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Avatar n tn If your periods do not come in next few days and you are in doubt take up urine pregnancy test. Consult your gynecologist and get your doubts clarified. Take care and kind regards!
400713 tn?1201412145 posting this again... I was using the nuvaring for a few months. last month i never put one in. just forgot. had sex six days after the end of my prd.... so eleven after my lmp.... and i am late... is it possible to get pregnant at that point?
Avatar f tn On June 15th still no June period I put the Nuvaring back in and on the 18th, 20th and couple days following i had sex with no condom and he didnt pull out either. Its July 3rd and my question is it the Nuvaring that is stalling my period now because i inserted it on the 15th or is there a chance im pregnant. i removed the Nuvaring yesterday and am waiting for a period to come if any at all. So far i feel fine however my ribs hurt sometimes now and my bra is uncomfortable on my ribs.
Avatar f tn Lat month I was 5 days late then had a small light period ....this month I haven't had my period at all..... Could I be pregnant ....
730826 tn?1317946934 I'm on nuvaring too and I'm usually way more than 3 days late. I'll take the ring out on Sunday and then won't get my period until Friday. I know how you feel, though. I get totally freaked out when my period is late too. But the reply before yours, peekawho, is right. Wait a week and test again.
Avatar f tn While on holiday, I got a UTI and was prescribed antibiotics, but the doctor said I shouldn't have to worry about them interfering since nuvaring isn't systemic. So, why is my period late? Despite my best efforts, am I at a risk for pregnancy?
Avatar m tn I quit the nuvaring mid cycle, last month. i had put it in aftermy period and quit it a week after that. I bled again, for a week and then my cycle started over. Im two days late on my current period, am i pregnant?
Avatar f tn I had weird side effects.on it so i switched to NUVARING except now after a month i took it out to start my period and im not starting. Its been six days. I put in a new ring tomorrow but without a period? Iv taken tests and there negative. Has anyone else gone through this with nuvaring?
Avatar f tn During the second month, when the 3 weeks were up, I took the nuvaring out for 1 week but I didn't have a period. When I put the new one in after the week was up, I had a period for 1 week. 2 days after I stopped bleeding I had sex. The person a had sex with ejaculated in me, and yes the nuvaring was still in. I immediately rushed to the bathroom after to find that I had what looked like a brown discharge, and shortly after I started bleeding. I have been bleeding for two days now..
Avatar f tn This is my second month using the nuvaring first month I got a normal period and the forth week when I was ring free I had unprotected sex but put the ring back in on the appropriate day when my week ring free was up.. that was two Weeks ago and now i'm having brown spotting, headaches, stomach pain., nauseousness, and hot flashes.. is there a chance i'm pregnant even though I used it correctly?
Avatar n tn I was on nuva ring I left in for 4 extra days during that time I had sex, I took it out and had a heavy dark period for 3 days then it went away 3 days later I had brown/red gooey looking stuff in my that normal? what should I do should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn The only way to confirm is to take a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant and you inserted Nuvaring late, use condoms for the first 10 days as an additional protection. Take care!
Avatar n tn i was on the nuvaring but put it in a day late and took it out last tuesday on may 5th and usually get my period on the friday following. Friday came and went, saturday came and went and DH and i DTD on Sunday i had very slight spotting like twice when i went to the bathroom i wiped and that was it. Took a digital pregnancy test on tuesday and wednesday and said not pregnant and then went for a beta test and they told me negative!
Avatar m tn i started Nuvaring 3 weeks ago yesterday when i was supposed to ive had sex w/o protection quite a few times since. I was supposed to start my period yesterday Im NEVER late early if anything I took a pregnancy test last night and it came back negative. Is it possible that I am pregnant and that its just not showing up positive yet?
Avatar n tn I've been on NuvaRing for about 4 months now. My questions: 1. During my period when the NuvaRing is out, am I protected against pregnancy still by the hormones produced when it was in? Or am I only protected during those 3 weeks? 2. I've read that you can wash the NuvaRing off and put it back in if it falls out during sex so long as it wasn't out for more than 3 hours. My boyfriend and I CAN feel it during sex and I find it to be very uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn It's been 5 days since I took it out and still no period. Should I be worried because I was being irresponsible and putting it in a day late..?
Avatar f tn They didn't give me a reason my my period is late and why these cramps are so bad. I'm concerned about a tubal pregnancy. Or is it my body adjusting getting off nuvaring. I'm 20 nd have a 2 year old son. please help.
Avatar n tn I am now 4 days late, my breasts are really sore and definitely a little bigger, I'm exhausted (normally I never sleep, maybe off and on all night, and the last week I've been sleeping 6 hours straight, and going back to sleep another 2 hours and I'm still wiped all day). I don't have any of my usual cramping or diarrhea like I usually do with my period, so I'm pretty worried. What is everyone's thoughts? Should I just wait it out a bit or should I take a test?
Avatar n tn I then had a normal period at the beginning of October. Now it's December and I am 5 weeks late. I have taken 5 otc pregnancy tests and had a blood test after being 2 weeks late. All tests are negative. What is going on? Has anyone else had this happen?
Avatar n tn Hi, my period is now 6 days late. I take Microgestin FE 1-5/30 and I am a Sunday starter. I tried Nuvaring at the end of march and took it out on tuesday april 2nd. The next day, on the advice of my doc, I started my BC pills taking that days pill, which would be wednesday. I have had 3 months since then of normal periods. I have not missed any pills. I have been VERY stressed lately. I"m having clear thick discharge with lines of red blood, but only friday and Tuesday.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with HPV at least 5 years ago and occasionally have abnormal pap smears but for the most part have no pain or issues with it and have been with the same partner for 3.5 years. For a while, I was taking my NuvaRing in and out before and after sex to avoid bleeding but when the problem didn't go away, the doctor recommended leaving it in because the constant removal of the ring may have been causing even more irritation to my cervix.
Avatar f tn On Oct. 17 I took my NuvaRing out and then I had my period Oct. 22-26 and was supposed to put the ring back in on the Oct. 24. I did not put it in until Nov. 1st, 8 days late. My husband and I had sex without condoms or any other contraceptive on Oct. 28th and Nov. 4th. My WomanLog app has my ovulation forecast on the 6th. My Qs: I know there is a possibility of being pregnant but I'm asking if it is a high chance? I am gonna take a HPT but what day should I take it?
288613 tn?1191139881 i am having some wierd stuff going on again! I had an extremely long period (6 days from sept 30-oct 5. and then a 3 and 1/2 day period 11 days after that...
Avatar n tn Mine was never normal but 5 months ago I started nuvaring and now I could tell you the hour Id get my period. Last time it was 5 days late and then stopped after 2 days.
Avatar n tn If i've never used nuva ring and my period is 2 days late, will putting the nuva ring in now delay my period?
Avatar n tn Well its now Thursday, no period, killer headaches for the last 2 days, and a negative pregnancy test. What is going on with me... Help!?!?!
Avatar n tn I know what its like having a late period and getting negative results. I was feeling pregnant and was excited when my period didn't come. I took about a million pregnancy tests (all neg). After about a couple weeks went to the doc's. Got a blood test, came back negative. we were so dissapointed. A couple weeks later went back to the doctors because I wasn't feeling well. Decided to do a blood test and came back positive, 6 weeks pregnant.
Avatar n tn We have been trying for a baby so i have been monitoring my ovulation dates and we had intercourse at exactly the right time. And my period was late. I thought we had hit the jackpot but we did 2 tests and one was negative, the other positive. Then a week later i started to bleed. The doctor says probably we got a fertilized egg but it failed to implant. Now im worried i'll never have a baby.