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Avatar f tn Even if you were to split a personality off you are still you at the core and a good, decent human being. That's how I was after I was discharged from hospital. I was angry, I was frustrated, I was unwell and I was vulnerable. I was also extremely anxious. More than anything I was just extremely angry. I don't generally swear and every word was f this, f that. I didn't care. I called my mum a *****. I was rude, I was obnoxious and I was out of control. I hated everything too.
Avatar f tn With schizophrenia or schizoaffective (schizophrenia with a mood disorder) a person (such as I did before my current recovery and certainly before medication) has psychotic thoughts all the time. With schizoid personality disorder it effects aspects of a person's reality testing but not others but you could ask your psychiatrist more about the specifics.
Avatar n tn However, the old problems with which I thought I'd reached a truce emerged during a period of intense anxiety (November 1999 I was juggling too many distracting responsibilities and my physical health, a sustaining bastion of my eccentric ways, suffered to the point of psychotic breakdown). I returned to my parents' house with all the glaring weaknesses of my life (namely unresolved extreme social anxiety and the 'cost' throughout my life) staring me ceaselessly in the face.
Avatar m tn We are hopeful that the information we attain from our study will be useful for developing screening instruments that can contribute to identifying erroneous thinking styles and personality traits. Additionally, we are hoping to develop a better understanding of the cognitive experiences people with psychosis experience, so we help contribute to making more effective forms of cognitive therapy.
Avatar m tn Personality disorder NOS with paranoid traits. Axis 3: post surgery orthopedic condition, chronic peripheral vestibular deficit Shortly after second hospitalization, lost my job. Took new job and moved to new city three months later. Two weeks into new job was hospitalized for third time for depressive feelings and suicide ideation. I am confused about what is a proper diagnosis?
602213 tn?1221546044 TBI/concussions, seizures, remote history of polysubstance dependence. Major Depressive Disorder, severe with psychotic features and suicide ideations. Intermittent Explosive Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Personality Changes secondary to general medical conditions, disinhibited aggressive type Personality disorder NOS with features of depression and antisocial character traits.
Avatar f tn recurrent major depressive disorder, schizo-affective disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, avoidance disorder. I have had all of these disorders except schizophrenia at one time or another in the last seven decades. Some of these disorders were officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist and some were not. 1.12.
915369 tn?1355318410 I was seeing a psychiatrist for a few years but she stopped seeing me after diagnosing me with borderline personality disorder. She also diagnosed me with dysthymia, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive features. I was originally thought to have bipolar disorder and psychosis NOS but to be quite honest I'd prefer the diagnosis of borderline seeing as this way I don't need to take medication. The borderline covers a wide range of my problems, but it's the other diagnoses I question.
Avatar n tn my freind who is a nurse said that she thinks that she has borderline personality traits. she has alway been a loving daughter. can she really tell this disorder in the mist of the major depression crisis? my daughter became suicidal and heard voices. my freind said that the feeling that my daughter wanted to "hurt" her self is borderline. any help or hope? i'm scared for my daughter! plus is 2 weeks on the meds long enough? she seems only a little better. Posted by HFHS.
Avatar n tn I really need some feedback on what I should do, I am seeking a second opinion because I don't feel like he should be given anti-psychotic medication at the age of 5. I really believe that he is just being a kid with an imagination that is just non-stop. I'm also considering that I could be in denial but I would like to give him the treatment he needs without harming him in the long run.
Avatar f tn Hi. I was diagnosed with Bipolar I in my mid teens, about 4 years ago. At that time I had experienced 2 psychotic episodes associated with my mood changes, but it was just tagged as just being associated with the illness. My semi-new pdoc has switched me to the new Latuda, and has talked with me about Schizoaffective (Bipolar type) Disorder.
Avatar m tn Say for bpd it is meeting five of nine diagnostic criteria (plus the criteria for personality disorders). Two criteria sounds more like traits, rather than the disorder per se. A diagnosis of schizophrenia would affect people in different ways. During stressful periods you would expect mental disorders to become more exaggerated/ expressed. It could be that health professionals have developed some sort of bias. I would think that schizophrenia would be pretty easy to diagnose though.
Avatar m tn We are hopeful that the information we attain from our study will be useful for developing screening instruments that can contribute to identifying erroneous thinking styles and personality traits. Additionally, we are hoping to develop a better understanding of the cognitive experiences people with psychosis experience, so we help contribute to making more effective forms of cognitive therapy.
1415482 tn?1459706314 As a friend she is truly amazing and we have shared similar interests and personality traits. I was aware for a long time that she was physically abused by her mother (due to the fact that she abused my uncle’s fiancé too) now this woman is psychotic (her mother) she throws hot water on her kids and gives them bleach I swear, I would become a social worker just to take her kids away. Anyways, since becoming friends with this girl she has shared her stories with me and I have shared mine.
Avatar n tn I felt nothing but pity. He doesn't have any psychotic symptoms apart from a tendency for paranoid thoughts, but he doesn't believe in any big conspiracy against him or tends to be more random, not big delusions, just random thoughts that are quickly forgotten and then moves onto another. He is able to see that these thoughts are possibilities rather than facts... He is always in a rush, has pressured speech.....
