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520191 tn?1355639002 Ranitidine really does cause nausea for me. I don't like or trust the drug. I'm done with it for good. For now on, I'm going to just try to watch what I eat (as I've tried for years) and do natural approaches whenever I don't feel good. I KNOW these kind of issues are no joke....and sometimes natural alone just doesn't work. I may take a tums or an over the counter antacid drug when feeling really bad. I hope to never even take nexium again, but I'd take it again before ranitidine.
Avatar n tn These are a special type of antihistamine which are more effective in the stomach, but they do have some effect on systemic allergic reactions. I have heard of using ranitidine for this purpose more frequently. You may want to talk to her doctor about supplementing the Allegra with benadryl when she starts itching. Liquid benadryl takes effect very quickly and greatly reduces my itching when I have it.
Avatar m tn Hello, For the longest time I have always had an odd digestive system. Would get diarrhea 3-4 times a week and would get random heartburn. In November of 08 I started having the worst heartburn of my life. Would be constant for 24 hours. In December, I had some blood work done and found out that I am allergic to: Wheat, chicken, corn, oranges, and tomatoes. Since then I have cut out these 5 foods out of my diet. My Diarrhea has gone away and so has my heartburn.
Avatar m tn For airborne allergies (plants and mold), try local raw honey. My four year old had terrible allergies: she coughed constantly, her eyes would swell suddenly until they almost closed, runny nose, etc. We were told to try local raw honey. We fed her a spoonful a day and after about a week or two, her allergies were gone, never to be seen again. It was amazing! And so much better than going to a doctor, getting the grid on her back, being prescribed steroids and who knows what else.
1198633 tn?1341185988 doctor on April 20th to further discuss my problems and on May 10th I'm going to see an allergy specialist to find out the severity of my allergies and get a needle test done. I am on Protonix and take ranitidine to try and relieve some of these problems but they usually give me little to no relief. I also take antacids basically on a daily basis. I've been taking Acidophilus also but I'm about to stop it because it doesn't seem to help either. My G.P. started me on a high fiber diet.
Avatar f tn Hope you find some relief because I know the anxiety that these allergies cause. I'm turning to essential oils for anxiety and other health issues instead of conventional medicine and I have an herbalist I go to for medical issues. Think I'm gonna do more research on the Lupron shot. There's likely a link.
Avatar m tn I took a Xanax and a Nucynta 3 hours before this appointment. I also take Nasonex, Allegra, Ranitidine, Liver Support by 1 Body and also rarely Afrin for Spring allergies. I just finished a 5 day Prednisone pack for inflamed muscles in neck from degenerative discs Just recently diagnosed with Hep C. I am now left out on a limb and being treated like I am a liar and a drug addict. What would give me a false positive for morphine and a false negative for xanax?
Avatar n tn Rupafin, containing the active ingredient rupatadine, is a non-sedating antihistamine indicated for allergies. Side effects such as headache dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue and asthenia may be possible but like any other medicine, these may or may not be present in all patients who are taking this medicine. It is also recommended that you discuss this with your attending physician prior to taking it. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn When I went to my apt on 7th of January, I had blood work done, that came back ok. and was perscribed ranitidine for what the doc thought was to much acid in my stomach. I took that for about a week until I stated having really bad anxiety and panic attacks which really scared me. ( shortness of breath, trouble breathing, thoughts that I was gonna die and initially thought it was from the meds) so I stopped taking them.
7718987 tn?1393615000 I am a pretty healthy 25 year old male and have been out of work for 4 weeks because of persistent nausea. I also become fuller quicker, and I noticed I have been burping huge burps, usually after eating or drinking, but sometimes I’ll get these huge burps out of nowhere, and I never had that before. The nausea is kind of like when you eat too much, and I don't notice it too much when I'm at home. If I want to go somewhere, it gets worse most of the time.
488724 tn?1253554835 I also just started 150mg of Ranitidine twice a day for my stomach pain that makes me always feel nauseaous, and 100mg of Loratidine once a day for allergies. and today im starting taking Vitamins that i had stopped for a while.
Avatar n tn Do you have allergies to foods ? I tried Nexium for 6 weeks and no help ? Ranitidine made my heart race. Any over the couters ? Tums, Rolaids, Mylanta: no help 9 months and 20lbs that I need back................
Avatar f tn ER services and f-up week of prednisone as well as ongoing ranitidine and Zantac. Saw allergist 5 days ago; no allergies. Took 8 vials of blood to look for autoimmune. Labs still not reported back yet. Already saw Endo who changed from levothyroxine to Synthroid. Any thoughts on other research found that speaks to these issues?
Avatar f tn have any older siblings who are bringing infections in the house, or could this possibly now be allergies ..did the docs mention trying Zyrtec at all I am not usually for meds but if its allergies and its allergy time it may help, ask the Doc if it would help instead of the other stuff.It may also help their immune system if they took some vit drops , ask your Doctor about this first ..
