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Avatar n tn However, the perhaps reason you're taking Ranitidine, namely GERD has been associated with arrhythmia. Interestingly, the day I cut as many carbohydrates from my diet as I could was the last day I needed to take Ranitidine.
531005 tn?1286519132 The doctors prescribed me some Ranitidine 300MG Tablets on the suspicion I may have either an ulcer or GERD. Does this medicine have the ability to cure either GERD or an Ulcer? If so, in about how much time?
716924 tn?1235873079 For example I am on 300mg of Ranitidine a day. (Once a Day) Would getting on Nexium actually work better? The Ranitidine does stop acid I guess, but I still get the regurgitation a lot. Just is not that sour.
1518347 tn?1290841351 I feel bloated for a week now. I have been taking ranitidine 150mg 2x a day. It doesn't seem to work. Also, I am not able to breathe properly. I have a history of asthma. Does Gerd and Asthma go hand in hand? Moreover, I just have a feeling of not being well. My rib cage is paining a lot. Please help me..
Avatar f tn They were working quite well until I had to change to Ranitidine. During the last week since the change, the gerd has been far worse, and I have been sleeping with 3 pillows, which has not really helped very much. I managed to contact my consultant yesterday, and he suggested that I have a blood test early next week to see if the change of med has helped with my magnesium and calcium, and then go back on to ompeprazole in the hope that the gerd will improve.
314669 tn?1571416955 I don't know the answer to taking antacids after taking Ranitidine (Zantac). I just know Ranitidine does nothing for me. Check with your doctor before doing this, but many people drink aloe vera juice diluted with water to treat their GERD. Others swear by doing the same thing with apple cider vinegar. I'm pretty sure they're okay to use in small quantities even while pregnant, but just check with your doctor before attempting.
Avatar m tn Hi I have had severe Gerd for almost 11 months now. I take Ranitidine 1 tablet in morning and 1 eve I also take Gastrocote when needed. My main problem is acid rising to the throat where I constantly clear my throat particularly at night even though I raise my head. I also get burning to my throat and sour saliva taste which come after meals which is hard to get rid of. I have seen specialist but awaiting results for my ph oesophagus test.
520191 tn?1355639002 Over a year ago i was given ranitidine for the treatment of GERD. I took my first dose and i started to feel nausea so i went to bed, during the night i started vomiting and not like any vomit i had ever experienced before. i thought nothing of it, until my heart began to race through out the night. the next morning i thought i might be allergic to one of my medication as i was prescribed 2 medication all at once.
1719375 tn?1310333876 I didnt get antibiotics when i had camplyobacter, i have been on omeprazole, ranitidine,cyciline for sickness, antepsin, and then amitriptyline, but they made my help totally crazy, i stopped taking them, got tramadol and paracetomal for the pain, but some nights i cant control the sickness and pain and i end up in a&e for injections then they send me home.
Avatar f tn I would suggest that you research life style changes for reflux and try to get a doctor to presribe a GOOD proton pump inhibitor and maybe some prescription strength ranitidine to layer. Also, research your failed peristasis and be prepared to discus that thoroughly with your GI tomorrow. My guess is that this is part of the key for you. Perstasis is the contraction of smooth muscles that keeps food moving through the digestive track.
Avatar m tn the pain eases on takin some effervescent fruit salts or ranitidine tabs.i wanna know if the headaches are causes by gas or by other factors .btw i experience headaches rather than nausea.can somebody also recoommend some alternative meds that m8 be available in india??
Avatar f tn I got a throat swab just to be sure and it came out negative. I just started on ranitidine. I hope it helps soon!
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Gerd last spring and was put on Ranitidine 150 mgs twice daily. Later found out that I had H. Pylori, had this cleared up after suffering with it most of the summer. I figured that was what caused the GERD, was later put on zantac 150 mgs, however, haven't really been taking meds. However, of late noticed that I've been coughing and find myself always clearing my throat, of which is starting to get annying.
Avatar n tn I was dx with GERD four years ago after having symptoms of daily upper middle stomach pain/burning (just below the sternum) and chest discomfort/pain and sometimes nausea. I improved over time with the use of dexilant. I had the following tests done, cat scan, ultrasound, hida scan, upper endoscopy (with biopsy), chest x-ray, liver tests and bloodwork. All negative except for a small gallbladder polyp which we are checking up one once a year.
Avatar n tn Fully agree with Selma. To add: 1) Ranitidine is a very mild drug and is often not very useful. There are more powerful drugs available over the counter such as Prilosec OTC ( Omeprazole 20 mg). If you are heavy (over 85kg) you may need to take 2 tablets (20 X 2 = 40mg) per day. This will help with heartburn but not nausea. 2) For nausea, try Domperidone 10 mg. IF this is not available in your country, try Bismuth Salicylate (Pepto Bismol). This is mild as well.