Avatar f tn What is the difference between borderline personality structure and borderline personality disorder? Another doctor told me the difference is negligible. I have looked at the DSM criteria for BPD and as far as I can tell I have all of the symptoms. Please help.
Avatar f tn Although one doctor now says they think I have avoidant and dependent personality traits and not bpd (borderline personality disorder). ?? cbt and dbt have like an agenda and sometimes it feels a little contrived (you have this space where you learn skills) when you just want to be engaged with in a normal way (focus on the real things are happening in your life). I've made a mess of my post but I would recommend looking up borderline personality disorder.
Avatar f tn Don't believe I would warrant a seperate diagnoses of disorders, however I have personality traits of ADHD, Generalised anxiety, reactive depression, avoidant personality disorder and obsessive compulsive. Many professionals call these comorbid disorders, I personally think they are just part of my Aspergers package. They have always been present in my personality.
222267 tn?1253305810 But shooting down your theory just because people with bipolar can have psychotic symptoms is kind of stupid. Some people with epilepsy will experience psychotic symptoms during seizures (my girlfriend used to see and hear a man when she has seizures). On the other hand I have to disagree with the fuse thing. A lot of people, me included, experience on and off depression a long time before their first episode of mania, which is part of the illness.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism can present a wide range of psychiatric manifestations including personality disturbance, neurotic traits and psychotic features. Advanced hypothyroidism has been implicated in acute psychosis known as myxedema madness or myxedema psychosis. None of this would be due to thyroid medication or levels. This is something that might have been in you all along and your illness of hypothyroidism aggravated a delayed reactions and aggravation of the symptoms. Good Luck.
1275696 tn?1349704721 Some might say it was obsessive compulsive disorder, but it all stopped slowly as I grew with no anti-psychotic medications, but that's not to say medication can't help alleviate any anxiety or other unpleasant symtoms you're having. I think speaking with a therapist and working on sorting out each concern may help also. I tend to believe that most of us at one time or another experience all these types of worries and fears and frequently are perceived as being paranoid or schizophrenic.
329950 tn?1194801117 We are no more or less passionate that the next person and when you start ascribing personality traits you are enaging in public relations and not advoacy and medicine, I was ADHD as a child and I wasnt passionate I was a right little bugger who could be hell on wheels. My niece is ADHD and I know he parents could lovingly throttle her some day. The problem with ADHD is you would have to go a long way to find a more mis diagnosed illness in the western world.
Avatar m tn She is very nice most of the time and is a hard worker. She has a second personality that is angry and very mean. I discovered that whenever she got into that second personality, I just need to shut up. No matter what I say, she accuses me of starting the argument. She will then start blaming her anger on other things I said or did that did not seem to bother her at the time they happened. One time she came up with 6 different reasons she was angry throughout the evening.
Avatar m tn PREAMBLE The many manifestations of health problems like neurotic, personality, psychotic and non-psychotic mental disorders is now one of the leading causes of death globally.(1) Mental disorders also account for a significant percentage of the non-fatal burden of disease. This is my personal story and experience of bipolar disorder(BPD). It is my life-narrative and my experience with a special focus on the idiosyncratic manifestations of BPD in my life.
Avatar n tn She shows an inability to control her lying and stealing and aggressive behavior.. I am looking into a personality disorder (to be more specific as to what the disorder is called cuz there are several personality disorders and they are all treated entirely different.... hers I believe is Anti-Social (formerly known as sociopath)personality.
1223598 tn?1289972059 That is perhaps why you, and I, have been diagnosed with bpd and that is that these traits are long-standing. Personality by its very nature is difficult to change. It is likely to take years vs months. And it has to be worked at. I expect the stress was what has triggered this relapse or regression. The changes could have made you feel more vulnerable. I expect on some level it may also represent losses for you. I live at home with my parents on their farm.
Avatar n tn PubMed Hypothyroidism can present a wide range of psychiatric manifestations, including personality disturbance, neurotic traits and psychotic features Psychoneuroendocinology of mood disorders. The hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis. PubMed Psychoneuroendocrinology of mood disorders. The hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis. Abnormal thyroid functioning can affect mood and influence the course of unipolar and bipolar disorder.
Avatar m tn because we are highly intelligent, creative, think faster than humanly possible and we are charismatic in personality. So we learn to balance, use our gifts. It is good to have "spotters" in your life to watch, check on you and give you council when they think you are off a little or a lot. Can you live on a cash system? No bank account but a simple envelope system that puts the money in classifications, car, food, electric, rent, insurance, fun money, savings, drugs, doctors, etc?
589610 tn?1223754148 when my son was diagnosed everything became clear, in a way i am very happy to know what i have, it is treatable, hopefully we can talk more, MJ is awesome i talk to her alot, she was the first person i have every talked to that i could say look man, i do this, isnt it wiered and 9 times out of 10 she has had the experience, i will try to check in with this forum more, we all need eachother, in the last few years i began writting down each personality trait i hated about myself then i would find