Avatar m tn Did your wife get tested for allergies? Did she get blood tests, including eosinophil panel, studies to rule out a serious medical condition and IgE levels? See an allergist. Urticaria could be due to environmental allergies that may respond to Zrytec or another H2 antihistamine in combination with Singulair. If a serious medical condition is ruled out and there are positive allergy tests immunotherapy is a good treatment.
Avatar n tn I have been on predisone along with zertec and trimcinolone creme. I also took hydroxyzine in the evening. Later added was ranitidine for dual purpose. I have acid reflex. It became under control where I was just on zyzal. All prior treatment meds. were elliminated. I was going to be tested for allergies. One and one half days later it came right back. To complicate matters during the first week of starting treatment meds. again, I took feledine,an antiinflammatory for chronic back pain.
Avatar n tn If your child is young, you may want to check with your doctor before giving Benadryl. My throat swells from allergies and has enough closed for a minute where I could not get any air. It can happen where the throat closes off. Another thing you can have the doctor check is his thyroid.
Avatar f tn She prescribed valium to help relax my muscles at night and omeprazole for the morning. She also said to conintue the Ranitidine at night with the fluticasone spray. She also put in for a CT scan and allergy testing. I'm still waiting to hear to be called for all this. All of this is making me miserable and affecting my quality of life. I feel like that is being dramatic, but it's the truth. I wake up miserable and just want to feel myself again. I see GI nurse practitioner on Tuesday.
Avatar m tn Zantac (ranitidine) is an H2 blocker which is a type of antihitamine, but it is generally not very effective for respiratory allergies. Nexium in a proton pump inhibitor. Deepending on how bad your GERD is, the combination is quite common. I take ranitidine and Dexilant (also a PPI). For break through reflux, I take Mylanta or Rolaids. I have also been diagnosed with bile reflux and take a fourth medication for that.
Avatar f tn Coughing and clearing my throat all day and night. Antibiotics helped slightly for a couple of days but now it is back to the same coughing and throat clearing that I had before. I am getting no sleep due to the coughing and nothing I've taken has suppressed the cough. What the heck do I have and how can I get better?
561964 tn?1283802216 I get a tickle feeling in my throat and it makes me cough. Is this an allergy? I have never had any allergies before so I am not sure.
Avatar m tn I dont know for sure where to post this at. I go bed at night or mid morning and wake up sick with my thoart burning. Never had this problem till moved till country and stay sick most of day till it is dark out then i feel fine. Also if i keep geting sick till no acid left in belly i usually feel better to.
Avatar n tn Often times, they will want to prescribe something that works on inhibiting acid better than the medication I take, but I have had trouble finding something else that works for me. But this might not be the case for you, so ask your doctor if you should try something like omeprazole or Nexium if you haven't already tried those medication.
Avatar f tn i haven't been on ranitidine long, i recently swapped from omeprazole which did nothing for me to ranitidine, so im still giving it some time before i rule out whether its working or not (although so far im not feeling much difference) I didn't realise that food intolerances may not come up in blood work, thanks for that information! seeing an actual gi doctor will be my next step.
746512 tn?1388811180 '( All of the fatigue too and sinus problems are linked as well, there was a day I didn't eat as much (I don't eat that much to begin with) and it was all super super healthy I feel awesome all around. The problem is that all I ate for the entire day was half a bowl of cereal ,a banana and a bowl of salad.
975357 tn?1252708323 **sry I posted this question in the food allergies group also but its becuase I need a prompt answer hello there. I made an appointment with an allergist a couple weeks ago, at the time the receptionist told me to stop all antihistamines 1 week prior to visit. I stopped all my h1 blockers (zyrtec, benadryl etc.) but I stupidly continued to take my pepcid (famotidine) and forgot that this is also in the class of antihistamines known as h2 blockers (includes tagamet, pepcid, zantac etc.
Avatar m tn Anyone with similar experience have it be allergies? Someone told me to ask for allergy testing when I go to the doctor next week. Anyone know any good articles maybe I could read though. I feel pretty tired slept a lot today and kinda feel like im coming down with a cold or something in the nose/throat, but for the past 2 months I haven't been sick or anything.
Avatar m tn The diagnosed I've been given is gastritis and I've taken all kinds of medicines for that (omeprazol, lanzoprazol, nexium, ranitidine). However any of the treatments I've taken has worked. Last month. three test were performed: a complete blood analysis, an axial computed tomography and an abdominal ultrasonography. The blood analisys indicates high levels of Ig E (1376 UI/mL) (allergies) but nothing else. The tomography was OK too. The ultrasonography does not indicat any anomally.
Avatar n tn Ranitidine 300mg - 2x daily For allergies: Azelastine HCI nasal spray, 0.15% - 2x daily Flonase (OTC) - 2x daily Zyrtec - 1x daily Montelukast - 1x daily Sudafed PE 10mg - 1x daily (new addition, just bought tonight) For asthma: Incruse 62.