problem with my legs since about October 2009. I have been having a rash on my legs that look like small pimples or bites..If i pop one it comes out as if it were a black head. But it itches tremendously to the point that I can't sleep! I've gone to the dermatologist several times..and he's done numerous biopsy's on my legs and it come back to NOTHING! I am wondering if maybe it is bed bugs(EWWWW!)? How do I know if it is bed bugs?
Avatar m tn The question I have is what are some possible reasons I could be having additional rash continuing to spread on both legs? The newer rash ranges between looking like the red, raised lines of the jellyfish sting and smaller, singular red bumps. It is in a bout 5 different spots including both legs and my groin. The lymph nodes in my groin have also felt enlarged this whole time, as my body has been fighting all this off. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!