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Avatar f tn 22-26 and was supposed to put the ring back in on the Oct. 24. I did not put it in until Nov. 1st, 8 days late. My husband and I had sex without condoms or any other contraceptive on Oct. 28th and Nov. 4th. My WomanLog app has my ovulation forecast on the 6th. My Qs: I know there is a possibility of being pregnant but I'm asking if it is a high chance? I am gonna take a HPT but what day should I take it?
Avatar f tn Was late a week in putting in my nuvaring was suppose to be in Jan 6 didn't put it in till the 12th ovulation is on the 20th had unprotected sex on the 17th what are the chances I could get pregnant if the 7th day would since I put in the nuvaring be the 19th.
Avatar f tn Okay so for the past 3 months I have been a day late on putting in my nuvaring. I use to put in on sundays. Then I put it in on Monday. The next month, Tuesday and now Wednesday. Well it's currently Monday. I usually have my period 3 days after taking my nuvaring out. It's been 5 days since I took it out and still no period. Should I be worried because I was being irresponsible and putting it in a day late..?
Avatar n tn fiance was scraping it with his penis, and would get a really red dry patch, but if i took it out, then we were both fine...however....i do not think it will make much of a difference by putting it in a day late...my obgyn said it took effect alot faster than oral controceptives did, b/c like the depo shot, it didnt have to travel anywhere, and it went directly where it needed to go...
Avatar n tn That day I went to the lab to get the bloods done and they were BFN. I was crushed. To be that late it was impossible for the hormones to not show up in the bloodwork. Believe me, I WANTED it to be just a really weird thing, and to be pregnant. Seems there has been reports of false positives on the Clearblue Digital tests. They will flat out read PREGNANT. And you know more then me, how crushing that is for someone who has been TTC. Reading about your attemps though...
Avatar n tn Hi, Just putting my two cents in on this issue, because I'm having this problem right now. I'm 34 and have an 11 year old from a previous marraige. My periods have been every 28 days, literally to the minute. Now here I sit, nearly a full week late, and I break down to buy one of those HPT's and the thing comes out negative. I keep feeling like I'm going to get my period and nothing...day after day. I'll post again with the blood test results, because I'm going in for one tomorrow.
123759 tn?1226934204 When I got pregnant with my son I took a test a week late in the afternoon and it showed positive. Every test I have taken in the past 2 weeks have come up negitive but with a very faint can barely see it line. I have had symptoms especially sensitivity to smells, i work at a fast food place so it is a very bad thing, it is so bad down to I can smell spices in some foods, my nipples are sore, tighting in abdomen, discharge, and sick to my stomach like crazy.
Avatar n tn So i stopped taking it cuz i was gettin fat so i wanted to get rid of the bloating. So now im two months late, even a$tet stopping the med. Ive had sex alot, wer he came in me. I feel im just gaining more weight. I cant get outa bed, im sick but not throwing up, i pee every half hour, head aleays hurts. I took first response about 3 times within the past two months all negatove. My last period lasted a day and was brown and very light. Can i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn If i've never used nuva ring and my period is 2 days late, will putting the nuva ring in now delay my period?
Avatar n tn I have been on cold meds and wondering if that has something to do with me being late. I did not realize I was late until 2 days pasr. However, I have had a cold in the past and I was not late then. I read that I should wait a few more days and then test again. Any ideas??? Yes I have taken a three home PG tests everyday in the mourn for the past three days. They have been all negative.
Avatar f tn I always end up with sharp pains in the right side because my sacrum is tilted, and all of the muscles in the area cramp and seize up so bad it feels like I'm sitting on rocks. I also have severe cramps only on the right side when I have a period, and severe pain in my hip. Muscle relaxers are no help. I have also tried various anti-inflammatories to no avail. A doctor even gave me lidocaine patches at one point, and of course that didn't help either.
Avatar m tn No the Nuva ring has to be in place to work and on CD 9 I would say there is a very good chance she could be pregnant
480221 tn?1208200613 I was two days late putting my ring in and we had unprotected sex while the ring was out. PP said to come back in two weeks (a week ago) and i still feel strange. could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn My last miscarriage was in February 2000. The doctor booked me in to have an exploratory. However just to give you some hope by the time the appointment came round that June I had fallen pregnant in the May and gave birth to our lovely daughter the following year. At that time I found out I was pregnant again though, I did feel like doing a handstand against the wall and not getting out of bed for the first three months for fear of losing another baby.
Avatar m tn Yes, my spot shows up in the Amsler grid. It is in the upper right quadrant. It appears as a whole, with the grid lines becoming slightly distorted as they "fall into" the whole. Yes, I can see through the spot. It is not a totally blocked scotoma. Sometimes it appears light grey. Other times it is almost pinkish. Sometimes blue. It looks very much like the afterimage of a bright light and goes through the same variations of color. But it is never a black, opaque spot.
955651 tn?1246534914 My last 2 periods were 4 and 5 days late, both lasted 2 days only then went away without me putting the ring in. I took a test both times I was late and they were both negative. Ive been having some symptoms of pregnancy (ie sore breasts, barfing all last night, bloating feeling, spotting etc.) Im going to go to the doctor as soon as I can get the car to see whats going on. Let me know if you find out anything with you.
