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Avatar f tn My daughter is 5 years old. She has had problems with mild eczema in the past. Today she got up with a red rash covering her buttocks & it feels warm to the touch. Now it is spreading to her sides & going up onto her abdomen & back and down both the front & backs of both legs. She says it itches but I haven't seen her scratch it. Any ideas? Should I take her to urgent care??
Avatar m tn I now just put gold bond powder on most of the time to keep the area dry, but the redness persists constantly, as does the elasticity and slight itch, but varies from day-to-day. The area is also extremely warm to the touch sometimes, and the redness seems to coincide somewhat with the warmer temperature. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have been washing the area with antibacterial soap for over a month now just in case it was some type of bacteria, but to no avail.
Avatar n tn I get this red area around my labia and entrance to my vagina. It dosen't hurt to touch or urinate but feels warm and dry. No pimples to with puss or anything. They seem to appear after I have had a yeast infection and after the infection is cleared up of course Im working so I'm sweating and hot and this rash appears. It goes away after some creams and just letting the area dry out. I havce freaked out and thought this was maybe herpes but my doctor said it was related to the yeast infections.
Avatar m tn However, I have had a rash all over my body for the last week. It is red, hot to the touch on my face, arms, and chest. Thank you so much for your help!! you are the best.
Avatar f tn I have been like this for two days and the places where the rashes are feel hot to the touch. They do not itch, except once in a while, but it mostly burns. The most recent new symptom is that my arms and legs (where the rashes are) started to hurt, they hurt whenever I move them. I have not began any new lotions or soaps. What could it be?
Avatar n tn •Foods (commonly eggs, shellfish, nuts, berries, dyes, or other additives) •Drugs (any drug can touch off an allergic reaction, although allergies to penicillin, sulfa, and aspirin are especially common) •Pollens and plants (nettles, poison ivy, poison oak, and so on) •Animal fur •Insect bites or stings •Exposure to heat, cold, or sunshine.
Avatar f tn I also agree that hot water causes it to flare up. B4 TX I went in my hot tub all the time and it helps my joint pain. Now I have tried to go in it right after it was cleaned without any chemicals and it still causes problems. I have also found that if anything rubs my skin it will flare it. I finally did go to a dermatologist and got an ointment that doesn't seem to do much. I use a lot of lotion and try to drink lot's of fluids. It used to be just on my arms and hands but now it is all over.
Avatar f tn The relief was incredible. Whatever the cause of the irritation be sure to keep your hands clean and try not to touch it. If it is Shingles it could spread. Until then products high in zinc oxide might ease some of the discomfort. Dr. Smiths cream has a 10% concentration: http://www.drugstore.com/dr-smiths-premium-blend-diaper-ointment-3-oz-tube/qxp314173 The medicated Gold Bond (with the red cap) has a minor anti-itch/pain compound called Pramoxine: http://www.drugstore.
Avatar f tn the sensation coming up from your leg is telling your brain your leg is hot? Or is it hot to the touch? I get the hot sensation from the back of my left calf, feels like its been warmed up for lack of a better description. But, I do get stiff / achy feeling with that, kinda like right before a charlie horse will start. If its hot to the touch... have you bumped or gotten your leg caught in something recently?
Avatar n tn - a red rash on my face (cheeks, nose, a little bit on the forehead, ears, and behind the ears) - swelling/puffy-ness, primarily in the cheek area, but also my left ear (cheek swelling occurred first, beginning several days ago, then the swollen areas started turning red) - the rash is itchy and hot to the touch I experienced something like this once before in November of 2003 and assumed it was an allergic reaction of some sort (even though I have never had allergies previously) and did not
Avatar f tn I certainly appreciate how passionate you all are for the well-being of your families. I do, however, want to point out some things I hope will enlighten you. I am a business owner in the hospitality industry with over 10 years experience with hot tubs. I understand the quick desire to assign blame to a hotel or establishment, but I feel obligated to break some news to you... you are also a little bit to blame.
Avatar n tn The place becomes tender to touch. You have to go for a gastroenterologist consultation to fix your problem. If it would have been a skin problem/allergy then you would have some physical signs and symtoms. Take care!