Avatar n tn I have chronic gerd and have had a recent endoscopy which showed no precancerous lesions associated with my gerd but have esophagitis. I want to know what should be done for the esophagitis? I am on prevacid 30mg once daily and take it again if the acid reflux gets bad during the night. I have a chronic gergling sound everytime I breathe when laying down and don't know if that will be a problem down the road also.
1295419 tn?1276826472 Hi! I was diagnosed with GERD about a month ago as evidenced by an Upper GI. I have never had any symptoms of GERD, such as hearburn, etc. My doctor said there is no need to put me on medication because there are no symptoms to treat for me and prolonged use of PPI's may have consequences. She said just to take 2 Tums before bed time since the acid can erode my esophagus and rises more when you are lying down. I am nervous that it is going to do damage?
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the GERD forum. Look to each time period to see if these were stressful times regardless of the reflux issue...if so, that could be a trigger to cause your symptoms to flare.... Modify your diet and lifestyle and talk with your Dr....it may be possible you need to try a different med...PPI's stopped working for me as well and I was switched to a H2I and that works so much better..... Talk with your Dr and keep us posted on your progress.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. I have had GERD for almost 10 years. Could tell you everything about the moment it began. Anyway, since having it I've sought medical attention and treatment. I've taken Nexium, and Ranitidine. Not constantly, just when it flares up. Now, every 2 years or so something happens where it flares up and my whole threat is burned. Usually it's eating something bad late at night AND stress. Never one or the other but the combination of the two will cause this to happen.
Avatar m tn Meanwhile my normal doctor put me on ranitidine for i think it was a few months. I was never 100% again but was pretty good for spring/summer of 2011. During this time i was on lexapro 10 mg a day and then went to prozac and decided to ween myself off it around id say august 2011. Well, september i became very sick when eating some mac n cheese. since then i have been really nauseous, i mean really nauseous. sometimes its all day for a few days in a row. ive barely eaten in this time.
Avatar m tn Anyone hear ever been prescribed Lansoprazole to treat acid reflux / GERD? I was prescribed Lansoprazole about a month in a half ago. I started taking it the first two weeks but then noticed some unusual symptoms. First and most importantly, my acid reflux seemed to have worsened at times. I would have burps were I could taste the acid (sour taste) and feel my throat burn. However more alarming I started having weird sensations in the left side of my body, stomach, side, and chest.
Avatar n tn A few years ago my doctor put me on 75 mg Ranitidine to take twice a day before meals. A couple years ago he also put me on 20 mg Omeprazole to take once a day for 14 days, after which he said I could start taking the Ranitidine again if i still had the heartburn.
Avatar n tn The more I read, I wonder if I have GERD or something like that. I dont feel overly stressed in the morning, but seem to manage vomiting almost every day. No matter what I eat or drink, nothing helps. Possibly the stress is caused by worring about the vomiting. Anyone have ideas?
Avatar m tn I decided to contact my GP who put me onto Ranitidine and after couple of weeks I started feeling better, nevertheless somehow the meds stopped working and I was feeling sick again so I went back to my GP and he suggested me a breath test for H-Pylori bacteria, or whatever its name is, who came back negative. I was put on omeprazole 20mg once a day. I started to take ome in late November- early December 2008.
Avatar n tn u need to find the root cause of ur gerd. I have a hiatal hernia.....and other health issues that cause my gerd. U will want to read the Health Pages here on MedHelp for diet and lifestyle tips.
1533915 tn?1292330750 I have what I think is GERD... Every so often, maybe once or twice a week I feel "funny" in my chest. It's not my blood pressure or pulse, because I measure it and it's normal.
716924 tn?1235873079 U may have a hiatial hernia....IBS....who knows.....sometimes a gall bladder issue will present as gerd and gerd related. Please see a gastro dr and let us know how u make out.
Avatar m tn I am a 26 year old male suffering from Acid Reflux / GERD. I was taking Ranitidine for a few months and that seemed to help at first but it got worse over time and now I'm taking Lansoprazole. It hasn't seemed too effective yet but I just started taking it two weeks ago. I have burps / bloating virtually all day including the morning when I wake up before I even eat or drink anything. I can get the burps simply from drinking water.
Avatar m tn A little background - I've had GERD for about 8 years now and recently I've seen another Gastroenterologist in the San Diego area because it's gotten worse. I've tried many remedies (pills) in order to cure it. I'm 6'1, male, 242 lbs. I know this runs in the family, but I think I have the worst condition. I just had another endoscopy done and the bravo ph testing where you have to record in a diary for 48 hours and then return the device so the DR can see ph levels of acid.
Avatar f tn I am a 28 year old female with a history of GERD and IBS. Prilosec OTC usually works for me, however it is not covered by my insurance. The only thing covered by my insurance is Ranitidine - which I take twice a day. About 2 years ago, I had to see the doctor because of dysphagia, constant post nasal drip / clearing my throat, etc. She said that I had aspirated some stomach acid and it had burned my throat.