9406173 tn?1403592222 I am feeling nauseous, having leg cramps, mood swings, weird cravings (like mnm dipped in cheese), my period was a day late and it keeps starting and stopping . I went to the er today and they sent me home saying I have a uti. I know that a uti is not causing all my symptoms. I know im not pregnant and im on nuavring. I dont know whats wrong with me. I need help. I cant go see my doctor because of work. I work Monday thur Saturday from 9-7.
Avatar f tn I bled heavily from November 08-January 09... putting myself in the hospital, having surgery, and blood transfusions I continued to bleed until right around March 13 Then I was pretty good... until this past year... I bled all summer... we're talking from The end of April through August I bled from Mid September through Late November Then... Pretty much all December was light bleeding/spotting and Now I've been heavily bleeding since Dec 31st. I HATE my body... and I'm only 22.
Avatar n tn I have a 29 day cycle bc of the ring, but since I was late putting it in I didnt know that it wouldnt work again til kept in place for 7 days. My fiance & I were together on Jan 1 (14 days aft my period) Anyone have any experience in this to know what the chances are I could be pregnant? Summarize..ring out Dec 16 period Dec 18 ring back in Dec 29 (wk late) sex Jan 1... I just took my ring out Jan 19 suppose to start 2mrw. Sry if confusing.. just looking to see if anyone knows about this..
1144340 tn?1261292184 I have been on the nuvaring for about a year and half now. The last 5-6 months I have been putting the ring every other month or every 2 months. I know that is wrong and my fault, but every month that I don't have the ring I get my period as if I had the ring on. Last month (November) i didn't put the ring and I was supposed to get my period on December 17, 2009 which falls on a Thursday and I didn't get it. Today is Sunday and I still haven't gotten my period.
Avatar f tn The only other idea that it could be is a late reaction to the hormones that the Nuvaring was putting into your system? If you can take Tylenol, or some kind of anti-inflammatory meds, (like Advil or Ibuprofen) to help with the back pain. ( I work at a Physical Therapy office, that's why I suggest the anti-inflammatory meds.) Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I had an allergic reaction to the nuvaring within 24 hours of putting it in I was swollen shut! It hurt so bad I could barely walk, I took it out and within a few days the pain went away but when i told my doctor he said that wasn't possible. so I gave it a few months and tried again and again within 24 hours I was swollen shut and in excruciating pain oh yeah and that time it was our wedding night!!! needless to say thanks to the nuvaring our honeymoon was delayed two days!
603463 tn?1220630455 *Use urine collected first thing in the morning--it is more concentrated. You can collect the urine and save it in a labeled container in the refrigerator if you need to run to the store for the test kit. *Don't drink too much fluid before testing. This will dilute the urine. *If you are testing later in the day, make sure it has been at least four hours since you last emptied your bladder. *Check the expiration date on your test.
7843530 tn?1395013268 Just wanted to give you an update-- I finally got a period at the beginning of April (about 12 1/2 weeks since the last one)...got another pelvic exam last week, and the doc said my one ovary felt slightly swollen, so she suspected a cyst that had screwed up my hormones. She wanted to put my on birth control right away to reset my system but I decided to wait and see how this next cycle goes, and I'm glad I did, because I also got a saliva microscope at Big Lots ($2!!
1973971 tn?1326676813 I still haven't taken a test. Can't seem to get my hands on one. But the hunger has gone away and my boobs don't hurt. I still have discharge but it seems to be just like every other time before my period starts...I'm getting cramps too, which seems to be normal before all of my periods. Do you think maybe I'm about to start?
Avatar f tn She tried the hormone cream for two months and had to stretch herself every day. Came close but then the damned acne set in and that was unacceptable. It's not like I'm huge. I'm considered at top end average but at this point she can only accept what she refers to as "pencil dicks" and that ain't me. I can manipulate her to orgasm but neither oral nor manual does **** for me. I need the real thing.
Avatar n tn my hcg was 150 so I was about 4 weeks. I was totally confused I was 2 days late for my period and at the time I found out I was actively having what I thought was a normal period. I went to my ob/gyn the next day to find out that my hcg had dropped to 110 I was totally devastated considering I really wanted a baby. I was upset the entire weekend monday morning i went back to the doctors for a repeat hcg which indicated my hcg was up to 500 i was very happy and was ready to move forward.
Avatar f tn The next day I had a doctors appointment for my wrist and I realized it was time to put the nuvaring back in and still hadn't got my period. Me and the doctor thought it was stress since I was taking 4 college classes. To our surprise it was positive. The next day I had the ACT and all I could think about was I was pregnant. I totally failed that. I told daddy 2 days later.
1663813 tn?1303862095 well I am totally late on posting lol but i am now in the same boat you girls were in.... AF is 4days late...have some symptoms that i think would point to pregnancy but could be a late AF as well...also I have taken 2 HPT and they both came back negative. I am having the sore nipples (usually whole boob when AF)...mild nausea, tired(but could attribute that to workng), irritable(again could be AF), bloated, and my periods never been this late...