Avatar n tn Basically, for about 24 - 48 hours, an area of skin (generally from the size of a softball to basketball) will become extremely tender and sore to the touch ... almost as if it were bruised significantly. It is so tender that clothes brushing against it is painful. The problem is, there is no visual evidence of it. I went to the doctor and felt as though he was insinuating that I was making up the symptoms because he could not see anything. Very, very frustrating.
Avatar f tn About the size of a dime i guess. its hot to the touch but doesnt seem to bother him. Its got a lump in it, the center of the redness looks kind of white or purple at times but its mostly red. it has been like this for 28 hours. any ideas of what it could be?
Avatar m tn I had made hot, boiling tea, in which i had also heated in the microwave after boiling for 60 seconds so it would remain hot. The cup was so hot to the touch, i had to use a pot holder. While holding the steaming hot tea, my dog jumped up and knocked the tea onto my stomach and chest. The pain was excruciating at first. Now it feels icy. No blisters have formed yet, but it is red in all the areas. It hurts to touch as well. I am not sure what to do for this. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I keep getting severe, hot pain sensitive to touch on my leg. It covers the area from knee to waist. I have had shingles in the past. Is it possible to have shingles pain and no rash? My doctor has not been able to determine why I have this pain.
Avatar f tn I am seeing my Dr. today, just to rule out a circulation thing. No rash, swelling or redness, but is hot to the touch for a few seconds at a time, and sometimes moves, but only on calf area. Hope someone figures out what we all have!!!
Avatar n tn My face turns a little red-- I look a little flushed. My skin feels hot to the touch on my face and has a burning hot sensation. Is this from the steroids? If so, when will it pass? How long does prednisone stay in your system? I also have a racing heart and feel a little anxious. I am unsure if that is because I feel very hot or if it's just me experiencing anxiety. My face also feels a little tight and is dry. I appreciate any help you can offer me.
1108194 tn?1378428122 I looks a bit better but more like when I got a 2nd degree sunburn. Still swollen, red and hot. It goes around to the back of my neck as well. Not sure what to do. . My doctor thought maybe sinus. I have no colored drainage, I do have a persistant headache though.
1563533 tn?1345369896 I promise it looks awful, Im trying sooo hard not to even touch those areas, the ones between my legs are in the creases, like were my panties are, they are patchy and the size of quarters, there are about 5 big spots on the left leg and larger ones on the right leg, they are purple in color and upset me to actually look at them.
1295629 tn?1297389470 it is itchy swollen and it isturning purple in the center of both the rashes. it also feels hot to the touch and it feels hard wen you push on it. he aso has other little rashes breakin out on his tummy and arms and those are scabbed over. what is wrong with him?
Avatar n tn Do you let the phone or cell phone touch there when you are speking in it.Phones need to be cleaned off and try not to let them touch your face when you are using them to see if that clears the problem.
Avatar m tn I dont oviously know if this is the case for you aswell but i know my red rashy looking things would be very hot to the touch and the best thing that worked for me was cold compresses, ice water, and laying down infront of a fan to relax... i hope all is well!
492921 tn?1321293496 exactly what my Dr said. My chiropractor told me to use Porridge oil to soften and ripen cervix. He's on his 4th child, and his mom is a nurse in L&D so I think I could trust his information. I am going to google it in a few minutes. I guess it's full of prolactins which is what sperm is full of and they tell you thats suppose to help right? I have been having some contractions but I guess there only BH since nothing has been happening to my cervix.
Avatar m tn Now in my thighs backside above knee i feel skin itching, when i touch skin will become red and nothing appear in normal time but that area is itching continuously also some mild minor pumbs are appear in bottom side of my penis one time it was turned into red rash like appearance i used hot water and washed the redness disappear but the pumbs are still appear . It also appear in lower portion of my penis like 3 dots.
Avatar f tn the bumps do not look like blisters and they are sensitive to touch but the only time it burns when i urinate is if i constantly wipe the area or have tried to continuously to wipe away the discharge to keep the area dry. i wear underwear (cotton) daily but sometimes i go without. Ive never had a problem until now when Ive gotten off my period.